Andrea Brinkman (@bellygunana)

Today my childhood dream of playing with an assortment of very sharp things came true. I cut with longsword, bastard sword, sabre, viking sword, broadsword. I f'ing love swords!

#swords #historicaleuropeanmartialarts #westernmartialarts #hema #wma #sharps #longsword #weapons #rockymountainswordplayguild

Tony Pacheco (@tonio_pacheco)

Just fooling around with some tessatura fun in the sun this morning. #sidesword @keomegadellaspada

Sander (@keomegadellaspada)

When you don’t go to class you can still do some tessatura in the sun

Southampton Historical Fencing (@southamptonhistoricalfencing)

Tomorrow Aaron has his 22nd birthday which means he has to fight for 22 minutes! Visitors are welcome to come and give him some birthday beats!

Photo credit: @katie_fandoms

Sander (@keomegadellaspada)

Some nice slow passes with @fish_with_no_eyes

Southampton Historical Fencing (@southamptonhistoricalfencing)

Some dandy shank sparring from Sunday’s open session. A great way to practice thrust work for Rapier!

Video credit: @katie_fandoms