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When we departed the South Island, and ended up on the North Island, we immediately felt the difference. Still greeted by plush hills, and mushroomed sheep, with their white fur sticking out here and there, we no longer felt the original state of wilderness that reigned the South Island. The dizzying spirals of serpentine roads in the mountains, were replaced by civilized high-speed highways that stretched along the ocean coastline. Almost all big cities are concentrated in the North, hence most population lives there. As much as we tried to have the same experience of star gazing, when basically, the sky drastically overhangs over your head with an invitation to see the Milky Way with all its glory, during our Routeburn Track, on the South Island – we didn’t see the same spectacle in the north. Nonetheless, we had a different experience of making our way through a dense fog early in the morning, while driving to Whakatane (but this is another story). My heart went to heels, when I was trying to figure out where the road ended and a “no-fly-zone” began.
Когда мы переправились с южного на северный остров, то сразу же почувствовали разницу. Нас всё также приветствовали плюшевые холмы, на которых паслись овцы, напоминающие грибы после дождя, белеющие то там, то тут, но уже не чувствовалось той дикой первозданности, которая царила на южном острове.

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And here’s a #BMW! OK, it wasn’t the only one—the local @BMW club was out in force, as you’ll see in the next posts. But this #Isetta was the first I caught close-up. #BRD #Auto #car #waka #microcar #minicar #NZ #Wellington #Aotearoa #raumati #summer #bubblecar

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So what happend to Cyclone Gita hitting Wellington, I think someone got it wrong again, make everyone stay home for nothing #Wellington #newzealand #storm #notevenastorm #iphone8plus #weather #lifestyle #swag #ssrn #likeforlike #followme