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Hey baby! I think I wanna marry you 💍💍 #Proposal

@mrdeesmusic - She Said YES💍

First of all i now totally understand that the race is not actually for the swift or the wise, but He shows mercy and Blesses those who dare to believe in HIM #nopreaching #justfacts

I see things differently ever since i met my Queen, my Sierra Leone Jollof, She is the Sweetest heart i know, my best FRIEND,i became her friend by choice and i fell in Love with her uncontrollably and look how far we've come, i am grateful for Her each day and i promise to cherish,protect and Love you forever Mimi.

Thanks to the amazing people thank planned this with me in less than 72hours
Pastor ELIJAH,BISOLA,Keji,Faith,Tim,Kayode,Xtian,Joyce,Sally, you guys are amazing

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Preweddings Nigeria (@preweddings_nigeria)

when you bring up past mistakes and errors of your partner or spouse in a relationship it creates a feeling of futility which will ruin efforts made to make a relationship work. Try to handle each conflict as an isolated event, doing this you are able to leave the past behind so as to discuss ways to proceed and its more than likely to have the most productive outcome of a conflict. Try this and you will see a drastic change in the conflicts that come up in you relationship.

Preweddings Nigeria (@preweddings_nigeria)

@Regrann from @eva_blazin_ - 💍Words can not be put together to give a detailed descriptive essay of how excited I am, and how excited I will be.
Who would have thought that a love like ours will last a lifetime.
In the rise and fall of the tide, you've always given me a shoulder to lean on.
All i wanted for the evening was a big plate of Mexican salad, a drink, and home but you turned it around and made it a date in history.
I've always craved for a love so deep the ocean will be jealous and You - my love. My King. My partner in crime. My bestie. You gave me that love and more. You stole my heart. But I'll let you keep it😆. ''So it's not going to be easy. It's going to be really hard. We are going to have to work at this everyday. But I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you forever. You and me everyday - Ryan Gosling''. #shesaidyes 💍😍🙏.