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MyLocRF (@mylocrf)

Gifting ideas— Rodan+Fields have so many gift ideas for everyone on your list, including YOU!⠀

These are just a few...

MyLocRF (@mylocrf)

This is one of our new products!!! Intensive Renewing Serum, is as close to prescription strength as you can get without a prescription. AND they have added a calcium buffer system so every skin type can use it! It it simply amazing! 20 times stronger than retinol!!⠀

Message me to get started today and start seeing results in 4 weeks! Just in time for Christmas. 😉
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MyLocRF (@mylocrf)

Makeup is optional....When you have skincare that works.

MyLocRF (@mylocrf)

Tip Tuesday ☝️✨💥

PORES 101: ⠀
Pores can get clogged with oil and dead skin. When this happens, they become distended because the surrounding collagen and elastin fibers get stretched (hence: enlarged pores). Here is an amazing combination to minimize your pores ⬇️⬇️⬇️

1. Intensive Renewing Serum contains RetinAl is the closest you can get to prescription Vitamin A! However, Vitamin A has always been highly unstable and irritable for the skin. THIS IS NOT! ⠀

RetinAl is also 20X STRONGER than retinol! TWENTY times... These doctors have developed our newest product, Intensive Renewing Serum, with RetinAl in a stable formulation that ALL skin types will be able to benefit from! ALL SKIN TYPES! EVEN SENSITIVE skin. This includes those of you on our SOOTHE Regimen!!! 🙌🏻

Best part?! It works FASTER than retinol, too. Expect to see results in 2 weeks with exponentially more visible results over retinol users in 4 weeks! ⠀

So, what does it do? It’s clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, tighten and firm skin, as well as reduce pore size. ⠀

2. AMP MD roller uses microexfoliating tips to remove small areas of dead skin cells to allow the powerful ingredients in the Intensive Renewing Serum to access the skin’s surface. ⠀

If you are looking to smooth, tighten, and completely transform the texture of your skin... I have just one question ... Are you ready to ROLL???⠀

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MyLocRF (@mylocrf)

Give yourself some love and break the cycle!! AMAZING innovative skincare that really does work!! Message me and begin your journey to clear flawless skin today!⠀

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MyLocRF (@mylocrf)

What? You haven't tried lash boost yet? 😮👀 You've got to try it!!! Simply incredible! Combine lash boost and our multifunction eye cream as a Christmas gift!! #allabouteyes #lashes

MyLocRF (@mylocrf)

On Sundays I like to share opportunity calls from my Rodan + Fields teammates!! Today, I am sharing Jennifer Vachelle Brown’s story. I love her testimony! She needed help with her skincare needs and then turned around and leveraged the business opportunity presented to her! ⠀

👉🏼 We’re ALL busy. Take 5 minutes to listen in. It may just be different from what you think! ⠀

What if this is the opportunity you didn’t even know you needed? ⠀

Link to CALL:⠀

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MyLocRF (@mylocrf)

Because the only #TurkeyNeck this #Thanksgiving should be on the dinner table... 😉

Find out for yourself why the #ampmdroller is the best spent minute in skincare! Msg me for a free 🎁 with purchase & let’s get rolling!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

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Makeover Monday!!⠀

FALL is here & it’s the PERFECT time to reverse that sun damage!! I love this before & after pic of my favorite regimen, REVERSE!!! Yes, these products really work and are the #1 skincare line in all of North America!!! ⠀

ALL of our products come with a full 60 day money back guarantee!!! Does your current skincare give you results like this?? If not, let's chat!! ⠀

#LoveYourSkin #TheSmileSaysItAll

MyLocRF (@mylocrf)

If you have stubborn dark marks or spots please zoom in on the first pic. Once upon a time (12 weeks ago) Kristian did, but not any more! ⠀
Don't just wash your face, TRANSFORM YOUR SKIN!!! There's only one product line that guarantees positive change.... it's time you let me introduce you to Rodan + Fields!!!!!

MyLocRF (@mylocrf)

Why would an Infectious Disease Doctor working 90+ hour weeks, making rounds at 8 hospitals, who was also a mother, and a wife to a Physician, ever do RF?⠀⠀

Why would a Financial Services Representative who had great benefits, quarterly bonuses, awesome hours, who loved her job and customers, start her RF journey after just having her first child?⠀⠀

And what would a wife, mother, and former college athlete, who loved the culture of a team and building others up, see in Rodan + Fields?⠀⠀

As you can see, all different backgrounds and careers but RF does not discriminate... Rather empowers any determined woman!⠀

Read each of our stories (listed above), and how R+F has been life changing for us all! Allowing us to become some of the top leaders in the company & to empower thousands on our teams to fulfill their callings!⠀

