Magic Bullet (@drinkmagicbullet)

The holidays can be madness. So go ahead, pour yourself a drink. We brought the magic so you can wake up feeling fresh tomorrow for work.

agentbecs (@agentbecs)

Last night at MSG for the Stars-Rangers game was a fucking BLAST.

maddy_hanks (@maddy_hanks)

Fun afternoon of riding with these beauties 💕 #bluebird #snowboarding #whathangover

Vita Squad (@vitasquad)

All smiles in the RV mobile lounge for the VitaSquad Art Basel pop-up at @11miami this morning! #teamnosleep #whathangover

Leslie Thomson (@lesliethomson)

Feeling great about the life choices I made this weekend #weekendwarrior #whathangover

Stan Valentine (@stan_valentine)

Successfully measured snow depth #WhatHangover