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“First she’s sweet then she’s sour” 🥀 A peek into my art process, I will be posting more vids this year for you guys 📽️

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The @irisvanherpen Spring 2018 Couture show overwhelmed me with inspiration ✨In this collection, not only I see a strong modern woman, a play between technology and nature but also immense imagination and art, superbly translated into fashion.

It is so rare for me these days to be completely inspired by a fashion collection. Sure, there are amazing ones, I see a lot of beauty on the runways, but rarely those designs move me deeply and make me want to run to grab my inks and watercolors. This show was deeply refreshing and encouraging for me

I don't know why, but it reminded me to always paint what I like, the way I want it. Last year, I sacrificed a lot of my own artistic sentiments to produce something more commercial, likeable by "everyone". Enough. It's time to follow my own way.

This is the beauty of keeping your eyes open and looking for inspiration everywhere: sometimes something that might look superficial, as a fashion show, can open your mind about everything and show you the way you've been struggling to find for so long ✨
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لم يكن الغرق ملزماً بالماء فقط ..!

An Iraqi painter (@ir.3e)

منو تذكرها شنقوهة اليوم

Execution of the hanging sentence against the German terrorist .
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We can talked about Faiq. Faiq Mughal called (Fuqhr e alams) is a next level poetry writer. Follow that next level poetry writer. God bless you my love and keep it up
👤 In frame my brother : @fuqhr_e_alam4211
📷 Photographed : Zeeshan
🎨 Discover edit : @iamahtishammunir