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Have you been waiting to try Rodan + Fields?! Now is the time to join as a PC. New PCs who purchase a Regimen or Regimen Special will receive a full size Microdermabrasion Paste!! ⠀

What a sweet deal!!!⠀

Offer good now through February 28th! ⠀
Contact me today for more details.

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Props to fellow consultant Kimberly Ai for stepping way out of her comfort zone and sharing her own results. #ahamoment #realpeople #realresults This is what she had to say:⠀

"I had been using High-end brand skin care for years without any good results. But, because I was loyal and comfortable with the brand, I decided not to do anything and hope my skin will get better. My skin got worse… I finally decided to give Rodan and Fields a try with Reverse regimen and Active Hydration Serum. ⠀

With consistent use, I'm floored by these results and I wish that I had switched to R+F products sooner! Lesson learned! ( don't be like me, ok)."⠀

#ReverseAmpitUP #RFActiveHydrationSerum #putyourBESTfaceforward

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Thank you Linh.⠀

Look what my friend and teammate Linh Truong had to say about her father’s results!⠀

“I have my dad’s permission to share his results from Bright Eye Complex. Feel free to share away! Even tag me in it if you’d like. 😊

My parents were major skeptics when he first started. Two months came and my mom was talking to my dad and asked if he’d been using the cream nightly and he said yes! My mom laughed a little and told him that she still see his dark circles and puffiness! I whipped out my phone and took his after photo. Within minutes of putting his before and after photos side by side (right in front of them)...they were in disbelief to a state of shock. My mom asked me as soon as she looked at the photo...did you just photoshopped this?! I told her...No, I don’t know how to do any of that, not tech savvy at all (except for putting it into collages and into frames.)”⠀
Still thinking about it?⠀
Stop thinking about it and get it⠀
from me... it’s directly from R+F warehouse because I don’t stock products. I only have a website.

MyLocRF (@mylocrf)


Packed with Sugar, Salt, & Vitamins C+E, one of our all time faves MD paste is perfect for spa-like Skincare at Home. 🧖🏼‍♀️🛀🙌🏻 💕

From now until month-end, a FULL SIZE ‘jar of gold’ 💖 will be gifted to new customers purchasing regimens!! ($80 value!!)✨

#everyonelovesafreebie #RFmicrodermabrasionpaste #FREEgiftwithpurchase #softestskinever

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Check out my friend, Jhordice Munoz’s personal results! ⠀
“I can’t believe that I’m still prone to break outs at this age! I’ve always had oily skin but I didn’t get serious with any skincare regimen until I hit my mid 20s. I’ve tried so many different brands but none of them gave me the lasting results. My goal now is to be acne free and to have the younger looking skin for as long as I can. I’m so glad that I was introduced to R+F!”⠀

MyLocRF (@mylocrf)

What will your lashes look like in 8 weeks?⠀

I can hook you up! 😉

MyLocRF (@mylocrf)

This is why I love the Soothe regimen! ⠀

Consultant Kristen Classen shared this about her son:⠀

💚 This is my son Calen. He is 10 yrs old and suffers from Keratosis Pilaris, also known as Chicken skin. He kept asking me and begging me to get him the “face stuff”⠀
“Mom have you got my face stuff yet?”⠀
“Mom when are you going to get my face stuff”⠀
Constantly asking me and telling me please get it. Kids make fun of me mom. ⠀

Finally... Finally I was able to get him his face stuff and it has worked wonders! This is only 16 days worth of using the Soothe Regimen. Only 16 days! Isnt this amazing 😊

He is happy and I am happy! 💚

Soothe to the rescue again! 💚

MyLocRF (@mylocrf)

It’s another payday from my amazing side business. I love that I can work this business from anywhere, help people with their skincare needs, meet amazing people and get paid to do it. Can’t beat this deal! ⠀

So glad I joined this life changing business and I only regret not getting in on this soon! ⠀

Nothing happens if nothing happens! Make a change and join me in this business. You can be making extra income along with me!

MyLocRF (@mylocrf)

It won't happen overnight, but it can start tonight. What you put on your skin matters. And our Dermatologists have created a system that delivers results when used properly and consistently. ⠀
If YOU want to know how to receive similar results you know how to teach me!

MyLocRF (@mylocrf)

Is 50, the new 30???⠀
UNBELIEVABLE that she is 50!⠀
These results DO happen when you care about your skin enough to invest in the RIGHT products!⠀
(And actually use them!)⠀

Msg me for details!!

MyLocRF (@mylocrf)

Chuc Mung Nam Moi! Happy New Year. Wishing everyone a year of happiness, fortune and prosperity!

