Jimmy Baumgras (@jimmybaumgras)

Little epoxy touch up on the walnut coffee bar top before I can spray some lacquer on it along with some hickory doors.

Matt Keddie (@keddiewoodshop)

This guy!! 😂 it reminds me of an alien parrot, you know, because they exist 😂 It just cracks me up and gotta be the funniest thing I've ever made! I had some heavy shit drop on me this morning but this dude totally made up for it! As the great warrior-poet Ice Cube once said "Today I didn't even have to use my AK I gotta say it was a good day" 😏

Jericho Home (@jericho_home)

I love the multifaceted nature of woodworking! There are so many ways to excel. As a furniture maker and carpenter, I am fascinated by the things I cannot do.Take these exquisite, handmade utensils made of goat willow, for example. I can only admire the crafsmanship of Anna-Elina from @arcibyanna. She is a student in Finland who makes these beautiful pieces. I admire her work tremendously. If you want a glimpse of the brilliance of a young maker on the other side of the world, follow her page and let her know how beautiful her work is.


Blacktail Studio (@blacktailstudio)

15 minutes in 20 seconds of @osmocanada application. I'm not complaining though, probably my current favorite finish, not to mention easiest.

DCI CONCEPTS (@dciconcepts)

These 3 machines have traveled 1600 miles out of a storage unit in Vermont. They were my grandpas. All 3 from the early 60's. Sears & Roebuck 12" disc sander, an Atlas metal lathe and this rad W&H Molder Planer. They all work just need some elbow grease and a little love.

Heckert Woodshop (@heckertwoodshop)

The swing I built this week on set of a music video.

Cody Levy (@theruffcut)

Just carved out a fresh Cedar spoon and I'm loving the grain on this one! Any coffee or tea drinkers out there that could use a new go-to Teaspoon?? #handmade #woodworking #doityourself #woodworker

Distinct wood designs (@distinctwooddesigns)

Stopped @mywoodloft today for the first time and met Sam and he showed me around! Really excited to start working with these guys and getting some reclaimed material out in people's houses and businesses! #reclaimedwood #repurposed #reuse #woodshop #oldwood #oldbarns #distinctwooddesigns

JF Woodworking (@jfwoodworking)

This mini version of our charging station is perfect for just a phone! Available for just $20, add an extra $5 if you want it personalized with a name or initials!