Artist behind 'Artteefied' (@artteefied) [similar]

Artist behind 'Artteefied' (@artteefied)

- So here’s a review of the phone cover I just got 🙈 I wanted a caricature phone cover of me and my husband, so I searched and came across this page #FarihaMadeIt.. I shared a picture of us.. I told her what I’ve got in mind and what I expect lol I wanted “Lobster & Kittie” written on it with a black background and bright red lipstick on me 🙈 😂.. she did 2 revisions of the initial sketches, I asked her for the changes and she happily changed it.. She delivered it in a weeks time.. it cost me 2500 for an iPhone 6S Plus cover.. for more, you can visit her page and ask for the prices... #iphonecover #farihamadeit #handmade #kittienlobster #happycustomer