Gokul Saravanan (@xog3)

As I was traveling from Goa to Gokarna on my bike, I encountered this tall dark traveler with an Indian flag attached to his backpack. He waved with a smile and said "Hi! I'm Binish and I'm a human-powered solo traveler spreading awareness about food wastage in India". It took me a couple minutes to comprehend the fact that he has been walking from Kanyakumari (Southern-most point of India). I felt inspired and energised. I shared my learnings from traveling and he his. We shared a bottle of juice and parted ways.
I met him 100 days since that day, near Pushkar, Rajasthan. I was extremely delighted! "You can't understand someone until you've walked a mile in their shoes." - Here's me trying on his backpack. 😁

ABOUT HIM:- Binish is on an expedition by foot to spread words about food wastage in India. He has planned to cover all the states and 5 union territories in India without spending a penny from his pocket and relying completely on the kindness of strangers. Rather than just raising awareness, he has set out to experience true starvation and desperation. Unknowing where to sleep or when and where the next meal would come!

Truly, an adventurer with a social message.

It has been 130 days since he began this journey and has covered 2,300+ kms by foot. He has completed 3,200 kms on bicycle before this expedition. Follow and support him here: @travel_with_nigin

PC: @shankeyviz
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