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Vivek Sharma (@happylifephotographyy)

Sunset here is hypnotism
Today's most needed ride to this spot, during long day shift at the @naturetwinscafe and after continue interaction with various beings you always need some time for self observation.
Words are less pain when only eyes talks and energy interacts.
Your space around you tastes bitter and non less but your own blood becomes poisoned. You always need some detoxification.
Sunset remind me of coming months now as already tourist season going down and tourists are leaving the town towards south. No more people to see, no new experiences to hear, no more stories and ofcourse no work for next 4 months.
What to do, what to do? Where to go? Alone? Ohh mind is already addicted to so many people around and heart is free after no work boundaries now. Staying at one spot from 7am to 12pm at 15 meters space is quite a big exercise continue from six months 31 days without off.
Heart is bouncing and wants to fly away but mind is almost molding into habits, legs are starving to run but blood is cold.
This is one of its kind of experience I am having these days.
Love is so far but strangers are always around.
What to do, what to do, where to go?
Majestic sunset
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