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Laura Dittrich (@fashionlandscape)

Anzeige | Personally, as a blogger/creative, who mostly works from 6 in the morning till night, for me it’s almost impossible to shut off my brain before bedtime, particularly because I’m constantly thinking of new content to create and post. Watching my favorite series (Big Bang Theory) or exploring new films on my couch cozy cuddling with hubby is not only my own way to relax and wind down and to spend quality family time together. The vast majority of respondents aged 18-65 on a @bangolufsen (a.k.a. la crème de la crème of state-of-the-art TV designs or like I like to call it: the Charles Eames of electronic devices) study in Germany, Denmark, UK, and USA describe TV as a “good way to relax“ and as ”quality family time“ after a long day of work or school.
Why? You get to laugh (or cry), discuss, or comment regarding your common daily experiences if you relate to what’s going on in the screen. In the era of smartphones, where everyone lives dispersed in their own little world watching/doing something of their own choice, TV has proven to be timeless as it still unites loved ones. How about you guys? Do you also consider TV-time a part of your family time? Do you, like me, watch TV to relax? 📺 #advertisement #bangolufsen #tvtime #familytime❤️ #videoclip #interior_design #scandinavianinterior #interiorandhome #fbloggers #fashionbloggers #fashionblogger_de #blogger_de #modeblogger #modeblogger_de #homedecoration #interiorstyle #minimalstyle #minimallove #minimalove #stateoftheart #technology #tvshows