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I was tagged by @mommaschmoozereviews for a #WIDN I'm watching @netflix with the munchkin.
We just finished this adorable #waldorfinspired movie #stickman
We're now watching #SarahandDuck then heading to bed.

#cuddletime #momlife #bedtime #whatimdoingnow
I tag @meowzabub @myhandsandheartarefull @beingmommywithstyle @justsewtrish

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I’ve just been asked by @heidykerckhoffs #whatimdoingnow #widn Thank you Heidy!
I enjoy my sofà with my husband and cat listening music while knitting a cardigan for the xmas market in your gorgeous country🌷🐾🎄❄️ Now I ask @dorabarczal @danielacerri_art @wolzoeerlijk @wilmawestenberg to share what they are doing right now! (Only if they want of course) #durableyarn #durablecosyfine #durableglam #tunisiancrochet

✨ Crystal ✨ (@_crystal_marshall)

Current mood: sick and craving all the comfort foods. And pumpkin, because it’s Fall, so it’s like a requirement or something 💁🏼 These pumpkin scones from @perchancetocook are maybe the most amazing pumpkin recipe....of all time! (GASP!) Yes, I said it. {BONUS: #paleo #glutenfree #dairyfree #delicious - and the real kicker, totally sugar free, clean, and guilt free). And paired with a little pumpkin hot chocolate it’s the perfect remedy for a hump day where you are sick, but a mom, and still have to get shish done. 🙌🏼🍁🍂 workout: check, work: check check, laundry: errrrrrr maybeeee 😏

Utility House | Melissa Meyer (@utilityhouse)

for a more affordable option, I’ve decided to add printable invites to the Etsy shop - check out the first one through the link in my profile 🔖📜📏

Heidy Kerckhoffs (@heidykerckhoffs)

I’ve just been asked by @wiekevankeulen #whatimdoingnow #widn
Thank you Wieke!
I’m visiting friends in Germany, near by the Bodensee.
Drinking cappuccino at their lovely ‘Hofcafé’ and offcourse crocheting while I’m sitting there!

Now I ask @knittingbluester @kikie1171 @sandranohlmans & @terrays.creatieve.wereld to share what they are doing right now! (only if they want of course)

#tunisiancrochet #durableyarn #durablecosyfine #durableglam

Kate Banks (@kate_sith)

No games tonight, bored so watching the Dodgers game. Go Dodgers. They're not the Pittsburgh Pirates but they'll do. #baseball #sports #tv #whatimdoingnow

Amy, Coffee Beans & Bobby Pins (@amy_cbandbp)

When there is no food in the house from being gone the last few weeks 😳 @grubhub to the rescue! Writing thank you notes from our amazing showers thus far and trying to get my life in order. I still haven't unpacked...Oy. Thank goodness for food delivery, chips and pretty stationery to get me through! #liketkit #grubhub #partner #yum #guasaca

Essential Oils ☮️︎ Alisha (@folkandco)

Photo from the other day, but I’m basically a leaf in this outfit, right? //from where I stand// #lovewildoctober #lovewildtribe —we’re halfway through our photo challenge, but you can still join in at any time!!

larah | homecook/traveller (@freshyellow)

Gelato season isn't over in my eyes

Lucy ... With a Hint Of Jones (@jones_at_home)

Thank you for the tag Ella @theknightfairy ! #widn is taking five following a somewhat lack-lustre attempt at the gym this morning (sometimes just showing up should entitle you to be proud!), followed by a trip to the shops and a bit of a crafting sesh at my lovely friends house (which is code for a good gossip over tea and the sewing machine!) ... girding my loins for young Master Joneses first parents evening tonight too... stand by! #whatimdoingnow #tea #emmabridgewater #blacktoast #pumpkin #myhome #myhomestyle would insta dahlings @the_rose_and_belle , @geek_la_chic and @sally_potts like to play along when you get sec? X

Clare Elizabeth Emery (@the_reluctant_townie)

🍵Butternut squash soup made entirely with vegetables from the allotment. Our plot neighbour was very generous yesterday and gave me a huge squash 👍🏻. Thank you to Ella @theknightfairy for asking what I’m up to - just whipped up a hug batch of soup. Also taking the opportunity to show off the gorgeous napkin you gave me for my birthday - you know me so well ! Thank you 😘. Would @thelittlebarnowl @yvonnepingpong @maureen_morshuis like to share a #widn moment when convenient? 🍵
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Behind The Door At 84 (@behindthedoorat84)

Thanks for the widn tag @behind_the_green_door33 and sorry it’s so late! I don’t have much interesting content to put on Insta this the time I get home from work the natural day time light has gone and I don’t want dark blurry photos! Plus I don’t think I can milk anymore photos of pumpkins! Anyway, I was going through my camera roll and found this video of my dear little Lottie who sadly passed away in April. She used to love drinking my drinks when I wasn’t around! In this video I was busy doing something and then suddenly heard loud lapping noises- when I turned around she had her head in my mug drinking my tea! 😂 I cherish all the photos and especially videos of her. She was such a little pickle and I loved her so so much. #widn #whatimdoingnow #blackcat #cat #cats #smallcat #loveher #missingyou #memories #feelingsad #emmabridgewater #emmabridgewaterblacktoast #emmabridgewatermug #emmabridgewateroctober

Wieke (@wiekevankeulen)

I’ve just been asked by @quiltkaatje #whatimdoingnow #widn. Thnx for asking, Karin. I’m traveling by train from Haarlem to Zwolle, Wezep, Kampen to visit my parents. With a wonderful crochet project.
Now I ask @heidykerckhoffs, @carlahommaborg & @sunny_designs to share what they’re doing right now (only if they want, of course)

Shannon ✨ (@themummyblog)

So confident in his standing, he's not far off standing alone!
I think mummy and daddy have a musician on our hands though, he's obsessed with strumming the guitar strings 🎸