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🌹 Love Story Of Murat & Hayat Sarsılmaz 🍀Aşk Laftan Anlamaz ❤️ 🌟🌟 🌿BurakDenizHandeErçel🍃 ➡️@hanburperfection Best 👫🍫🔥🐦

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Many One Asking Where Will Got The Video Or Send me The Video.
sorry Its Impossible For Me 🙂To Send You The Videos.
I Told The Videos Is Available On YouTube.
So Today I Will Show You The Page.
Keep Eyes On Insta Story.
I Only Can Help You To Show A Live Video " How You Will Get Ask Laftan Official Videos "
I Am Tried Now , Need To Sleep 😔 So May Be At Morning 9 or 10am

HayMur❤️HanBur🌎BestChemistryEvr (@murathayat_fc)

M - Cold ?
H- Little Noting Serious
He Hold Her
M- Now ?
H- Better
By The Way Just Look The Way He Touched Her Cheek By His Cheek 🌷

HayMur❤️HanBur🌎BestChemistryEvr (@murathayat_fc)

They Believe Or Not It Doesnot Matter
They Feel Or Not It Doesnot Matter
True Will Be Always True .

Together Which Type Chemistry They Make With Anybody They Never Ever Will Do

HayMur❤️HanBur🌎BestChemistryEvr (@murathayat_fc)

Who Love To Watch #anime
The Most Perfect #cosplay Of #rias gremory #isse ymiyake Of highschooldxd

HayMur❤️HanBur🌎BestChemistryEvr (@murathayat_fc)

She Has Natural Glace Which Is Rare To Find Into EveryGirl. 😍😍😍
Her Rabbit Teeth,
Beautiful Lip & Beautiful Skin
She Is #fairy So That She Had Selected To Play Angelic Charecter As #HayatSarsılmaz
And Her Equal Competitor From Boy's Side Is Only #burakdeniz

HayMur❤️HanBur🌎BestChemistryEvr (@murathayat_fc)

I Am Very Happy After Seeing Recent Promo Because After Watching The Promo , I Am 100% Sure They Will Not Even Establish The Story Of #shameless.
Shameless Is Petty High Emotional Story Infact In Such A Point İn Shameless You Have To Think Like Really Shameless.
BizimHikaye Will Show Normal Story , The Streme Things Which Would Hit Human Emotion They Will Cut For Sure 😊 .
BizimHikaye Will Show A Girl Who Struggle For Her Family, In Her Life Come Her Love & Started To Slove Problem. Like A Love Story ☺️

But In Original Shameless Was Establishing
A Girl Who Is Straggling For Her Family.
The Specially In Shameless That
"Fiona- Girl Even Never Hazitated To Sleep With Anyone Exchange Of Money & And She Sold Dignity For Her Family. Even Did Much Lowest Things For Making Survives Her Family But When Love Came into Her Life, He Accepted Her That Way Stave/Jake " That Suffs Will Make You Unbearable 😢

That's Why - It Is Called Shameless. By The Way
Now I Am 100% Sure , That Will Not Go To Show This. They Will Totally Change The Main Story Theme
Here They Just Design The Situation Like Shameless But
Will Not Show That Level Of Sacrifice Like Fiona Did. 😀

Thank God Because Turkish Are Not Yet Grow Up To Be Like That Type Of Emotional Gear . 😄 And I Am One Of Like Them.

My Tv Remote Will Be Always On 60% For #burakdeniz Because Yet He Is My Murat . And 40% For #HazalKaya .
And Hazal Kaya Is A Very Good Actress.
So I Am Highly Hope For Best About This Show .Doesn't Matter How Much They Can Cut From Original Theme Of Thé Story.

All The Best For Entire Team 🎈🎁🎉🐝 #bizimhikaye #Barış