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#skybuli Nachmittag mit @anna_noe_ bei #ssnhd alle Ergebnisse und Geschichten des Spieltages später in der Sendung / #bundesliga #afternoon at #skystudio #ladiesday with all results and #stories #worldofsports #sportsaddicted #onair

Karen Chin (@kar3nchin)

First time taking photo with this fun apps 😝😝.. Had a fun photo shooting session with my buddies after an easy pace run this morning! 📷 Joyce Tham

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Yorkville Sports Association (@ysaleagues)

What was the original name of the NY Yankees franchise? Hint: A little birdie told me.
Next Hint: Not the Blue Jays #triviatuesday

Al Forsan Sports Resort (@alforsan_resort)

لدينا باقات رياضية بأسعار مغرية (التي تبدأ من 165 درهماً إماراتياً) يرافقها الآن السحب الشهري حيث يمكنك أن تربح الجوائز الشيقة. فما الذي تنتظرونه؟
سارعوا إلى الاشتراك في السحب! للمزيد من المعلومات يرجى الاتصال بالرقم

Our pleasingly priced sports packages (starting from AED165) are now accompanied by the monthly raffle in which you can enter and exciting prizes with us. So what are you waiting for? Sign up soon! Call 800ALFORSAN for more info

Richard Tang (@imrichardt)

It has been a while since I run at Kiara hills and I was sad to see some part of the trails were gone. It’s all at the cost of development 😖 Soon all these concrete jungle will replace the green lung of Klang Valley 😭
Refer to the zoom-in photo of my trail. The brown patches are the new muddy logs bulldozed 😤
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Teodor "Tony23" Petrov, MSc 🎓 (@realtony23)

Sneaker Story #8: The Dream Shoes.
adidas Adi Navvy Boot (since 2011).
There are shoes that are not just shoes: they could bring back good old memories, evoke positive emotions or make you feel more confident with every step you take in them. 👟👟 This is a story of such an extraordinary pair of shoes—my very own @adidas Adi Navvy Boot.
Just like the @Cavs prepared themselves for the Game 7 of the 2016 @NBA Finals, I had passionately prepared myself for the day I got an adidas call starting with the words, “Tony, you are all in. Congratulations!” 💯 This happened on this very day, three years ago, and since then I began realizing my three-stripe dream. To celebrate my first job at adidas, I purchased the adidas Adi Navvy Boots in beige that I had dreaming of rocking for a long time. Just like the three stripes, these winter boots stand for high quality, comfort and design. With their leather upper and rugged outsole, the Adi Navvy Boots quickly became my most reliable companion in the winter season.
Here you may probably ask, “What do these winter boots mean to me?” The answer is simple: The adidas Adi Navvy Boot tells you everything you need to know about seizing a dream: from the raw idea through the fight for the dream to its realization. That’s why I simply call them “The Dream Shoes”. Now is your turn. 🤗 Tell me the story of your dream shoes in the comment section!
📸: @davidofcali