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🍷 On parles du mangoustan ?🍷 🤔 Le mangoustan, c'est quoi?
C'est un fruit tropical venant d'asie du Sud-Est, de Malaisie, de Thaïlande ou de Pays où le climat y est favorable, ce fruit se conservant très difficilement il est extrêmement dur d'importation, 2 à 3 jours après cueillette, il pourrie rapidement, si vous avez la chance d'en trouver dans vos supermarchés, ce n'est pas dit qu'il soit comestible 😋

Ce fruit est assez particulier vu qu'il ressemble à plusieurs fruits à la fois de par sa constitution, de la taille d'une clémentine, la coque du fruit appelé le péricarpe est très rigide, on le comparera à une noix de coco, mais en l'ouvrant nous retrouveront des quartiers similaire encore à une clémentine, pourtant le fruit à l'intérieur y est très crémeux.

Mais pourquoi en manger? 🍷
Les propriétés du mangoustan sont assez basiques et pourtant tellement utiles !! La plupart des avantages que l'on tire de sa consommation, sont dû à sa forte quantité de xanthones, puissantes substances anti-vieillissement et anti-inflammatoires efficaces. Le mangoustan peut être considéré comme un super antioxydant contre les radicaux libres.
Si ça vous intéresse d'en savoir plus, à savoir 74 bonnes raisons de boire du jus de mangoustan, venez par mp pour que je vous envoie le document 😌

Cet article vous a plû? N'hésitez pas à liker pour d'autres articles du genre sur les produits Zija 😘😊

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WEIGHT MANAGEMENT BASICS: 4 UPBEAT MUSIC! Research shows that fast music with about 120 beats per minute will reduce feelings of fatigue during aerobic exercise. This rhythm is about 2 beats per second and has been shown to benefit both performance and endurance so more calories are burned with music than without music. Two beats per second is the most common beat in pop music, and the positive effects of fast music peak at 145 beats per minute. Music works in this way by capturing your attention and distracting you from feelings of fatigue. The right music for you can trigger positive emotions and help you perform better while also increasing endurance. The right music for you can also trigger movements of the head and arms as well as dance-like music. In fact, dancing can break out as a side effect of great music. I demonstrated this with a Korean pop hit called Gangnam Style, but I have a total of ten songs on my personal fitness playlist. So have a personal fitness playlist on your phone or iPod with songs that inspire you. The songs are as much a part of your workout as weights or a treadmill. Once you have your fitness outfit and Sports Drink ready, get your music playlist and go to your exercise area or gym. Remember to drink your Sports Drink whenever you get thirsty during your workout and have a Protein-Rich Shake within 30 minutes to 1 hour after you exercise. Music can add to the fun of working out and put you in a great mood for the rest of your day! To learn more go to www.fitteryoutoday.com.au
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@beth_fitnessuk "BELLY BUTTON TRANSFORMATION lmaaoooo loook at it thooo🤣🤣!!!
I wasn’t actually cutting here just maintaining, I have never actively cut my weight down so next year is going to be scary and new for me😔
Anywhooo just thought it was interesting sitting these two side by side. I like both of them and being on the right now doesn’t make me self conscious! Sacrificing abs for legs is da name of the game🤷‍♀️
I think the only thing that bothers me is comparing myself to people on here that have stayed lean. I feel frumpy in comparison and don’t feel that physically fit when I look in the mirror.. this bulk is at times mentally draining but I have set myself a goal and I will fulfill it💫🤞!
P.s there are still some colours in these flex leggings available in the @gymshark sale! ITS THE LAST DAY ALSO! — link is in my bio if you would like to use it☺️" _____________________
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💪wanna LOSE 8 POUNDS in 2 WEEKS ??💪
👆👆Link ON BIO👆👆
@thickfitchick Hi, I started my journey back in May of 2015. I had a weightloss procedure called the gastric sleeve because I couldn't do it alone. I was almost 300lbs and today I'm 165(ish) and in the best shape of my life and plan to be an IFBB pro! .
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@_autumnstarr: "HELLO FEBRUARY 🍂
Repost of one of my favorite side by sides. 
Tag a friend who needs to see this 👀
I used the brick wall in my apartment for a specific reason. It symbolized where I was at in my life. I was surround by a brick wall I created with bad decision and poor habits. I was carrying 242 pounds day after day hoping the scale wouldn't go higher. TODAY I break down that wall and use it as my path to walk on.
Photo June 2016 to April 2017"


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@rebeccalovesfitness "You have to push your body and your mind to an extreme when competing.
It is extremely satisfying seeing your effort come to light.
For how ever hard competition prep is though, the "balance" life is always harder.
Train becuase you love your body, not becuase you are trying to punish it.
Eat well becuase you want to nourish your body, not becuase you are desperate to lose fat.
Take time to feel your feelings, be in tune with your body so you can manage emotions without acting out. ❤️ "

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This is a hard one to post. On the left I had already lost 15 pounds and was eager to try on shorts I was never brave enough to wear outside the house.
Yep, I bought a pair of shorts and I never even wore them. I used to do almost anything to avoid wearing shorts in general, one Recruitment we HAD to wear shorts and I cried bc I was so so uncomfortable.
Yesterday, I bought my first pair of shorts that I intend on wearing outside. I would love to say that I won’t be terribly self-conscious the entire time and that I won’t wonder if people are staring at me bc I shouldn’t be wearing them. - -
I wish the weight dropped all the insecurity, but it didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely am more confident but losing 90 pounds is like losing another person and I’m still working on loving myself and the body I’ve created and fought so hard for.
Losing weight will not solve all your problems or fix the way you feel about yourself. How you feel about yourself can not come from anyone or anything besides a conscious decision from yourself to do it. It is something I’m working on every single day.
I was having a really tough body image day and one do my best friends said something to me that really hit home. She pointed out that being healthy and being grateful for the progress I have made is so much more important than the ideal “perfection” I’ve been chasing.
So today, I stop being a brat and start being grateful. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
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i am very close to my goal & excited to open a show on friday so here’s a dirty mirror pic