♚ Haѕeĸι Ayşe Sυlтaɴa ♚ (@aysesultanacl) [similar]

Haѕeĸι Del Sυlтáɴ Mυrad IV Madre de Aнмed👦Haɴzade👧Kaya❤️ Reғlejo De Uɴa Dυlzυra Qυe Acaвa Cυaɴdo Se Crυzaɴ Eɴ Mι Caмιɴo😈 I'м Qυeeɴ 👑 I'м Faвoloυѕ 👯 🇨🇱

♚ Haѕeĸι Ayşe Sυlтaɴa ♚ (@aysesultanacl)

Goddess, wonderful, beautiful ♡ @leylaferay


♚ Haѕeĸι Ayşe Sυlтaɴa ♚ (@aysesultanacl)

This is for you my little pathetic new friend lifeless @martaa.04_
Let me say that I love that you took the time to take photos and send them to you personally
I love that you have so much free time in your poor life that you do that kind of thing
sweetness, keep pending of my publications that I will not stop
that's why I want to dedicate this beautiful photo to you that you will love
With Love Ayse beautiful, wonderful, goddess, Sultana ❤️