What could saying yes to R+F mean for you?⠀

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MyLocRF (@mylocrf)

College Students? Looking to earn an income alongside your studies? 🙋🏻

These two cute sisters, Makenzi & Cassidy, are two smart young ladies! When they were 19 years old, they realized that Rodan + Fields was an amazing opportunity. While in college, they launched their own skincare business, worked hard to build their own teams, and by May 2013, when they graduated, they were earning 6-figure incomes and one earned her ⠀
Lexus. Do you know how much they worked their Rodan + Fields business? 5-10 hours per week! Around their school schedules. You can too! This opportunity is too good to miss! Seriously, it’s a gift💗

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MyLocRF (@mylocrf)

I share R&F with you because It works. Because the products and company are helping so many people. ⠀
If you had a great meal at a restaurant or found something you loved, you would tell everyone right? ⠀
Well I want to tell you about these outstanding products that too might help you. ⠀

This is Megans story, another amazing result. ⠀

“I spent my 20’s as a sun worshipper and when I hit 30, it started to show. By the time I reached 35, my face was covered in Melasma. I was so embarrassed of all the dark spots that thick, heavy foundations became my best friend. The worst part was what I called my “sun stache.” The spots were so bad above my lip that from a distance, it looked like I had a mustache. I started to wear foundation even at the pool or the beach just to cover it up. I wouldn’t have dreamed of leaving my house without makeup on and I wouldn’t wash my face until it was bed time just so that the lights would be off. I even tried my best to hide my spot ridden bare face from my husband. ⠀

Thanks to Rodan+Fields, my life has changed. I noticed a difference in my skin with the Reverse Lightening after only 2 weeks. The spots began to drastically fade away and after a month of use….I am virtually spot FREE! No more “sun stache!” There is nothing like the freedom of feeling confident in your bare skin! I call it, “magic in a bottle” because I am truly amazed at how it has completely changed not only my skin but my life! Thank you R+F! I am forever grateful!”⠀

Megan says now she wears makeup for pleasure not to cover up. Thanks Megan for sharing your R+F testimony with us. 😊

MyLocRF (@mylocrf)

THIS is why our doctors say the AMP MD system is the BEST spent minute in skincare!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

Check out Carrie’s stunning results in less than 4 weeks!! Are you ready to firm up your skin & smooth out your fine lines and wrinkles?? Who is ready to #agebackwards ??? I’m here to help! 🤗

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MyLocRF (@mylocrf)

R+F is the "unicorn no one has heard of." Read full article here to see what the hype is all about! ⠀
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MyLocRF (@mylocrf)

If you have been following my Rodan + Fields journey and have been thinking about joining my amazing team or at least reaching out to learn more.⠀

"Thinking about it" is making you $0.00.⠀

Just think about that.⠀

My only regret is simply not jumping on board and running as soon as I heard about R+F! I sat on it for months before I took the plunge!⠀

There is a reason FORBES refers to this as a 3-5 year retirement plan!⠀

Why not learn what all the buzz is about? Supplemental or replacement income in just a few hours a week, from home. No inventory to manage, no deliveries, no parties, no hassle! What would an extra $x,xxx., $xx,xxx., or $xxx,xxx. a month do for you and your family? This is a reality today for those on my team who took that first step.⠀

If you turned your "thinking" into "doing", you would already be earning extra income! And if you choose to start before the end of November, you will be one month ahead of earning some Seriously AWESOME Cash Bonuses ($1,000) with our new SPARK Program!⠀

If I can do this, you can too!! I have and I'll show you how you can too!!⠀

If you've been watching and wondering. Then IT'S TIME TO TALK!!😍
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MyLocRF (@mylocrf)

Ok back to WHY @rodanfields are the #1 skincare line in the US!! .⠀

We went from a $300,000 company in 2014 to a 1 BILLION dollar company in 2016!!! why?? .⠀

Because our products work!! Because Dr Rodan and Dr Fields have found a way to bring dermatology straight to your doorstep. ⠀

Meet Terri Lynn Abbey... Another happy client! "This is this period of 9-1/2 months I've gained and lost over 50 pounds with my third baby and gone through a seriously awesome bought of hormonal acne as I do with every pregnancy...thankfully the Unblemish line fixed that and now I'm back to using Redefine in the am & Reverse with Amp MD in the pm along with Multi-Function eye cream ✨ nope, don't miss my spots Rodan+Fields does it again!"⠀

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MyLocRF (@mylocrf)

With proof like this AND a money back guarantee what do you have to lose?! Message me today 🙂 ⠀

MyLocRF (@mylocrf)

Does your skincare just smell nice or does it change your skin like this? 👇🏻

Clinically proven to change your skin is possible when you're using the #1 skincare in America. More than you think. 😉
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