MyLocRF (@mylocrf)

This story is just amazing!!!!⠀

R+F has so many accounts of folks, yes, men as well as women, sharing their story! This is Alta! Her story is an inspiration as she was able to RETIRE from her 20 YEAR NURSING CAREER (and 12+ hour days).⠀

To learn more about Alta's story and journey with R+F, read on and click on the link to the video below:⠀

Here's Alta's R+F product story:⠀

"As much as I cringe at my "before" pic I am blown away when I look at my transformation! Those of you who don't know my journey, I struggled with extremely sensitive skin and eczema for years! Then in 2014 my eczema was so severe on my face that it landed me in the ER, hospitalized on benadryl I.V.⠀

My skin issues consumed & hindered my daily life. I missed a lot of work, I couldn't exercise and I was overall miserable. My Dr's continuously prescribed heavy meds and aggresively treated me with oral and topical steroidal therapy which ruined, aged and discolored my skin. Every month I was spending $500+ on meds, estheticians, cover up make-up and dermatologist. I was in desperate search for an over the counter clinically proven product in order to stop using such aggressive medications on my face.⠀

So!... My R+F journey started when I saw a FB post while in the hospital about the SOOTHE Regimen for sensitive, irritated skin. I used SOOTHE for 2 months and said goodbye to steriods ever since! After my eczema was under control, I wanted to target my dullness, scars and wrinkles! That's when the fun stuff started happening! I started on REVERSE for my uneven skin tone in the morning (Gave me my glow back) REDEFINE with the Roller at night for the wrinkles and firm everything back up (Amazing!) Eyecream 2xs/day (Bye Bye dark circles and eyebags!) At 4 months into R+F, I've become Foundation Free!⠀

AND! Since starting R+F I've spent:⠀
-$0 on Dermatology Appointments⠀
-$0 on Esthetician Appointments⠀
-$0 on Prescription strength meds on my face⠀

2014 pic- I had powder , liner, mascara and gloss⠀
2017 pic on the right is my "naked" face.⠀
2018 pic- liner, mascara, mineral peptide powder , gloss⠀

Let’s get started on your before and after! ⠀
Message me....lets chat 😉

MyLocRF (@mylocrf)

Ok here is something to think about. 🤔🙌❤️🙏

1. Worst-case scenario: ⠀
You order a Rodan + Fields business kit and end up with the max discount on the fastest-growing and #1 Skincare line in North America, giving you your best skin!⠀

2. Best-case scenario: ⠀
You OPEN your Rodan + Fields business, work it around the rest of your crazy busy life (EVERYONE is busy) #workethic
👉End up debt free⠀
👉Have residual income even during a disaster ⠀
👉Pay for sports equipment, dance classes or music lessons⠀
👉Have time with your kids ⠀
👉Cover a car payment and/or a mortgage payment⠀
👉Be your own boss⠀
👉Work with some pretty fun and supportive women and men ⠀
👉You even have a 60-day money back guarantee!⠀

So . . . the question here is why not?? Or the REAL question is what if?? ⠀
#bettertogether #whatif #lifechangingskincare #skincare

MyLocRF (@mylocrf)

Skin, lashes, brows... ✔️✔️✔️

The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll see resullts. The products work. Period.

MyLocRF (@mylocrf)

Nothing to lose except dark puffy bags, crows feet, and those pesky fine lines.

MyLocRF (@mylocrf)

Meet Danielle Cohen. She is a wife and mom of two young boys. She left her career behind to start a family and quickly found herself stuck. She started this opportunity to afford little things for herself and her boys while staying at home but was able to create a financial safety net for herself when she REALLY NEEDED IT. ⠀

Click below and listen to her story. Then contact me with your questions and let’s talk!⠀

MyLocRF (@mylocrf)

It’s not magic, it’s R+F 🌟 This is Jenna Blackley’s story behind her transformational results:⠀

“Pregnancy was hard on me. So much so that when I think about having another baby, I think about what a toll it put on me and my body (so worth it though, gimme all the babies! 🤰🏻👶🏻😍) One thing that changed drastically during pregnancy was my skin. I dreadfully developed the ‘mask of pregnancy,’ aka melasma around my eyes, on my forehead, cheeks and upper lip. ⠀

I thought for sure I would have to wait until I finished having kids to laser it off at a dermatology office. And then I started using Rodan + Fields. 🙌🏼 8 months of washing my face (something I always did anyway, I just clearly wasn’t using the right products) and my skin is glowing! ✨ ...I have so much more confidence not wearing makeup these days! #thanksrf #reverseforthewin”⠀

There are two REVERSE regimens depending on your skin type...if this resonates with you let’s chat about which one may be right for you 🙂 #byebyemelasma #hellolashboost #numberoneforareason #RFGlow

MyLocRF (@mylocrf)

Meet former NFL player Michael Archie, he was a Penn State tailback and Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans running back. His wife Crystal was a stay-at-home-mom of 5 until Michael's career was unexpectedly cut short by an injury. ⠀

Enter...Rodan + Fields. “Being home with my children is what is most important to me, but I was also desiring personal fulfillment on another level. And now I get the best of both worlds. I get to be at home with my children and be a business owner which provides an incredible income for my family.” - Crystal Archie⠀

Through this business, Michael and Crystal Archie have adopted a child from Ethiopia, helped sponsor several others from Uganda and Haiti, AND he got some awesome results with the Reverse regimen. 🙂 Here's their beautiful family now! #WinWin

While we hope we never have to consider a plan B, you never know what could happen and the wives of many pro athletes have also seen the opportunity of partnering with the #1 skincare brand in North America.

MyLocRF (@mylocrf)

Congrats on your Level 1 promotion Theresa Nguyen! ⠀

She took no time at all to hit her promotions after joining in December! Way to rock this business bossbabe! I love that we are in this amazing business together!

MyLocRF (@mylocrf)

💝 VALENTINE’S DAY 💝 is quickly approaching!⠀

Not sure what to get her or him?! YES! Men too! 👇🏼

Give the gift that keeps her lashes longer than chocolates & flowers. ⠀
💥 Also available in our promo bundles up to ~30% savings!