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@finnbilous wanders his way into the Gucci store on this one 🚀 📽️️: @marcusskin (@newschoolers)

@skimanguy with a FKN heater on Pep's Cliff 😇 @on3pskico (@newschoolers)

@lsmconnected - "Hey girl, I'll nose block your box if you lipslide my rail." Her-"How good are you?....😱😱😱" (@newschoolers)

When you go as hard as @shaq_finn does, you're going to be taking some gnarly slams 🏥 📽️️: @gavinrudy @haveycity (@newschoolers)

@kilbride95 with this butterlicious heart clogger 💓 📽️️; @patlusty (@newschoolers)

Kid looking for skis in his local shop - "How's the flex on these whips?" *shows him @alexhallskiing* Kid - "Take my f*cking money 💰" (@newschoolers)

Few do it better than @daletalkington ♨️ 📽️️: @nastynapes | Pt. 2 of these throwback bangers coming later this weekebd (@newschoolers)

Really fucking rad dub shifty drawing✍️✍️✍️ 📽️️: @suicidalfratboy (@newschoolers)

The identity crisis that started it all? 🤔 @stevestepp 📽️️: @4bi9media (@newschoolers)

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@coryiyoob with the X-TREME slide to switch ❌❌❌ (@newschoolers)

Check out the rad new KULKEA Micro Pack in the bio. From ski to hike and bike, this pack has @jbfreeski's back & your's too. @kulkea #micropack #lessismore #kulkea #befree #skigear #backpack (@newschoolers)

@mrbriggles stomping the shit out of this one 🔩🔩🔩 📽️️: @anel_mandela (@newschoolers)

"You're going to get hurt" -random guy that's never met Freed before @squiddythepiffkid @thehoodcrew69 (@newschoolers)

@realskifi got us thinking about Monday already 🤕