Morko & Archer (@aussiedorcorgibros)

Mommy & Daddy got me a cool new collar.. or so I thought! They got it in my favorite color but it also makes this beep at me whenever I'm being a bad boy and barking my brains out.
Still look handsome wearing it though 😅

Fenway (@fenwayandharper)

Bedtime is the best time 🐶🐶 sweet zzzZzz everybody ❤️

Marleau the Mini Aussie (@marleautheminiaussie)

Because it's been so hot in San Francisco, I'm throwing back to when I frolicked in the snow at Tahoe last winter... #tbt ❄️

Shem the aussie (@shem.the.aussie)

Throwback thursday!
Look how cute my siblings and I were!