Tyrone Jones II (@shimmy2shoes)

Sometimes you have to take your time and go slow. I know it's tough, I know it hurts, but in life getting there faster isn't always the way. The process requires time and that time can be grueling but you must trust the great things that will happen for you on the other side. Grab on, start the fight and don't let go until it's all over. Your own greatness lies in your hands. #Grind #Fight #Push #Strive #Believe #WorkForIt #ManifestYourGreatness #PutInWork #BeGreat #FitnessMotivation #Motivation #Deadlift #Weightlifting #CrossFit

High 5 Energy (@high5energy)

Been lazy about hitting the gym the last couple months. Using our energy shot as a preworkout. #preworkout #gym #getmoving #getmotivated #goingtobesore #weightlifting #fitness #fitnessover40

Aly (@alymelonfit)

I'm sitting at a relatively heavy weight right now 😊
With the occasional, normal bursts of anxiety
(It happens to the best of us when it comes to gains)
I've come to embrace my curves and such.
You know why??
👉Because this is temporary.
Completely temporary.
We have the ability to put on muscle. (Fat will come too. Not really avoidable.)
And we have the ability to cut down and lose fat.
(With some muscle, because that's just happens.)
We are the choice makers.
So why not embrace who you are at the moment?
Enjoy every stage.
Now, don't get me wrong.
I do feel slightly uncomfortable now, despite now being able to hit massive PRs
(meaning im gaining a ton of strength)
So, I'm slowly cutting back on calories soon.
I have the ability to control the situation. If I want to continue, I can. If I want to cut back, i can.
👉You must always tell yourself that YOU are in control of what you do, and the choices you make.
PS. Good Morning!!😁
PSS. (or is it pps??) Can you tell I like taking selfies in random bathrooms? 😥
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#🍑 #iifym #flexibledieting
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Mash Elite Performance (@masheliteperformance)

@girthbrooks6 putting up a massive 275kg/605lb Front Squat! Dude’s savage!
www.mashelite.com <link in bio> for:
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. (@hogamus_prime)

I said bet you can't dumbell row 65s , she does them for reps . Then decides to pull 275 on rack pulls for a pr. Then decides to smash 315lbs as well. Just had surgery too. She's buff , bad ass , super hott and I couldn't be more proud of her dedication an progress :) #getfit #warriorfuel #becomelegendary #warriorfuelhers #back #booty #girlswholift #girlswhopowerlift #gainz #liftheavyshit #lats #tattoos #swole #getbuff #bestfriend #swolemate #dontquit #liftbigeatbig #girlsthatlift #weights #weightlifting @theens84

Jon Greg (@griz31)

Still feel like I can move quicker in the change of directions, both in the turnover and jerk. 315 becoming the norm

K-Entertainment (@kentertainm)

The most cute and funny couple I have seen in a K-Drama😂😂😂
I think the drama ended so soon 😭
It was fun!
Best rom-com

Starring:Lee Sung-kyung as Kim Bok-joo a weightlifter who realises her dreams as a weightlifter and as a woman with a humane personality and Nam Joo-hyuk as Jung Joon-hyung a swimmer who helps his friend Bok-joo and realises his love for her and overcomes his trauma and faces his problems having a fun easy going, cute guy ❣️❣️ From: Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo


Kirsten's Attempt at Fitness💪 (@weightsorcakes)

GUESS WHO GOT ANOTHER DEADLIFT PB?! Yaaaas it's me💁🏽🤗 managed to do two reps at 70kg (➡️➡️ video 1 shows my first attempt). This was my last gym session for about a week cos I'm busy with uni and then going to Amsterdam on Sunday for 4 days, and have lots of packing left to do! Made sure to get a full body workout in so did deadlifts (60-70kg), 40 kg squats (5x6), 30 kg lunges (10x6), shoulder press using two 7.5kg dumbbells, bicep curls with 5kg dumbbells, tricep dips and bent over rows with 10kg dumbbells, 20kg chest/bench press (6x4 ➡️➡️ video 2), then finished with sumo squats using a 10kg dumbbell 🤗🤗🤗 also did a 1km run to warm up! It was such a good session and has put me in such a great mood for the rest of the day, even if I do have an exam at 3🙈 happy Thursday!!😘

Oscar, Odin and Freya (@5th.avenue.frenchbulldogs)

I usually don’t post non-pup related things but as we approach Christmas, don’t forget to treat yourself right heading into 2018. Our human used to be really heavy, hAppy overall but not so happy About appearance, lacked confidence, and just felt lost about how to fix it. I came across @karenyoakum_ifbbpro in January 2017 and started working with her and her online coaching. She told me what to eat, how much to eat, what vitamins and supplements to take and plan all of my workouts for me. We ended up winning $5,000 in a body transformation competition hosted by @blackstonelabs_official in April (swipe to see 12 weeks of results)... I was hooked and convinced Karen was magic. Even more to my surprise, she was able to keep me going and even managed to compete in the Bikini division at the NY Grand Prix ☺️ It’s not just me, it’s client after client (swipe for more). She’s under priced for her service if you ask me so you can’t really afford not to do this if there’s something you’d like to change. Please feel free to ask me about my journey or just reach out to Karen directly. She’s sweet, kind and the type of person that has your back 💞 Here’s to a great 2018 with more improvements to come! 🥂🍾 this concludes the non-puppy related post 🙊😂💥

Team Alpha Fitness (@teamalphafitnessofficial)

At #teamalphafitness , we usually like to leave all of our isolation movements right after we get all of our compound movements out the way such as Squats on Leg Day. The leg extension machine is a very overrated yet effective if used properly with no momentum, no jumping on the seats, and at a slow steady tempo and can help you target your quads (mostly the rectus femoris, the vastus lateralis,medialis and the intermedius) very effectively such as this video where we were doing 4 light sets of 15-18 reps to get the most time under tension before we moved on to another muscle group. In our program, the key to the Leg Extension Machine is to let the reps choose the weight... we know that we need to achieve 18 reps, we'd need to choose a weight that we know we can handle for atleast 10-12 reps with mild force and the last few reps is where the workout will really kick in. Slow and controlled on the ascending portion, and even slower on the descending part of the movement to get the most out of each rep. If you're looking to build more Quads (males and females), this is definitly an exercise you shouldn't overlook along with other similar Quad targeting movements such as Front Squats, Hack Squats, Bulgarian Split Squats, Lounges and even Goblet Squats. If your specific goal is to grow quads, choose more exercises that target quads in your program.

In the video is Set #2 out of 4