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To the one who struggles for so many reasons, I feel you, I know that in that moment depression sinks in and life no longer looks exciting.. To the one who needs the strength, to pick up themselves and move ahead to what might be better or best; but you can't, because that strength is nowhere to be found.. To the one who feels alone, I know it hurts beyond words, how great it would be if right now there were warm hugs to set our aching soul free.. I really do feel the same, I feel as though this world has caved us in, yes people like us are multiplying..
The reality of life has our stars falling from the sky.. I wish that this poem was more encouraging, I wish that things and people were different, that when I feel this way then even a smile outside my world would brighten up my days.. Should we scream?
For I think there is a need to release, for even tears that are shed is better than what you and I are experiencing..
Maybe after our struggles won't seems that extreme, maybe we'll somehow find the strength to encourage someone else. for we have now seen
now that we have set our tears free that there are persons much worse than you and me.. Maybe!
Maybe after we won't feel so alone because they gave us a hug thanking us from their aching souls..

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Burnt Lips.

by Daniel Lundahl (@sanguinestains)

written and spoken by drunk me. I hope you enjoy this poem; it’ll be in book number three.


“He didn’t have faith in any one thing, but he hung her in his house and he followed her and collected her. And he found her beautiful. Her art. And she blessed him. And although he didn’t have any faith, in some way, maybe he did..”


“Her bookmarks were ticket stubs of places she’d visited and places she hoped to return. And as she opened to read she journeyed back, and forth, to new lands and old lands. And it made sense, that she was traveling again. This time, on a train.”

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Collarbones started to show.
Sometimes there were short meals,
Sometimes there were no meals at all.
Purging became they savor.
It became the savor of one of the most feared thing in these society. Getting "fat." I was smiling but it changed when I heard a "eww, look at you, you are so out of shape!" At that moment they quickly said it was a joke but my smile also quickly fade away.
I got home and went to see myself in the mirror, and that was the day I started to hate my body.
Months passed and I realized I got skinnier.
One day the same person who called me "fat" told me, " oh wow, you are so skinny, you should eat!" At that moment I realized how dumb I was.
Anger tears were running down my cheeks.
At that moment I realized that no matter hard we try, we will never make society satisfied. So just be you.
I realized that we as humans don't have to be like they want us to be.

Date: Fri, Mar 23


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“Dead Curt”
“Phil, Curt’s brother,
just shook his head “Even if he’s dead
know lots of folks
that would still fill his ass
with lead”

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hello goodbye