Jess (@harbouring)

she is water.
powerful enough to drown you
soft enough to cleanse you
deep enough to save you.
- Adrian Michael

StrongLionHeart (@lionheartfitness_pt)

Things I've learned with age: No happiness without gratitude; no peace without forgiveness; no transformation without self-discipline. Bless Friday 🙌
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Kency Fox (@_notamanicpixie)

#throwback to my first ever nude shoot in honor of the @austinbodiesproject kickstarter launch😍 get yourself one. I know I am.

Promise Kandi Boutelle (@promise.prana)

To be able to see and feel what is real to you... and share your world with others.
To not try to make sense of the chaos around you, but open up to the possibilities it provides.
To dance in this life freely, loving every wave and motion.
#Namaste right here in this body, in this experience.


When you talk about yoga asanas and then somebody says aloud, "ayo! Mayurasana in padmasana yo!" Aduh!

Gua sudah capek lepas 5 jam latihan yoga dengan 3 guru dari jam 8 pagi. But when they say go, you go.
Find @hasanakhmadi if you want a yoga instructor who keeps you going for the harder options.

P/s: our peacock is way better than this. This was impromptu.

Grand #sumo Day 5:

The only constant is Goeido. He makes his Ozeki title worth carrying. If you know the news about Harumafuji by now... let's just say I will always think of him as one of the best Yokozuna.

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Karen Garcia (@mskarengarcia)

May I plant the seed of Self Love in my heart and allow it to grow with no fear. I ask for more confidence and clarity on my journey of growth, let me always be brave enough to take action that is in alignment with the Universe and Love. As a student and teacher of Yoga, I ask to see myself in ways I couldn't imagine and be used in the service of being a source of healing in this world. May I continue to bask in the abundance that life has given me, from the most painful to the the most beautiful, and always grow in love and truth. I have been ungrateful for so long, but today I am alive and SO thankful for it all 💜
- from me to the Universe

Standing firm in Natarajasana helps us see life more clearly. The King Dancer, or Shiva, stands on one leg over a small dwarf representing Ignorance. Natarajasana helps us draw upon our ability to release fear and stand firm in our ability to take life as it comes.

Most of my posts are created for the soul purpose of inspiration. However, they are still filtered in "playing it safe" with cute quotes and cute ensembles(don't get me wrong I love my leggings lol). I have experienced deep trauma in my early life, and recently I experienced a terrible violation that triggered the trauma of the past. Interesting enough we are currently living with daily news about how a lot of us have treated each other(we all have a hand, i.e not speaking up, or looking away,etc). Centuries of abuse, violence, ignorance, and fear live in our DNA. This painful time of hearing the stories of innocent lives being disregarded & violated out of weakness and fear, is the beginning of an awakening. I am touched and inspired by the voices, the hearts, that are rising in this time of darkness. When we speak our truths, in the name of love, we shed light on the world, and essentially begin to heal it. I will commit to speaking my Truth ,no matter how painful, uncomfortable or how beautiful, in the hopes that I too can shed light for others to do the same. I dedicate this to the Women and Men who have accepted me and helped guide me back to my true Essence, my heart. Let us change the world by our example and not our opinions. 🕉️

The Swinghoppers (@swinghoppers)

Some solid financial advice from Lucky Luciano.

Jess (@harbouring)

“If it’s time you need, take it. Don’t explain yourself. Nurture space. Move freely with the instinctual currents of thorough self-care.” - Melissa M. Tripp‏

đặc biệt daddy (@dandiggity)

We all need support. For me, it’s in the form of some foam blocks. Not all the way flexible, but you know what, I’m getting there. Increments. #yogangster @yogangsters

Henry Winslow (@henrywins)

Service is neither on your terms nor according to your expectations. And isn’t that the point? If we are here to serve others, shouldn’t the recipients be the ones to set the terms?
It’s easy to get caught up romanticizing our heroic role or particular brand of contribution... especially when we are all trying to *be somebody*... but it’s a trap. It’s a trick of the ego to make service about yourself and what YOU can do vs how someone else can be loved, relieved, appreciated, or helped.
... and keep it light! I learned yesterday that simply by eating food on social media, I was bringing the purest form of joy to my friend Gabe at @yogaeastaustin! 😜
Keep your ears open to listen. Sometimes that alone is the greatest service.
🖤 @yogangsters #yogangster
🧚🏽‍♀️ @veronicalombo
📸 @mattcharnitski

Jess (@harbouring)

Every word you say is like light refracting off the prism that is my heart and now rainbows are all I can see.

YOGANGSTERS (@yogangsters)

Our black & gold #Yogangster sweats are a fan favourite & perfect for layering up this winter ❄️Now fully restocked get ordering before they're gone! 📸@kyha98
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Promise Kandi Boutelle (@promise.prana)

Felt so good to be back teaching my group private today. A group of beautiful, strong, smart women. All supporting and uplifting each other, no competition. Love the feeling of pure divine feminine energy running through my veins, and guiding me through this wild life. 🦁