Austin Barton (@austinbartonfitness)

Back building exercises: any time you pull your elbows back and retract your shoulders, you're working on some part of your back, or your posterior side of your upper body. There are so many muscles involved in pulling motions: trapezius, lats, rear deltoids, infraspinatus, rhomboids, erector spinae... and you have to train them all. Pretty soon you'll be getting a huge series on how to train every aspect of your back on my YouTube channel. In the meantime, it would be great if you checked out what I already have up there!

World Gym Tonawanda (@worldgymtonawanda)

The average adult sits 9-11 hours a day. Studies show that 1 hour of physical activity can reduce and prevent chronic illness associated with sitting for 8+ hours a day. Get up and get moving!
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jUSt kiM (@bobby_rich_kim)

You don't always get what you wish for in life....BUT you'll always get what you work for✔️✔️👌
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Jody Holle (@j4296)

Ha ha never think you know everything, I am on round 6 of Body Beast, that is a long time doing this workout and today I realized that at the end of this workout when you spell "beast" on the ab move that your head and shoulders are supposed to be slightly lifted off the ground, ha ha I am so in the zone I do not notice everything, but I am always catching something I'm not doing exactly right, always learning!! Working out is not about being perfect, it's about waking up each day trying your best and making progress!

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Angie Myhre (@angiemyhre04)

MMA Mashup today!
WoW, that was awesome!

My fav are the Muay Thai combos. Today's move will get your obliques burning. It's Front Elbow, Rear Up Elbow, Front Slashing Elbow, and Rear Slashing Elbow. The key is to rotate your feet and core.

Not only will this move shred your core, it will work on your shoulder mobility as well!

Enjoy your Saturday!! #weekendwarrior #moveoftheday #fitAng #cdf #mma #muaythai #workout #workoutmotivation #shredded