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"Brown, cinnamon brown, reddish brown,
golden brown, chocolate brown, cinnamon
brown, caramel brown, honey brown, mocha
brown, coffee brown, pecan brown, umber
brown, ochre brown, cocoa brown, tawny
brown, walnut brown, russet brown, sepia
brown, chestnut brown, copper brown,
brown, brown, brown

Brown is beautiful, don't let them tell
you otherwise" -Jafari Khamaseen

Business Strategist + Coach (@stacieawalker)

Is it a struggle for you to be vulnerable? You're not alone.
Maria and I discuss our fears and anxieties of being vulnerable as introverted entrepreneurs.
Here's what to expect from this episode:
🌟The power of embracing your vulnerability.
🌟How to connect with your target audience on a deeper level.
🌟How to introverts can up level their online presence.
🌟How to step outside your comfort zone to become more visible online.
The Biz Mom Real Deal Podcast with Stacie Walker and Maria Gonzalez.
Candid conversations between two moms revealing the good, the bad, and the ugly of running a business and a family. The REAL deal!
Word of warning…
If you’re the type of person who’s appalled by value packed conversations sprinkled with a little profanity, then this podcast is definitely NOT for you.
After you’re done listening to this episode, connect with us on Facebook by joining the Elite Society of Ambitious Moms Mastermind. (LINKS ARE IN BIO)😀


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Do you color your own hair? 👩🏻 Ever have trouble getting the dye off your skin? 🙄 Try this...use dye to remove dye! Once your curing time is up, rub some leftover dye on the dried dye on your skin and rinse out. It works! 👌🏼 💁🏻 .
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Hi lovelies get to know the Resilientista Contributor Tribe and Guest Contributors ! So excited to share with you their articles in the autumn issue hitting subscriber IN- Boxes on Friday... ( free subscription link in bio) ......
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Feeling empowered after a great business meeting #veravia #womeninspiringwomen

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Spend more time with people who make you laugh. 💙🙏🏻. It can be lonely running a business.
It can feel lonely if you are not happy for some reason, or you are just having a day where you don't feel so good.
It's a known fact that laughing is good for you.
If you are surrounded by people who are negative or are habitual complainers ... stop and think of the effect it is having on your life.
Have there been times you've reached out to a friend or family member only to be disappointed because they don't show you compassion, love, support and the joy you are looking for?
Now may be the time to take stock of the people who surround you.
Do they make you happy?
Do they care about you?
Do they add value to your life?
Do they make you smile?
Do they add joy to your life?
Do they make you laugh?
Are you surrounded by happy positive people?
If not it is your choice to continue to have these people in your life.
Surround yourself with people who add to your life and make you laugh.
M x

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I am SO excited to team up with @lilyguilder to style this week's @curatednashville runway show. There are a few tickets left. Be sure to check it out this Friday.

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I'm ❤️loving❤️ that I still have 2️⃣days to teach June workouts 💪🏻and the other 3️⃣ days are 5:45 AM & Alone! The BEST of both scenarios 😜
We can all learn from our kids,💑 they just jump in and always give anything a try! We need to remember this as we "grow up". 🤰🏼💇🏼💑 We must never forget that giving anything a try, a forward action step... WILL set the motion towards reaching what you want.
I'm always accepting my schedule shifts, appreciating the growth and learning to adapt and because of these, I achieve and feel accomplished. ☝🏻That's what's important.

TechPixies (@techpixies)

Press Release 20 September 2017⠀

A social enterprise called TechPixies has launched in London to help mums and other women return to work by teaching them top-notch tech skills.⠀

TechPixies has formed a partnership with Azoomee @azoomeekids, an award winning Shoreditch based tech business, where a free event took place today for women with a shared interest in tech and learning new skills.⠀

According to research from PwC, professional women returning to work could deliver gains of £1.7 billion to the UK economy with around 420,000 female professionals currently on a career break. Yet three in five professional women that return to the workforce are likely to move into lower-skilled or lower-paid roles.⠀

For further information about TechPixies or to register on a course, visit⠀

Photo Credit:⠀

For further information, contact:⠀
Kelly Lea, PR Consultant, KellyLea PR, M: 07988 195 262; E:

By Nicola Rae-Wickham (@alifemoreinspired)

❤️ #womenwhodream starts tomorrow!! ❤️It's a mini movement of possibility where real women will be sharing their personal mantras and affirmations to help us ALL on our own journeys.
---------------------------------------------------------For now I'm getting my first early night in what feels like forever. See you on the other side 😴✨

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Well, today was a pretty cool day. The start of a new phase. The twins did awesoem in preschool all day, Kids passed out, now playing outside.... I got my meetings in and getting back to in person connecting, which I love! I miss so many of you, especially the women from my past conferences and retreats!
So much great stuff in the works, can't wait to unravel it for all you in time! 😉. Now I need to go do the dishes, dinner, kids to bed & finalize ::::: The Feel Good Project,
Oh! Plus.... the next Get All As in the Game of Life quote book :: Bridal Edition is in the works! @getallas @identitymagazine

SusanVEnergy (@susanvernicek)

JUST in, this shirt! HA! Something so little to many of us, but not me. A FREE SHIRT, a REWARD! Okay, so I’ve been my own boss for 10 years! So no matter what I do, conference, workshop, vacation, etc. It comes out of my pocket.
That’s why I’m havING so much fun being part of another team and community. I get rewards, prizes, vacations, BONUSES, etc. from another company.
I’m loving the additional goals, the community and MY OWN TEAM of coaches that I am training/teaching to be their own boss, earn extra income, get fit, learn habits, increase happiness, joy, and self-worth.
This shirt resembles ACHIEVEMENT, Success. This shirt resembles that fact that I am helping and additional 50 women, one-on-one — YES (FIFTY) women with their journey.
This DIAMOND COACH is a new title that I’ve earned along side of being a Bestselling Author ( and a CEO of

Ah, I love this sh*t. I love helping women, I love helping you. I love inspiring, and IGNITING energy…. If you haven’t, it’s time for YOU to IGNITE YOUR ENERGY!
#teamigniteyourenergy #getallas🅰🅰🅰

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NEW blog post! "Your diet is where detoxification starts. Major key alert....detox your body by..." Read more from the blog post on "9 Signs your body needs to detox or cleanse." >>>Link in Bio<<< Like. Comment. Share.

Get F.I.T.

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Oh yeah... she quietly works away... #buildbabybuild

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‘See the Beautiful’ 💕💖💓 When you look closely, it's everywhere. Wise words on the blog today from Beverley Gilbert, Senior Lecturer in Domestic Violence at the Centre for Violence Prevention at the University of Worcester. She is also Founding Director and Operations/Risk Manager of Cohort 4, a women’s survivor peer support organisation in North Warwickshire. Her article 'Self Care for Practitioners Working in Challenging Roles' is live- have a read by clicking on the link in bio 😊