Kris Carter (@kriscarterskin101)

Laying awake. Thinking I'm so freaking grateful we got to celebrate her birthday last month. I'm so grateful she survived chemo. I'm so grateful for the lesson it taught me. *
Slow the hell down! Savor every moment. Cleaning the toilets can wait. Have fun. Laugh more. Dance more than that. Stay in PJs all day. Take chances. Don't hold back. *
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Melissa Coyne (@mama.mel)

It’s been a week. A weird week. An emotional week. A busy week. A week to be thankful and a week to reflect - and it’s only Wednesday. I needed this workout, and the soundtrack pandora put together for me was meant to be, gah music is so good for the soul... and so are kettlebells. ⚡️
Wherever you’re at, whatever you’re going through, good or bad... take some time to breathe, look around, listen to good music, look at the sun, or the snow, and the beauty all around us... because sometimes it’s the simple things that we overlook that can bring us back to what really, truly matters... this music, though doesn’t sound that peaceful, is just what I needed tonight. ✌️ #effthebs #whatreallymatters #littlethingsadduptobigthings

Liv'er Die (@liv_er_die)

Unfortunately, this morning I️ had to add another surgery to my story. One that I️ REALLY didn’t want to add and did everything in my power to try to avoid (including tracking down 4 of my doctors yesterday asking if I️ could postpone it). I️ had yet another biliary drain placed due to post-transplant complications. As you could imagine this is not really the way I️ wanted to kickstart 2018. Real talk...I️ spent a majority of yesterday in tears and wishing all of this craziness away. But this morning while talking to my dad before surgery he told me to not forget to keep my smile on my face. Usually, when someone tells us to keep our head up or to keep smiling it will go in one ear and out the other, but this morning it stayed with me. Sometimes life throws shitty stuff at us that we wish we could just run away from, but it’s all of this shitty stuff that teaches us the most valuable lessons. This is the stuff that teaches us how to love, how to trust, who we are, what we value most, and that in the end loved ones and experiences trump any material object that we think we must have or any of the dumb little things that we stress over everyday. So no, this is not how I️ wanted to start 2018, but I️ promise it is not wiping away my smile for the rest of the year. In fact, I️ can hardly wait to see what the rest of the year brings my way. Sending you all love and light and an amazing 2018....even if it didn’t start off the way you were intending.

JG Woodworks (@jgwoodworks16)

Just a little view of what my Wednesday nights are like. My man @clint_sheppard killin it with the message he brings every week. This guy has a HUGE heart for these kids. I'm blessed to have a small part in helping out. Josh, Caleb, and @micah_mesecher always sounding good singing! The sawdust can always wait. This stuff here will last for eternity!
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Coraline *Kleokatrah* (@kleokatrah)

Takin a stroll on the most peaceful path that exsists. As least as far as Im concerned. Ive had the most joyful and absolutely breath taking experiences here with my best buddy in the entire cosmos. Just fumbling around and bein punk ass kids laughing and enjoying our exsistence. Truely knowing what it means to br alive. No one could ever take that from us and it doesnt cost a thing.

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Revive Fitness (@revivefitt)

👊Lesson of the day!! Learn to say NO!!! .
✅Generally we are people pleaser’s! We like to make peoples days, make them smile, laugh, take a load off their shoulders. So much so that we often forget about ourselves and what is important to us!! I have found myself in this position today, where I have taken on tooo much and then my priorities start to lack due to this. Today I missed an extremely important coaching call that aligns me with everything I need to be working on right now to reach my goals and dreams! This was because I was pre-occupied with other things that don’t serve my priorities right now!! Are they exciting and do I like to be a part of them-yes, but they are not moving me any farther ahead like this call would have! .
🔥When the areas in your life that you have deemed important are lacking or needing a little TLC, this is a great opportunity to sit back and think about where all your energy is going!! Is it going to the right things, are you disrespecting your time and your priorities to make someone’s else’s day easier??? But what about you? What about your dreams and goals?? Who’s going to fight for them if you aren’t!! Nobody, sista!! It’s all you, and in this case it’s all me who needs to step up and and decide!.
🙌Currently on a walk deciding what’s staying on my priority list and what needs to go, so that I can improve myself as a coach and as an individual and get closer to crushing this year and my goals!! .
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R.A.M (@r.a.m.nosequel)

S/O to this smart, joyful, respectful and loving lil man! He turned 10 last week. Can’t wait to see what you do. Love you and I’m so proud of you. #nephew #loveyou #prouduncle #whatreallymatters #familymatters

Alex Prol (@alexprol)

Coconut water by the beach is exactly what I would go for if I had a chance to run away from this NYC winter! Constant below freezing temperatures can get to anyone. I guess I’ll go back to practicing now and if all goes well, I’ll be enjoying some laziness at my surfing spot in my hometown Rio de Janeiro. Until then, let me freeze my ass a bit and practice one of the set lists I have to learn for this month! Cheers!!! 😀👍☀️☀️☀️🥥🥥🥥❤️ #riodejaneiro #sombraeaguafresca #coconutwater #bythebeach #postinho #memories #iwish #winterfeelings #brasil #guitarist #love #lazyday #dayoff #vibe #beach #musicianlife #mylife #whatreallymatters #enjoythemoment #dreamon #instamood #photooftheday

Tad the Diet Coach (@tadthedietcoach)

Yes in the end analysis everything will boil down to how your life felt. What feelings did YOU encourage and cultivate in your own experience. It’s your life, own every moment by deciding what to feel in your life. This is as simple as letting go and focusing on your joy.
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Sarah (@lazaiiiine)

Sometimes you just need to slow down, remain calm and simply let life happen. Take a deep breath and focus on the simple important things: you are alive, you‘re breathing, you‘re enough as you are. 🌿🐢 #quote #words #slowdown #remaincalm #letlifehappen #breathe #whatreallymatters #mood #moodygrams #lifegoeson #thankful #bekind #wednesday #berlin #evening #me #gay #lgbt #tomboy #orsomethinglikethat #tattoo #stripes #curlyhair #simplelife #simplicity