Vitali Tchistov (@vi7ali_)

Guys Happy New Year 🎆 2018 !! 🙏May this year be filled for You with :
•Happiness 🌈🌞🌅
•LOVE LOVE LOVE ❤️💙💛💚 •Health😇
•Success 🥇🧗‍♀️ •Peace ✌️ 🕊️


Etienne Go (@etiennego_)

So this is Cayou, (Danny and I called him Darsey first) since last April he started to wander around the house and seemed to be pleased to be here. We wondered if he was lost.
Last Monday we took him to the vet, we had decided to give him his shots but first check if he was chipped! ... The outcome was positive and the vet told us the name of his owner and called them. Cayou had wondered off 500 meters from my home.
So of course we had to bring him back and his very friendly owner told us she was worried sick because he had been away on and off for short and long periods. She told us she is OK with co-ownership of Cayou.

So it took him one day to be back.... #catlovers #wonderingcat #blueandyelloweyedcat

Asim (@asimthecat)

’And whats the mening of this ~ a tree in the house’ ??? #wonderingcat #sibiriancat #cat #insta_cat #catoftheday #christmascat 🤶🏻😼🎄