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I'm super pumped about my bedazzled eye lash curler that comes with our lashboost + bright eye complex gift set!!!! I got mine today! Order yours before their gone!!!! #lashesbylashboost #yestheyarereal #loveyourskin #longerlashes #reallashes

Kathy Causey (@the_best_skincare)

Want lashes that make your eyes pop?! Ask me how!! #lovemylashes #yestheyarereal

Deb Beamer (@deb.beamer.rf)

Oh my, Becky........look at her LASHES! 😮

I love how Kayla Walker-Nash broke this down: "NO GLUE. NO STRIPS. NO EXTENSIONS.

The price of Lash Boost is $135 as a Preferred Customer. $2.25 a day(60 days)..that's it.
A good pair of false lashes+glue will run you anywhere from $20-$50+ for ONE set👎🏼
So if you wear falsies 7 times in 60 days you've already paid for Lash Boost, if the lashes cost $20!
Lash Extensions run anywhere from $150-?? for one set. Thennnnnn you have to go back every couple of weeks for a 'fill in'($50ish) so in 60 days you pay DOUBLE(atleast) what you would pay for ONE single tube of Lash Boost👀

In 60 days, at $2.25 per day, you can have longer, fuller, darker looking lashes that are 100% YOURS, seriously! And guess what else...there is a 60 day, EMPTY BOTTLE, money back guarantee..that's not an option with the other two💁🏻 These things are the reasons why R+F sold over 1.5 MILLION tubes of Lash Boost in ONE year(over 4,000 a day)👏🏼👏🏼

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When you want @hooters Chicken Wings but have no way to go get said chicken wings because Hubs has the BMW at work...Yeah totally bummed! #hooters #needchickenwings #hootershasthebestwings #icouldworkathooters #hangryproblems #bossbabe #badassbitch #countrygirl #yestheyarereal

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Do you have any of these? I'm obsessed with air plants. I picked mine up @frecklefarminc and found this adorable hanger for it @firstandthirdmarket Fresh greenery can add such a great vibe to your space; and these make THE STATEMENT!! They will have people talking, and you really can't kill them; because they are air plants. #yestheyarereal #valleyviewabode #airplants .
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Jess ♉️ (@jwinslow)

Tried my hand at a quick, single take makeup video today...full video forthcoming on YouTube. Enjoy the preview! 👸🏼 #makeuptutorial #makeup #nofilter #noedits #bedhead #braces

Kelly Lassiter - R+F (@kdlassiter.rf)

Still wondering if Lash Boost is worth it??? ----------------------------------------------------
Check out these insane before and after pics of me & my bestie @cara_boooo !!! The difference between these photos?? One year and a little Lash Boost👀🌟💓 I started using Lash Boost in March of 2017 & Caroline started using it the summer of 2017. The results speak of themselves🙀 --------------------------------------------------- STOP throwing your money away on eyelash extensions!! You risk ruining your natural lashes👎🏽 & you also end up spending way more 💸maintaining extensions than you would purchasing Lash Boost just once a year. Lash Boost is worth every penny & will help you achieve natural longer, darker, fuller looking lashes!! I get compliments/comments on my eyelashes just about every time I'm in public😋 My favorite part is when I get to tell people they aren't fake, they are actually my natural lashes... I wouldn't trade Lash Boost for anything💓 ----------------------------------------------------Message me to order & start your journey to amazing lashes now!! I can help you get 10% off + free shipping or claim a spot in my flash sale to get Lash Boost by itself or with a regimen for a great discount tomorrow night!!! ---------------------------------------------------- #lashboost #natural #lashesfordays #yestheyarereal #changinglasheschanginglives #beststuffever #rodanandfields

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After being surrounded by 40 women this weekend, and seeing the miles of beautiful lashes, I want to throw Lash Boost from the rooftops!! Y’all, this stuff is A-MAZ-ING!! If you haven’t already tried it, let’s do this! You could be ringing in the New Year with butterfly kisses for all!! #batthoselashes #yestheyarereal #getyourstoday #lashboostbundlebundlebaby #alleycaresRF

🌙 ZYIA ACTIVE• Whitney Odom (@zyia4all)

We got to hang out with my good friends @lularoemeribrown and @mariahlian at the Expo today!! It’s always a pleasure to see them and help them with their #zyiaactive purchases!! Also I love to watch everyone stare at them and try to take sneaky pictures of them.... SO FUNNY!!! Thanks Meri and Mariah for coming to see me and getting your Zyia fix!! #loveya #yestheyarereal #nothisisntajoke #yesireallydoknowthem

Jenny Baker | SeneGence (@fabulouslybeyoutiful)

One of my favorite things is to layer colors. I love taking the shimmery colors and layering them over other colors. #motd💄

Joseph-Michelle Auricchio (@josephmichelleauricchio)

What can I say? Lash Boost works!

Message me to get your Lash Boost Order placed!

#yestheyarereal #lashboost #loveyourlashes