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BerMa Skin & Body ­čĺő (@berma_beauty)

The Skin Script Rx Oily Skin Kit gets to the root of oily skin, using seven products to reduce excess oil and inhibit over-production to promote a clear complexion with less frequent and severe breakouts. ­čŹĆBenefits

Tones the skin for a smoother, pore-free appearanceExfoliates the skin for a smooth complexion with a youthful luster while promoting the skinÔÇÖs natural regeneration processBrightens the overall tone of the skin while lifting away discoloration and hyper-pigmentationInfuses the skin with hydration for lasting benefitsPromotes the natural healing process

BerMa Skin & Body ­čĺő (@berma_beauty)

The Skin Script Rx Moderate Acne Skin Kit is perfect for those who suffer from moderate acne. It includes seven amazing products that work synergistically to promote a clear complexion ­čŹĺBenefits­čŹĺ

Balances problematic skin for a blemish free complexionPromotes the long term clarity of the skinRemoves excess oil from the surface of the skin while regulating sebaceous gland activity to prevent overproduction of oilSoothes active lesions to reduce their appearance and visible lifeBrightens the overall tone of the skin for a more radiant lookImproves the health and vitality of the skin from the inside outSeven amazing Skin Script Rx products at one low price

BerMa Skin & Body ­čĺő (@berma_beauty)