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Someone needs to save my ugly face. .
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Me: Catholics aren't weird
Also me: I just finished a novena to St. Anthony's tongue!

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Double posting this shiz because y not? Fucking weird and creepy, man. The best part is the end though. 😂 #isitmonday #itmustbemonday #weird #creepy #gtfo #justrun #wtf

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If the manga is going to be this weird „I love my froster father aka my nephew„ way I don’t wanna read this. I finished the anime right now and It was soooooo cute.I thought about if I should read the Manga but nop I won’t bc I don’t want this cute shit turns into something like this ⬆️
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Did a revision on the flower, and I love this! 😍

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hello regarding my post about the n word fight me all you want yall cannot change history also this is my account i'm gonna post whatever the hell i want just a psa thank !!🤸🏽‍♀️

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Bizarre, experimental, and "for fun only" calibers
With firearms, there are generally a number of highly accepted calibers for general use, such as the 9mm, 5.56, 7.62, .45acp, and .22. These are of course supplemented with less versatile, but equally important calibers, like the .338, .17, and 5.7.

But sometimes, people development rounds for a purpose that is so extremely single purpose, or even no purpose, that they are almost entirely "because we could" rounds. For example, the two pictured above. Due to the necking and extreme pressure, if these were to ever actually be fired, they would detonate or blowout almost any receiver. I've had the pleasure of handling one of these absurdities, and it is not difficult to see why they are purely a joke by clever reloaders.

The second round, the .950JDJ, is a fine example of a round that can be fired, but aims for nothing but the "I'm the biggest centerfire at the range" title.

Third up, the Gyrojet, a genius idea to make a rocket propelled pistol round. It worked, but interest burnt out as quickly as it's fuel.

And of course, what list would be complete without the H&K caseless round? Possibly the future, especially with advances in technology and rising prices of material, it has yet to hit it's mark in the shooter's world.

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