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Photo by: Uriel Soberanes

ArtisanBorn (@artisanborn)

10 more diamonds 💎 to go.
Contemporary oak sculpture.
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Artist: @alisoncrowther

JB Woodworking (@jb.woodworking)

Glueing up the final cutting board for Christmas orders! This makes 11 boards in total to be delivered this year! Super excited to getting these cleaned up and out the door! #doingwork

Dean (@deancreates1)

I teased Joe @jmcwoodworking about ordering a second wood rack but right after that I ordered my second, which I filled immediately. Never enough lumber racks? Time to bleed off this supply building projects #wood #maker #woodshop #woodworking #maple #cherry #lumber #woodporn

Canadian | Toronto | Wood (@jeffmackdesigns)

We have lots of brown barnboard in stock now! $6/square foot until December 22nd.
Order yours while it’s in stock or schedule for us to install!
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Rhys Robb (@rhys_r_woodworks)

Checking out some cool cookie slabs today for another table build coming up soon #table #livingroom