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Facebook has always been there to harvest your data and sell it.

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Kim DotCom spoke out against the Deep State in a rare interview this week.

The YouTube video is going viral and was promoted by Julian Assange.

Kim DotCom believes Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett are running a shadow government against the Trump administration from their DC bunker.

On Sunday Kim DotCom warned President Trump to strike back against Mueller where it hurts or be destroyed.

Kim DotCom retweeted President Trump earlier tweet on the Mueller probe.

Kim DotCom urged President Trump to act against Dirty Cop Robert Mueller.

Kim DotCom to President Trump: You have the power to declassify everything!

Who could have predicted this?
That Kim DotCom would be offering advice to Donald Trump!

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No one has ever been charged for this mysterious murder of the DNC staffer in Washington DC.

Sitting down with Butowsky, we discussed Rich’s $56 hard drive, lawsuits and legal threats, why the family doesn’t want to talk about WikiLeaks and much more.

The lawsuit filed in the Federal District Court in Manhattan. It names Butowsky, Fox News and their reporter Malia Zimmerman. The complaint alleges that Butowsky manipulated the grieving family into hiring Rod Wheeler as a private investigator to create a false narrative that he would later feed to Zimmerman.

Butowsky explained that contrary to the claim, he had no real interest in the case until his friend came back from London with information that he said he wanted to get to the Rich family. He took to Facebook asking if he knew anyone Jewish in Nebraska, in the off chance they may know how to reach them. Someone responded and amazingly knew Mary and Joel Rich, the slain staffers parents. “I got them on the phone and I shared with them the information that this man had wanted them to know. What I told them was that I was told that your sons downloaded the emails from the DNC server and sold them to WikiLeaks,” Butowsky stated. “Mr. Rich said, and I didn’t see him — it was over the phone, ‘Ed, we already know that. That’s not new information to us.’” Seth’s brother, Aaron Rich, works in cyber security for Northrup Grumman, which was named as the fifth-largest defense contractor in the world in 2015.

Butowsky went on to say that Mr. Rich told him that he only wanted to focus on who killed their son and not on the DNC, emails or WikiLeaks.

Towards the end of the phone call, Butowsky said that Mrs. Rich asked him to please let them know if he learns any additional information about the case.

It has long been speculated by many on both sides of the anti-establishment aisle that the murdered data analyst was behind the 44,053 DNC emails and 17,761 email attachments published by WikiLeaks during the 2016 election, which exposed a massive plot to undermine the campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders. The liberal media has repeatedly claimed this theory is “debunked,” yet nobody has been prosecuted for the leak to p

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It’s no secret that Facebook is shutting down traffic to conservative websites.

Tech Giants Google and Facebook are currently purging conservative content from Facebook and YouTube — They are hiding conservative stories on Google — They are shadow-banning conservative news on all social media.

In February Facebook launched a new algorithm to ensure that conservative news would not spread on the social media platform.

This was after Facebook announced it was losing 50,000,000 user hours a day in the previous quarter.

The algorithm change caused President Donald Trump’s engagement on Facebook posts to plummet a whopping 45%. In contrast, Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Bernie Sanders (I-VT) do not appear to have suffered a comparable decline in Facebook engagement.

Top conservative Facebook pages with daily traffic in the millions have seen 75% to 95% drop in traffic.
Young Cons, Western Journalism,, Independent Journal Review, Right Wing News, and several others have seen dramatic loss in traffic.

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In 2016 we were one of the few conservative sites that supported candidate Trump – along with Breitbart, The Drudge Report, Infowars, Zero Hedge and Conservative Treehouse. We are proud of our efforts to report the truth that led to Trump’s historic win.

In 2017 Harvard and Columbia Journalism Review found that The Gateway Pundit was the 4th most influential conservative news source in the 2016 election.

Because of this we were targeted and have seen our numbers related to Facebook and Twitter decline dramatically.

