Marijana Braune (@dontwastebehappy)

Are you living the most wonderful life you can ever imagine for yourself?
What would you actually do or be if you wouldnt live and work 9to5? Would you travel the world? Would you be a gardener? A writer? A coach?
Now this is a tough one:
And what if ... what if you would only have a few months more to live? What do you think...would you regret the things you actually did in your life?

Or would you much rather regret the things you never even tried to accomplish ...? because maybe you were too afraid of what others could think about you. Or maybe because it wasnt the "safest" way to go ... Many of us dont live their dream-life. Many of us are too afraid most of the time, at least. I am one of them.

We are not made to do all the same kind of shit.
Stand out and live life to the fullest. Thats what I keep telling me every day.

Do you love your life? 💕 "Du bist geboren um zu leuchten." Danke, @lauramalinaseiler ❤️

Alsace 🌺 VIATOR MUNDI (@alsacemylove)

😂 Également disponible en grand format
🙏 Photo par @mrs_pinkbcn
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Clodagh Whelan (@clodeh_cw)

Dublin’s Fair City in the morning sun 🌞. This is Dublin’s iconic GPO on O’Connell Street. With huge pillars marking its entrance and three unique statues on top of the building: Mercury - the messenger of the gods, Hibernia who represents Ireland and Fidelity with her faithful hound who represents the trust a nation has in it's postal service, the General Post Office is hard to miss.

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Carmen Jabier (@inpursuitofperspective)

Throwback when the autumn obsession was at its peak 🍂

Karina Olsen (@karina0lsen)

«Room with a view»👌🏼

Vahid Temizyürek (@vahid_kaplan)

Have you ever done skydive? I pissed myself just before I jumped out of the plane 😂 14,000 ft... but I did it. And yes it was awesome to be beyond clouds 😉