Kai 🐶🐶🐶 Every time that I make it a conscious effort to be grateful, God blesses me. This weekend was a testament to that. Even though we were worried about being late, we made it to the broadway show with 5 minutes to spare and were able to check our bags, the apartment we were staying in had a broken lock but in our last attempt opened for us, and we went to this amazing Indian restaurant and got our food on the house. God just wants to give to those who live in gratitude and I get it. Think about it would you rather give to someone who appreciates all that you do or someone who doesn’t? All I know is this is all because of God and I am so thankful for Him. I loveeee walking in gratitude. ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻🙌🏻 Day 7 of the #yogaforlovechallenge is cow face pose and it’s also day 56 of the #365yogachallenge 🙌🏻🙌🏻 #cowfacepose #gomukhasana

M. Wieland (Nallin) (@michelle_wieland)

I might have a yoga challenge problem 😂 Not sure I can keep up with two at a time but I love the idea of This one, also 💕 @alexiacristinaxo #Repost @shreeyoga with @get_repost
Please join us for a super fun yoga challenge to show our feelings associated with yoga poses that best matches the word of the day.
Dates: 26 February - 7 March
Olesya - @fit_yoga_girl
Shree - @shreeyoga
Crizia - @crizia_rn_yoga
Laura - @omniyogagirl
Line up-
Day 1 - Graceful
Day 2 - Balanced
Day 3 - Light
Day 4 - Relaxed
Day 5 - Powerful
Day 6 - Happy
Day 7 - Focussed
Day 8 - Creative
Day 9 - Elegant
Day 10 - Energized
Guidelines To Enter:
1) Repost This Flyer and use Hashtag #FeelingYogalicious
2) Follow All Hosts and Sponsors
3) Tag a couple friends to join
4) Post daily, hashtag
with all posts, and tag all hosts and sponsors so we know you are playing along.
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«Jaguar» (@jaguarsoham)

Resting on Sunday.
Some time ago I was unable to even think I could do pigeon pose, so never in my mind crossed the thought of sleeping pigeon. And now, after many days of practice I’ve finally reached this asana and now I feel pretty comfortable in it.
Never stop practicing and be patient with yourself, because you will achieve anything you want.
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Modern Organic- Yoga Cafe (@modern_organic)

GYAN MUDRA // The Mudra of Knowledge
and balances out the element of air. It Can increase memory, improve intellect, reduce anger, help relieve pain from headaches and connect us to the present moment. This week in KIRT’S classes, we’ll be using mudras throughout our flow and yin sequences.
Want to know more? Join us on the mat👌🏼

C. Taylor Ring (@taykingpics)

If I has to give up practicing yoga or teaching yoga what would I chose?
As I was compiling this schedule I have been contemplating my non-attachment practices and this question came up very powerfully for me. It’s taken on a new light being the director of a studio and guiding teacher training with the majority (thanks @lyft) of my income supported by these roles as a teacher. The amazing thing was that the more I thought about what I could do opposed to teaching, I smiled very comfortable in the knowledge that whatever role I’m playing, my commitment to my practice is unwavering. I may not teach forever, but I know that I will practice yoga as long as I live and that is one of the most comforting thoughts I’ve ever had❤️ have a great week yogis✌🏽


#karnapidasana intense upper back stretch

jennifer (@jennifer.trn_)

much needed yoga sesh after a long, tiring and painful week. #metime

Merlys Yogini/Fitness&Wellness (@yogasoy)

Kundalini yoga es para todo el mundo, eso dicen, solo se que es para el que dispuesto a recibir y aceptar los cambios de energía, emociones y reacciones que se producen con cada práctica. Es un reto contante que un Yogi se diga: yo si puedo y continuar con el proceso.
Kundalini yoga is a life changing exercises, asanas of transformation. Yoga Bhajan used to say that it is for everyone, I think is only for people that like to challenge them self and take the risk for transformation.
#40days #endofmychallenge #amdnowwhat #nabhikriya #kundaliniyoga #yogasoy #yogateacher #energiapositiva #yogapose

Miranda Arapakis (@mirandaarapakis)

Day 1️⃣2️⃣ of #LoveStruckAsanas is #Warrior3Pose, #Virabhadrasana IIl. I 💜 how this posture reminds me of the importance of balance. There are so many keys points in this posture. Two things I keep in mind while entering this posture is to be light as a feather and stiff as a board. Once I contract all my muscles at once, the grace and dance of the warrior begins. To feel a weightless lift and flow while balancing down to a letter T centers my mind instantly. Remembering to keep my chest and heart open while centering my hips and reaching my limbs so far apart from one another while keeping a calm gaze just straight ahead is a great balancing act. In the end not only are we balanced in our practice, but in our daily lives as well.
#AnOpenHeartIsAnOpenMind 💕Hosts: 💕@miranda.avidyogi@yogimegs@vanessaandreah@elisheva_yoga@mmaneevese💜Sponsors:💜@aloyoga@pranamat@malaessentials

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Kinda like Confucius Say? You know.

So this is my monthly reminder for y’all to try out @bulldogyoga. Also do your breast self-exam. But mostly @bulldogyoga. I mean clearly #BulldogYoga has many great qualities as outlined above. Plus once Aunt Cheryl finds out you are putting your ass in the air in public (forward fold in a room of uninterested yogis) you may be banned from the next family reunion and OK FINE BY ME AUNT CHERYL YOUR POTATO SALAD SUCKS.

Also swipe to see where that ridiculous face came from. A few months ago I saw #talkingMickey for the first time and nobody cared but me and HELLO STARSTRUCK! 🤩

Link in bio and use the code ALLYTROUT15% to get an additional 15% off the already discounted apparel and classes.

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