The Gateway Pundit does not rely on Facebook for our traffic numbers.

Still, we saw a significant drop in Facebook traffic in the last month.
And this past weekend Facebook shut down our traffic stream from the social media platform.

This is corrupt, if not criminal, behavior.

Meanwhile, liberal sites are doing fine.

On Sunday a former Obama campaign official admitted that

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Earlier today investigative reporter Cassandra Fairbanks at The Gateway Pundit posted our interview with Texas businessman Ed Butowsky.

Our interview followed the news on Tuesday that the attorneys for the Seth Rich family sued Ed Butowsky and FOX News for alleged conspiracy theories over the murder of their son Seth Rich.

No one has ever been charged for this mysterious murder of the DNC staffer in Washington DC.

Sitting down with Butowsky, we discussed Rich’s $56 hard drive, lawsuits and legal threats, why the family doesn’t want to talk about WikiLeaks and much more.

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Later today Kim DotCom tweeted out the TGP-Butowsky interview and included this warning for the Deep State: Watch this in-depth interview with Ed Butowsky about the Seth Rich case. Why do Hillary Clinton, her lawyers and DNC invest so much energy to cover-up the truth? Because the fake Russia story and Muellers deep state witch hunt of Trump end with Seth Rich.

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#NeverTrump Senator Jeff Flake told a New Hampshire audience that maybe the Republican Party does not deserve to lead.

Flake is not alone.
Republican leaders, including Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, have frequently lectured Republican President Donald Trump on his words and actions

Now this…
Speaker Paul Ryan is set to pass the second largest spending bill in US history next to Barack Obama’s trillion dollar failed stimulus.
The budget funds all of the Democrat priorities but will unlikely fund the Trump border wall.

The bill will also funnel billions of dollars to Obamacare markets.

It is almost as if they don’t want to win the majority again in 2018…
Being in the majority takes away one of Congressional GOP leaders’ favorite excuses for screwing over their constituents back home.

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Conservative residents in Orange County, California, a wealthy enclave in Southern California just south of Los Angeles, are furious after supervisors voted to spend over $70 million on permanent housing for the homeless.

Even worse, homeless people may be temporarily housed in tents inside three Orange County cities including Laguna Niguel, Huntington Beach and Irvine.

The Orange County Register reports:

Supervisors voted Monday for Orange County to spend $70.5 million on permanent housing for the homeless, and to create temporary homeless camps in Irvine, and possibly in Huntington Beach and Laguna Niguel.

The vote comes a week after supervisors committed $20 million toward permanent housing for the homeless. The combined $90 million is likely the single largest appropriation ever committed by the county to fight homelessness, and signals a shift in the county’s strategy to solve the growing issue.

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The decision came as supervisors admitted that they’ve failed to spend money that’s been available for homeless housing – tens of millions of dollars technically earmarked for mental health funding. Supervisors said they’d been misled by county staff as to what resources were available, though news reports for at least two years have pointed to the availability of up to $186 million.

Staff will advise supervisors in the coming weeks about how the county can acquire land or renovate buildings. It’s unclear when actual construction, or acquisition of housing, might begin.

For homeless advocates, the vote was a welcome surprise. “It’s really great to see the county finally… take steps to ending the housing crisis in Orange County,” said Brooke Weitzman, an attorney who this year sued the county on behalf of the homeless.

Monday’s vote emerged from negotiations in that ongoing lawsuit, which targeted the county’s efforts to dismantle the homeless encampments along the Santa Ana River Trail. As part of an agreement in that case, the county in February moved nearly 700 people to local motels for 30-day stays.

But as motel vouchers began to expire on Friday, and the county prepared to move peop

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Speaker Paul Ryan is set to pass the largest spending bill in US history next to Barack Obama’s trillion dollar failed stimulus.

President Trump spoke on Monday about the importance of the border wall with Mexico to enhance national security and battle the opioid crisis in America.

