one direction & zayn ✨ (@knightchanges)

so sorry for not posting yesterday it was my uncles birthday and we spent basically all day at the cemetery bc he passed away 2 months ago

🌈Larry (@ohnonail)

Nononono it can't be monday in 2 dayz I don't want my spring break to end

louis got the dagger 🐸☕️ (@tomlinson.hazz)

Mood cause Modest really think we're gonna buy that shit.... Louis is not that kind of jerk who cheats and get someone pregnant after a 4 year relationship and then gets a hottie gf and break up with her 1 year later to go back with his ex who is stupid and comes back for him after all that bullshit , nah that's not LOUIS TOMLINSON ! What El is gonna do , babysit the baby he got right after dumping her ass?? Funny . 👍


dm me for a fun time.