Pretty Rocks Brand (@prettyrocksbrand)

Our Logo Staple tee in black is available now for you to order and rock! Perfect for the pretties still in warm weather. Link is in the bio.

Pretty Rocks Brand (@prettyrocksbrand)

Pretty Rocks Brand Logo Staple Hoodie in white available now. Hit the link in the bio!

Yuli Yanti (@yuli9602)


Sukses itu harus melewati banyak proses bukan protes. Meskipun kenyataannya banyak hambatan dan kita sering dibuat stress, percayalah... Tidak ada jalan lain untuk meraih SUKSES, selain melewati yg namanya PROSES..

Pretty Rocks Brand (@prettyrocksbrand)

Pretty Rocks is a faith based brand, created in Miami by 4 ladies that realize just how priceless young women really are. Each one is like a diamond too unique and too precious to ignore, though many may feel like they are. Pretty starts from the inside out and every girl with every kind of pretty deserves to know it and show it. We, here at PRB, are willing to use some pretty creative ways to prove just that. Stay, laugh with us, cry with us, be inspired with us, grow with us and know with us that your pretty does rock!

emma_hermann_ (@emma_hermann_)

My life isn't perfect, but I sure am grateful for all the good at I do have now.
And I'm going to be strong to make my dreams come true and be happy for the rest of my life.
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Before you kiss someone for the first time-just wait.
Take a second to look at them. They are so new. So unfamiliar. Right now you don't know how they taste, how their hands will press against your skin. How they'll breathe.
You won't see them like this again.