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💥THROWBACK💥 Just three short months ago, when my tummy had my beautiful daughter inside! I can’t believe how big she is already - and how fast time has went! Now look 👀 she’s already laughing and sitting up 💋 and I am well in my way to my #weightloss #goals! KETONES ARE EASY!!!! YOU DRINK THEM 💧 YOU LOSE FAT 🍑 YOU GAIN ENERGY 🤙 GET RID OF BRAIN FOG 🧠 ANTY UP!!! 🖤KetoneWithNika Lovies!🖤 #yyc #yycfit #yycfitness #yycfitfam #yycmoms #yycmom #calgary #throwback #pregnancy #preggo #nowlook #getitmama

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The process of becoming healthy, strong, mental and physical clarity, and fat loss is one that I thought would take a lot longer than ❗️THIS FAST TRANSFORMSTION ❗️ trust in you, trust in the Ketones, and #Pruvit 🖤KetoWithNika Lovies 🖤 #yyc #yycmom #yycmommy #ketoosresults #pruviteveryday #pruvitresults #yycfit #calgary #calgaryfitness #calgaryliving #yycfitness #yycfitfam #yycfitmom #yycmamas #yycgirl #getit #weightloss #transformation #dontstopbelieving

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My #Yycfitness #pruvitresults #pruvit #ketoosresults results are literally happening overnight! Can you believe just 3 short months ago I had a big, chunky monkey baby in that tummy! Look at how trim it is now. I CAN THANK KETONES 🖤 KetoWithNika Lovies 🖤 #yyc #calgary #reslresults #yycmom #yycmommy #yychotmama #sexymommy #getitgurl

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🌸I’m doing this for my daughter, for my family, and lastly but most importantly, I’m doing it for ME! 💥 ••••••
Creating a life was thrilling. I loved my baby bump ❤️ I cherished every moment of my pregnancy! 🙆‍♀️ being a mom is the BEST job I’ve ever done ❗️❗️❗️❗️ every time she wakes up, day or night, tired or not I get up and I feel SO blessed and I am thrilled to spend every last moment with the happiest baby on the planet 🌎 ❗️BUT ❗️ #moms need to also focus on their health, their lifestyle, and their confidence! #yycmoms are busy, proactive mommies making things happen every moment of the day! #pruvitresults #pruvit #ketoosresults HAS CHANGED ME! I can truthfully 💯 say that I feel so powerful, so beautiful and truly as if I am watching a wonderful transformation in front of my eyes 👀 !!!!! •
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🖤 This #newmommy has found strength and confidence in the beautiful fit world of Theraputic Ketones 🖤 •
What are Ketones? 💥 #pruvit #pruvitresults #ketoosresults are the revolutionary way to throw your body into instant ketosis without starvation or strict diets! The #health benefits are INSANE! 🗣️ •
As a business owner, I literally don’t have time between my busy clinics - launching new branches - meetings - phone conferences - blah blah blah! OH🙆‍♀️ and I’m a mommy to a beautiful 3 month old darling princess 👑 💕 LIFE IS BUSY! I GET IT! 🤙 •••
But, then I found Keto//OS! I couldn’t believe how amazing I felt after each drink! BRING ON THE DAY! 💕 and you CAN feel like that too! •
This stuff is so safe and effective, even pregnant and nursing women can be drinking their Ketones! 😯😯😯 get out of town! ITS SAFE AND EFFECTIVE! Wow! •
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I am in COMPLETE awe. 😍😍😍😍
TEN DAYS!!!! 10 Pounds GONE!!
My whole life I’ve been pretty tiny! After having my most precious little baby girl I didn’t feel like I had bounced back as quickly as I wanted - BOOM 💥 10 pounds in just 10 days drinking my Ketones. No restrictions. WTF!
Those KETONES.... yeah.... I got em!!! 🙌🙌🙌
Who’s ready to follow in MY footsteps to get rocking results too??!!
. >> .
OR you can even order a full supply because everything on the site is 18% off right now through the 31st!!!! .
Can you benefit from any of these??
👉Better Mood
👉More Patience
👉Fast & Sustained Energy
👉Appetite Suppression 👉Strength Gain
👉Better Sleep
👉Better Digestion 👉Reduced Brain Fog
👉Muscle Preservation
This is not even a "weightloss" product!!! And its especially not a quick fix, people are seeing amazing results because weightloss is a SIDE EFFECT of losing cravings, reducing appitite and gaining energy from drinking these amazing TONES every day! .
Harnessing the power of the ketones is a gamechanger! Its like liquid GOLD. making eating the right foods EASIER. I have a full meal plan for you to follow with this and complete support! . 🖤 KetoWithNika lovies 🖤
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Hey! I’m Nika 🌸 I started my transformation with ketones right after my daughter was born in December 2017. 💫 becoming a mom was life changing! In so many beautiful ways! ☀️ however! Pregnancy took its toll on my tight fit body - and I missed my beautiful physique! 🔥 BOOM! 💥 I FOUND THERAPEUTIC KETONES! 🌬️ Now anyone that knows me knows I’m not the kind of person to sell you my stuff and force it down your throat like I’ve seen done with a billion other products ❌ nope! I own businesses and try not to even promote on my own personal pages (I don’t even think many of you knew I was a business owner, that’s how little I talk about things!) ❗️❗️❗️❗️ But when I found my confidence back with Ketones - it was undeniably the most special experience, done in a healthy way, that also •gave me TONS of energy (even as a new, sleep deprived mommy ) •cleared up my hormonal acne.... which killed my vibe all the time and made me wear tons of makeup! • helped me sleep so much better!
• gave me my life back! 🗣️🗣️🗣️ So as you can imagine I wanted to yell out OMG, THE HOLY GRAIL IS HERE FOR WEIGHT LOSS AND HEALTHY CHANGES! 💥💥💥 don’t pass on your health and your confidence, they’re knocking at the door 🚪 in a beautiful box labelled PRUVIT!!!!!!!!!!! •
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80/20 Hub - Coach Deb Sousa (@8020deb)

Our first day with our Smoothie and Waffle bar open! 💃🏻Come enjoy a healthy breakfast to start your day and support us 😍👩🏻‍🍳 Will be so excited to see you!
For our grand opening day (Mon 03/19) mentioned this post for a special 😉

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\\ Muscle Intelligence //
Chaturanga workshop
with Ning @healingyin
April 15th 4:30pm-6pm (Kensington location ) “We are what we repeatedly do.” – Aristotle
How many times do you practice Chaturanga in one class? In one week? In one month? Are you practicing Chaturanga with clarity and precision, or are you practicing your patterns? Is your approach to Chaturanga fostering a deeper understanding of your practice and yourself, or is it perpetuating your habits?
This workshop will teach you how to practice Chaturanga with greater clarity and ease. We’ll talk about the common pitfalls of Chaturanga and address the bad habits you may or may not know you’re repeating every single time you practice the pose. You will learn the alignment, mechanics, and anatomy of Chaturanga through fun exercises, creative prop variations, and intelligent sequencing. We’ll explore preparatory poses and modifications that will help you access Chaturanga in your unique body. Expect personalized attention and an in-depth understanding of how to use this challenging pose as a means to change your patterns.
$40 per person .
Picture : Amber
#yycyoga #calgaryyoga #yyc #calgary #yycfitness #yycliving #yycnow #calgaryfitness

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Breath: Inhale through center, Exhale to twist
Repetitions: 3 sets
Exercise: - Gaze forward - Seated with legs out straight and together - Feet flexed - Arms out to side and straight, palms face down - Pulse twice on the exhale to twist deeper
Modifications: - Bend knees - Sit with pelvis higher than legs - Decrease range of twist~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #marchmatness2018 #spinetwist #pilates #returntolife #contrology #movement #pilatesinstructor #pilateslovers #pilatesgirl #pilatesstrength #dailypractice #dailyworkout #wellness #yyc #yycnow #yycpilates #yycpilatesclasses #yycpilatesinstructor #yycfit #yycfitness #yycfitfam #fitfam #joblove #bowriver #calgary #polishgirl #movement #twist #spine

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Almost forgot to post our ZUMBA SUNDAY FUN from noon today! 😀❤️ Lose weight and have fun! Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Try something new. Don't be afraid to try. We are a fun and inclusive bunch at Free Spirit 😊FIRST 2 WEEKS UNLIMITED $40 or FIRST MONTH UNLIMITED $65 for brand new clients who have never been to the studio before. #freespiritdnc #freespiritdance #yycdance #yyczumba #yycfitness #zumbayyc #fitnessyyc #calgaryfitness #yycsunday #yycsundays #thingstodoyyc #thingstodoinyyc #yyc #yycwknd #yycweekend #yycnow #yyctoday #yycfitness #fitnessyyc #yycliving #yycfun #yyctoday @amira_zenlife

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Personal Training at MU takes your personal fitness to a whole other level!! The industries top trainers deliver personalized attention to you and your goals. Inquire about PT at Movement U today!! 💪🏽

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Time to give your body a reset? Start with going back to basics!⠀
+ Eat: Focusing on what you put into your body is the most important part of a cleanse. Set a goal to squeeze in 7–10 servings of vegetables (majority green) each day.⠀
+ Drink: Hydration is your very best friend when doing a cleanse. Not only will keeping your cups full help keep you energized, it will also allow your natural filters (think kidneys and liver) to work at optimal levels.⠀
+ Sleep: Our bodies use sleep as a time to repair and replenish, which is kind of the whole point of a cleanse, no? Don’t limit your own cleanse by skimping on the sleep – aim for a full night’s deep rest, every night.⠀
+ Sweat: Kick your cleanse into overdrive by working up a good, healthy sweat. Not only will vigorous exercise rev up your metabolism and help your body get back on track, it will also release endorphins so that you’ll be feeling good about yourself and your cleanse. #mondaymotivation

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From the outside my life looks chaotic! People are often confused, asking me "so what do you do again?!"
⚡️ Everytime, I have trouble answering. Am I defined by one thing? Should I listen to all the gurus and entrepreneurs our their who strongly encourage us to stick with one thing, niche down, specialize and be excellent?
⚡️ Honestly, I'm still figuring that out. But here's what I know. I'm freakin' unique and it's awesome. We all are. In this process of figuring it out, I'm at rest. Not busy. Not worried. God has designed a wonderful masterpiece, me, that is consistently developing and forming...
⚡️ For right now I consult, I love working with incredibly pioneering leaders who want to build a workplace culture that changes the game and boosts performance in their business.
⚡️ My degree is in Kinesiology, studying health, wellness and fitness. I love this part of my life. An ever-progressing journey towards a thriving life full of energy. You can catch me weekly at @kultyyc teaching. I also do private coaching for people who want get fit and have the energy they need, even with a crazy, busy schedule.
⚡️ I also get to be a musician, a dancer, q writer and that passionate guy who takes Jesus everywhere he goes, all around the world. I know this, there are no boundaries to God's love. He is the bomb-diggity and I have no problem shouting that from the rooftops. If you found the cure to cancer, would you hide it? Nope. My walk with God is far from "perfect." Most Christians, in fact, are doing most things "wrong," we aren't loving, kind, peaceful or strong. But that's not the point. The point is our pursuit of a relationship with the one who created us, who formed us and who's never given up on us, not once. His love casts our fear. If I become more like Him everyday, I'm pretty sure my life will work out pretty dang great!
⚡️ Well, didn't plan this post but here's the encouragement if you've gotten this far! Don't let anyone put you in a box or tell you what you can and cannot do. Be creative. Be wild. Live adventurously. And most importantly pursue the things you were created for, whether you know what they are or not! Find them and dive in deep.

Brittany Fuhr-Coish (@fuhryfitness)

Quick lift, ballet bun necessary.💁
3 lifts 5x5
Shoulder press
Squats -> last set in video, only hit 4 reps 😥 sometimes you gotta know when to call it.
Deadlifts ... then back home to run through dances and play makeup artist for daughter's dance.
#grinddoesntstop #momlife #dancemom #fitness #ymmfitness #yegfit #yegfitness #yycfitness #yycfit #igfit #igfitness #igdaily #bikini #bodybuilding #squats #liftheavy #canadianfitness #fitnesscanada #fitfam #fitfamcanada #girlswholift #bodybyscience #fitnesscompetitor #naturalathlete #ymmgymnation #fitspo #girlswhosquat #canadianbodybuilding

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Hotel gym workout for the win 👊 Loved the view (and the equipment) 😍 How do you keep active when travelling? #hotelworkout #latenightpost #soccerseasoniscoming

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My vision board ❤️ 🔀scroll🔀
Today was #day7 of the fabulous #fitandchic program by the inspiring @tarynfitandchic ❤️❤️
Today’s #activerestday was to do something active we don’t normally do - or haven’t done in a while. And it was to be FUN! ☺️
WELL - This mama didn’t have time to do anything spontaneous today, but I did get a good workout in - just not in an all fun way 😬...You see, we had a bit of cleaning today, and family shopping spree. Which - honestly - the family shopping is also a workout, and not an often thing 🤣
As mama to a #2andahalfyearold and a #14monthold - it’s a little harder to be spontaneous some days 😉
BUT we also went to a birthday party as a family yesterday, and did the #calgaryzoo last weekend as a family! So lots of cardio - and some fun in there ☺️💪
Now to work on doing some for just #memyselfandi💋 next time 🙏
#fitgirlsunite #fitfam #noexcuses🚫 #visionboard2018 #visionboard #dreamboard #photooftheday📷 #picoftheday📷 #igers #instadaily #instacool #yycfitness #yycliving #blogger #survivingsher #healthylivestyle #iworkoutforme 💪 #dosomethingforyou #girltribe #accountabilityisthekey #dreamscometrueifyoubelieve #womenempoweringwomen #tribe❤️

MartinR (@martin.r13)

You're capable of MORE than you think indeed. Easy to tell yourself i am tired.. once the pain occurs.... i am currently in a lean bulk for another 1 -1.5months. I do find its important to do some cardio and aerobic . Once per week. I am really trying to limit the amount of body fat i gain. I have learned from dirty bulks in the past where i ate everything and anything. Lol
Anyone else a hardgainer? How did you put on weight with lower body fat% gain?would love to hear?
Did a 15 min hiit on the treadmill
50 pushups (really felt strong afterwards)
Squats 50
Jump squats 50
Burpees 20

Kristina Wagner (@tahoola9)

I met my new nemesis at the gym tonight. I’ve been on a plateau for almost a month so had to switch up my cardio and find something new to challenge my body. So hello stair stepper!! Not sure if it’s good to have my heart rate that high, but I didn’t die!! Lol.
#workout #cardio #stairstepper #sweatyselfie #plateau #gymlife #strongereveryday #fitness #yyc #yycfitness #fitfam #goodlife #fitlife #switchitup #weightlossjourney #weightloss