But once again it is unlikely that funding for the border wall will be included in the spending bill.
Democrats don’t want it.
So it is unlikely Ryan will include it in the bill.

Planned Parenthood and funding for sanctuary cities will be included in the bill.

Politico reported:

Congressional leaders and top White House officials are clearing the way for a massive $1.3 trillion spending bill, scrapping several last-minute attempts to tack on controversial policy riders ahead of a Friday deadline to fund the government.

Trump administration and Hill GOP sources say the new spending package is unlikely to include legislation shoring up Obamacare’s insurance markets. One White House official called it a “heavy lift” — even as President Donald Trump made a last-minute push Monday to include the provision in the legislation.

The president also asked GOP leaders over the weekend to include a short-term patch shielding Dreamers from deportation for 2.5 years in return for $25 billion in wall funding. But Democrats — whose votes are needed for passage — balked at the idea, and Republicans appear ready to drop it.

Roughly $900 million in transportation funding for a massive New York-New Jersey infrastructure project is also expected to get sidelined because of Trump’s veto threat on the so-called Gateway Project. Gone too are conservative demands to defund Planned Parenthood or cut off money to sanctuary cities that protect undocumented immigrants.

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Saudi Arabia’s soon to be King, Prince Mohammad Bin Salman has purged the ones who has financed world terror, financed Obama’s college/ campaign, and oppressed women. Good for him.

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Probably sexting the 15 y/o he is in prison for.
Disgusting Anthony Weiner

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( - The Internal Revenue Service in 2011 through 2016 documented more than 1.3 million cases of identity theft perpetrated by illegal aliens whom the IRS had given Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITIN), which are only given to people who are ineligible to work in the United States or receive Social Security Numbers, according to information published by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA). However, in response to inquiries from, the IRS could not say if it had referred even one of these cases for criminal prosecution.

TIGTA, which is the inspector general responsible for overseeing the IRS, discovered another approximately 1.2 million cases in 2017 in which an illegal alien working in the United States had filed a tax return reporting wages that had been earned using a Social Security Number that belonged to someone else or was fabricated.

Yet the IRS also could not say whether it referred any of these cases for criminal prosecution. (To see the questions asked the IRS, TIGTA and the Justice Department about these cases and the agencies’ responses to those questions click here.) 'Shall Be Guilty of a Felony'

Using a stolen or fake Social Security Number is a felony. “The Social Security Act,” TIGTA has noted, “provides that whoever, with the intent to deceive, falsely represents a number to be his or her SSN when, in fact, that number was not assigned to that person, shall be guilty of a felony and subject to a fine, imprisonment, or both. This includes using a false SSN to obtain employment.” When processing individual tax returns, according to reports filed by TIGTA, the IRS ordinarily encounters two types of identity theft. One involves what TIGTA calls “refund fraud” and the other involves “employment-related fraud.”

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Hillary Clinton keeps saying things in public and reminding a weary nation why we've never elected her president. She's a (barely) walking, talking gaffe machine, and now even her staunchest defenders are starting to demand a rebate.

Last week she got into big trouble for saying the following, with the full knowledge that she was in front of TV cameras and speaking into a microphone:

If you look at the map of the United States, there's all that red in the middle, where Trump won. I win the coasts, I win Illinois, Minnesota, places like that. But what the map doesn't show you is that I won the places that represent two-thirds of America's gross domestic product. [SCATTERED APPLAUSE] So I won the places that are optimistic, diverse, dynamic, moving forward. And his whole campaign, Make America Great Again, was looking backwards. You didn’t like black people getting rights, you don't like women getting jobs, you don't want to see that Indian-American succeeding more than you are. Whatever your problem is, I'm gonna solve it.
The reaction to this quintessentially Clintonian statement was not what Hillary expected, because she lives inside a protective bubble of self-delusion and won't listen to anybody on the outside. Even her fellow Democrats are now begging her to shut her stupid trap and stop making life tougher for them: