मेलिसा❤️ (@mellee_b)

On our second visit to CTCA, we were waiting in the lobby. Lee was scheduled for surgery the next day and he had finished all his appointments. We saw that some people were sitting around a table next to the fireplace making some crosses. I guess we made it too obvious, but they called us over. We asked them what were they doing and they replied Witness Crosses. We asked what were they for and they said they were used to witness to other people your faith in Jesus Christ. They asked me to sit down and try and make one. I saw them make one and then I started by the time I knew it I had made 5. At the end of the day Glen, one of the individuals at the table, provided me with the tools, bent nails and wire so I could bring Witness Crosses to you. Witness Crosses range from $6.00-$12.00 depending on the charms. Witness Crissee are free for anyone battling any Chronic disease. DM me for more info! All profits will be going towards a program that my husband will be starting to financially assist other cancer fighters in the Starr County Area! #thewitnesscrossteam #cancerfighters #faith #hope #jesuschrist #nofa #noonefightsalone #witnesscrosses #cancersucks #cancerfighter