Kitsune Little (@littlebitbigmouth)

Guys, I was 100lbs on Monday. Literally, 100.1
All of my clothes are size Small or 1 and they are too big.
I don't have a scale at home So I never know my weight till I go see the doctor.
Salad: carnitas, black beans, croutons, cheese, salad dressing AND olive oil (Because I need fucking calories) and flax seeds
Burrito: mashed sweet potato, black beans and cheese
Beverages: pomegranate and beer with 1/4 tsp chia seeds, protein powder with coconut milk (one a day) smoothies with things like black beans banana and peanut butter.
Actions: one rep of 15 each squats, lunges and donkey kicks. Next week will start doing 2 sets.
Got any tips?

F45 THE PONDS (@f45training_theponds)

Some lunch time inspo from Coach Panda 🐼 Doesn’t this look delicious?!

류재훈 (@_ryujaehoon)

2월부터 하루도 안쉬고 일하고 운동꾸준히,,
평일일 끝났으니 이제 그냥 고🤟🏻
어제 야간유산소 후〰️

Kaydee Lee |26| New Zealand 🌾 (@livehealthilee)

So it's no Sunday roast for lunch today but it'll do me alright. Fresh veges from the shop today with tuna and hummus. Gah I am so lazy and uncreative today! I will be super good with my food this week....want to reach the 20kg milestone by next weekend for ED BLOODY SHEERAN! Weekend away with my fiance for the first time in 6 years and we will be sampling ALL the Auckland fare! Shred for Ed. Shred for Ed! 😂😂

💥TAE HOON LEE💥 (@taehoonlee9)

일요일 오전훈련💥
3,6개월 혹은 1년동안
함께하는 일요일멤버🙋
Practice makes perfect💖
#훈련 #그룹레슨 #축스타그램

Cristina Lira🍃 (@mightyflyy)

I fall off the wagon. A lot of times. When I'm going through problems or feel stressed, I resort to my inner fatty girl who goes to food as a stress reliever. I feel guilty about it after the fact. I tell myself it's only a little bit only to realize I get back into my bad eating habits. 😩 I'm heavier than a couple years ago. Am I going to beat myself for it? No. I'm going to keep going. I'm going to continue training and try to stay focused on eating better. Will I fail from time to time? I'll keep trying.
I do feel happy though I have gotten stronger. More so than when I was at my best! I have learned to stop doubting myself when lifting heavier. I am learning to focus on technique. To focus on getting my form better to not hurt myself. I am happy I am strong.
I won't beat myself up for failing on the eating habits. I'll learn to make better choices. To not stress eat. To never compare myself to another person. That is the worst thing to do mentally upon myself. I have learned to love how I am and work with what I got. There are things I don't like about myself physically - my gut and thick arms. But I can keep working on them. And I definitely know eating junk food does not help!✋ I'm strong, healthy and willing to work on myself.🙃 That keeps me going and makes me happy. That is all. #Fitness #Happiness #Selflove #Flaws #Strength #Summary #Feels #Determined #Weight #Fit #Proud

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운동 가즈아!!🏃🏻‍♂️

Gloria Thornton (@gloria_thrives)

We all #smile with the same muscles, but when you are happy those muscles don’t have to work as hard to form that smile!
Hello, my name is Christina Rigo and I want to share with you all what 2 years and #3steps has done for my husband and I!
May 2016
March 2018
For my #husband, it's pretty clear how he has #changed on the #outside. Just look at him!! But on the inside, his self confidence was not there and he hated the person looking back at him each day.
For myself, #weight had never been an issue, but for those who knew smile was #forced and not from my #heart. I wasn’t sure where to turn until I saw a post about a #sticker.
2 years and 3 steps later, our smiles are real, our hearts are open and our bodies are healthy!

Thank you #Jason, #Paul and #Le-Vel for these #life #changing #products!! #Always #thriving,
Daniel and Christina Rigo

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After adding all of the Receipts for 2017 Junk Munkiez dumped 84,660 pounds at Lane County Public Works that was from a total of 151 dumps (not including debris that was recycled, donated, or taken to Lane Forest Products and other alternate means of disposing.) This averaged out to 560.7 pounds per dump. #WeCare #KeepOregonBeautiful #JunkMunkiez #HaulMyJunk #EugeneOR #JunkRemoval #JunkBeGone #Weight #WasteManagement


I splurged a little this weekend... feeling a little crappy about it, but setbacks are normal, and I’m still going strong 💪🏼

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When you have a passion for something, nothing can stop you.