Eugenia•O h M y Y o g i n i (@eujat)

Beauties! I want to celebrate you, honour you and raise you up. I believe in you and all the good day-to-day ‘doing’ and ‘being’ you effort. Well done! You are awesome! .
And this message is especially for you if you are not ‘doing’ and ‘being’ so much at the moment too. #itsoknottobeok
I don’t do and be much particularly in the days leading into my Moon (bleed) and the first few days after #currentlydaythree. But what I really rely on during shadowy Yin times is the continued ‘being’ and ‘doing’ of other women. Their words, messages and creativity is what I drink in - what nourishes me and keeps me connected as I withdraw and nurture myself. .
To honour this, I just wanted to share one of the ways I celebrate and contribute to a sustainable sisterhood: in 2018 I decided to make an intentional, energetic *and* financial commitment to raising up and standing in community with intentional women. .
I want to also share that this my way of feeling part of change-making beyond my own locality and network. .
I’m making monthly donations in particular to women who write, create and do important social, political and emotional work in educating and imparting wisdom about female lives and stories. .

These areas are my passion and I am a forever student in this space.

Two of those women are Layla Saad and Chani Nicholas - if you don’t know their work, please seek them out and enjoy! Beyond this, I will obviously continue to be supporting numerous women whose work I employ, engage with and purchase through various products and services.
My main motivation for doing this, is to ensure their voices have time, space and resources for sustaining, enduring and leading the way for women globally as #shitgetsreal. It’s not huge amounts of $$$ annually - probably the equivalent to buying a published book or two - but it’s just the beginning, and as I grow so will my support. .
These are truly are exciting times and the internet is our ally! So if you get fearful, bogged down or feelings of hopelessness about the state of things, remember - we have power. We can choose and in particular we can vote with our dollars, feet and energy 🙏🏼💜🌟

Rebekah Shannon (@rebekahshannon)

Resist hate wherever you’re standing. - Sasha Martin 💞 #womenforwomen #resisthate

E R I K A🍍 (@merikasaurusrex)

It isn't political, it isn't too much to ask for. It's a HUMAN right.
I was told to stay with a man who hit me because "he's just having a bad day."
I'm constantly asked why I don't have children because "I should be thinking about my future by now."
People "joked" when I was little if I "married rich you will be set for life."
For the time they gave me a blanket to put over my legs during church because I "might be too distracting for boys".
For the countless times I was whistled at, pinched, slapped, called a "bitch" because I simply and politely said NO.
For my fellow women who have been beaten, raped, sexually mutilated, and murdered for having a vagina, time is up. Times are changing. Times have changed. We are not against each other, we are strong, we support each other, and we will not be brought down. We will not give up. The time of being brainwashed into being a submissive trophy wife for men is over. This is our time. #humanrights #timesup #womenforwomen

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check out this gorgeous installment of the @feminist_sticker_club 😍 if you’re not already in it, you should sign up for the club. like sugar + spice, 10% of their proceeds go to feminist causes. 💗 regram: @quiltingtelegraph

Lauren Strom (@_laurenstrom_)

To all who marched and all whose hearts are marching still. 2018 watch out 💙 .
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Kirs10 Castle ✌🏼 (@majestic_hapa)

There are as many forms of feminism as there are feminists. Please don’t confuse my skin color with what feminism I advocate for. I am mixed. Raised by woman of color, who experienced great marginalization and discrimination, persevered, and raised me with that perspective. My husband is biracial and my kids are mixed af. Through that lends, feminism can b problematic. Unfortunately some forms of feminism are popularized while others are disregarded. White feminist we hear you, fact is, you’ve BEEN heard. Let minority’s and marginalized women speak. We all need to hear what has to be said. #itsMoreThanaTinge #itsriddled #feminist #feminism #wakeup #dontlethistorydisregardyou #feministmovements #womenforwomen

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To all my ladies in this place with style and grace, we stand with you ✌🏼#womensmarch #thefutureisfemale 📸: @createcultivate #womenforwomen #womanowned #ladies #peace #love

Lily Marie Ellicott (@lilys_design_studio)

Throwback to designing my Kreda bracelet! Sometimes I take time, and make precise measurements, and sometimes I just scribble something down. This time was scribbled. .
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This is your year.
Come to @women_of_influence_ Monday night at 7pm at @influencechurchoc or watch us on FB Live. I will be finishing the last 5 steps to make this your best year yet and become who God created you to be!
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Lily Marie Ellicott (@lilys_design_studio)

Back detail of the Rose Quartz pendant. Bezel set diamonds, completely hand engraved, pearl enhancer bail! .
#feminine #weddingjewelry #weddingstyle #soft #softpink #timeless #classic

Anne Martin for Judge (@annemartinforjudge)

I was thrilled to be a part of the #womensmarch today! I am feeling very inspired by how many Nashvillians showed up to make their voice heard. So many speakers talked about the importance of voting. I couldn’t agree more. #PowerToThePolls
#womenforwomen #annemartinforjudge #govotetn #nashvilletn

Last Place Pacers (@last_place_pacers)

This was Sarah’s brilliant idea. Let me start with that! So this morning a group of wonderful women went for a little walk in Loxton, SA. and that’s where the lie started. It was not a little walk. It was a long walk. It was amazing. We did encounter a hill (mountain) of soft dirt that was the mountain of all mountains. We looked up, waaaay up ☁️ and complained 😩and whined and swore 🤬before we even started. Then we grew some balls 🥜 and got it done. The view was incredibly worth it. After our heart rates came back down from heart attack range 💔we tuned our heads and there was another longer hill. FFS. Seriously. The fit ladies were in front of us but they are seriously the most encouraging women. We have a great bunch of women who met through parkrun. Now they are all friends. Anyway... we did 9kms of soft sand and hills. I loved it. The picture of Sarah on her own says it all for her. 🤦🏽‍♀️She did it and in the end isn’t that all that matters? She did better than she will give herself credit for. So I’m giving it to her instead!