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Helping service-based entrepreneurs ready for growth who want to increase their clients & stand out from their competition.

TYE MILES (@thetyemiles)

[Client Testimony]

Speaking highly of yourself is good.  Others speaking highly of you and your brand is even better!

Read what my client had to say about out 1 on 1 consultation.
Had lunch with this Powerhouse Tye Miles on yesterday!!! What an Awesome Empowering lunch!! I'm even more Excited about taking my business to the next level⬆️

Tye said, "My Network is my Net Worth"! My biggest take away from our meeting was "You don't have to have a Degree to operate in your Purpose"- The Tye Miles 👏

So glad I get to do life with you and call you my friend!!! Tye is such a Knowledgeable and Talented Powerhouse!

TYE MILES (@thetyemiles)

Time and Money is NOT key factors in whether or not you succeed or fail.

We each get 1 life and 24 a day! When you add DRIVE.....a vicious motivation to succeed, DISCIPLINE.....a specific set of rules and boundaries you create for yourself to win and DILIGENCE.....the ability to keep going in the face of setbacks to the resources you have whether small or great....YOU WILL BECOME UNSTOPPABLE & SUCCESS IS INEVITABLE!

TYE MILES (@thetyemiles)

You should have been here!!! I dropped some gems today in a room of service-based entrepreneurs to include Coaches, Speakers, Accountants and Beauty Professionals. They learned how to attract 100% of the right people that Pay & Stay.

TYE MILES (@thetyemiles)

So many of you are waiting for your time to come.  You tell yourself things like..... it's going to get better.....It's not my season yet....One day I will get there.

But why not now? Why not today?

You have the POWER TO CHOSE how long you stay in situations.

You have the ability to change your circumstances starting with your mind, words and action.

Take baby steps if you have to.....baby steps are still BIG action.

Whatever it is you are accepting as ok....Stop it....especially if you feel within yourself that you are capable of more.

God has finished a great work within you. NOW is your time and turn to take what's on the inside and nurture it to life.

We Each Have The Ability To Increase Our Own Having Level!!

TYE MILES (@thetyemiles)

When God Upgrades You....Weekend Shenanigans with these #BossBabes @queenofroots and @ebonichaise.

TYE MILES (@thetyemiles)

The transformation is not free.

It will not be easy. You will be tired. You will be frustrated. You will figure it out. You will work your whole butt off. You will be rewarded. BUT first know that it will be inconvenient.
No one gets a pass on the process!! Double tap if you feel me👊💚

TYE MILES (@thetyemiles)

Hi there!  I have noticed quite a few new followers. I wanted to take the time to introduce myself and reintroduce myself to some.

I'm Tye.  I'm a faith-filled wife, mother of three, sister, friend and boss.  I am a Serial Entrepreneur, Business Mentor, Speaker and Author (MOMPRENEUR usiness, Babies and Balance). I work with frustrated service-based entrepreneurs ready for growth who want to increase their clients and standout from their competition by identifying what makes them unique.

I have 15 years as a successful service-based business owner.  I have grown 2 successful multi six-figure businesses from scratch and currently building my 3rd  business & life coaching practice.

I haven't always been successful.  When I first started my career as a hairstylist I failed horribly.  I could barely afford my $75 weekly boothrent. I failed because I relied solely on my talent alone without any strategy. I considered going back to an 8 to 5 but before I did I sought help, however, all I received was a turned back. So I headed to the library and the internet to create a plan.  I must admit I didn't know if the strategies I put together would work......but with hardwork and consistent I hit 6 figures in 7 months.  These strategies are the core of both group programs I offer.

I am a proud teen mom who navigated through depression and disappointment that found the strength to re-create herself through mindset, strong faith and discipline to become a serial entrepreneur. I know what it is like to be broke, bankrupted, lose cars, home, family, friends and take risks for the sake if my dream.  I also know what it is like to use each of those adversities as ammunition to WIN.

When I am not helping my clients create a  fulfilling life doing what they love I enjoy spending time with my family, running, reading anything that feeds my entrepreneurial spirit and cultivating my spirituality.  I also love speaking to women on topics of overcoming low self-esteem, confidence and how to discover their purpose.

Two thing that may surprise you is that I do not watch television & I wear boots year-round.

TYE MILES (@thetyemiles)

Morning CEO's and Creators!
Sending abundance vibes your way.....I know they say the EARLY BIRD GETS THE WORM....BUT....so does the fashionable late bird...the late bird and the very last bird. The only bird that doesn't get a worm is the one that doesn't get OUT to get it!

Stop waiting for business to come to you & go out and get YOU you!

There's enough for us ALL!

TYE MILES (@thetyemiles)

Sure life is going good.  Business is doing fine.

BUT are you ok with just being ok? Are you cool with comfortable?

Or are you ready for more?  Are you ready for growth?  Are you ready to do something different to make that good life.....GREATER?

This is your sign to wreck your regular routine of life and do that thing that you have been waiting for the right time...the right money....the right man....the right women...the right this...the right that.... STOP talking yourself into being ok with being average and give yourself permission to live a fulfilling life.

Find a way to manifest your GREATER SELF NOW!

TYE MILES (@thetyemiles)

Prepping for my Orientation Kick Off Call with the talented business owners of Six-Figure Success small group 2. You should make it your business to be part of small group 3!

It will be the best investment you can make to get "unstuck" in your life and business. Click the link in Bio for more information.
But only if you are serious about thinking bigger, serving greater, making more money and having more choices in life (winks)

TYE MILES (@thetyemiles)

I'm a pretty straight forward person in general and especially in business.

My #1 priority for my clients is to focus their time, energy and finances on their immediate vision for a specific area.

They meet their goals faster using a few insider mindset hacks.

If you are ready for growth you MUST stop investing your resources in things, activities and people that do not add value to you and your vision.

Ask yourself these Five Fierce Questions to Make your Vision a Reality.

1. What am I tolerating that I no longer want to tolerate? (Write that down)

2. How can I make the biggest difference in this area today?

3. What are my strengths and weaknesses in this area?

4. What can I read...What class can I take... Who can so hire... to help me with my weaknesses so that I see RESULTS in this area FASTER?

5. What habits and people can I stop investing in so that I can spend that time and money on bringing this specific vision to my life?

This is GOOD FREE advice!  Double tap if you agree.

TYE MILES (@thetyemiles)

Join me on the POWER CALL! [Entrepreneurs, Speakers & Coaches]

James Wealthy's Power To Create - Atlanta with Tye Miles
Join the Preview Call! Tuesday night
August 15th at 7pm CST / 8pm EST

TYE MILES (@thetyemiles)

Most people today are looking for a faster, more convenient and less complicated way to get anything & everything done.
It's a SERVICE-BASED BUSINESS WORLD! If you offer a service "an intangible product".....you just need to figure out 3 things to be well on your way to the bank.

1. Figure out who needs your services.
2. Figure out their problem & desires.
3. Figure out where they hang out on & offline.
Then simply implement based off the information you have gathered.

TYE MILES (@thetyemiles)

[Entrepreneurs, Speakers & Coaches]

James Wealthy's Power To Create - Atlanta with Tye Miles
Join the Preview Call! Tuesday night
August 15th at 7pm CST / 8pm EST

TYE MILES (@thetyemiles)

Success in whatever you do in business or life is going to be determined by how much energy you put into it. I used to be disappointed with some of the results I was getting. Then I checked myself and realized I wasn't putting in enough to get the results I expected.

If you want WHOLE results then stop giving half-ass efforts. Find a way to give it ALL you got!

TYE MILES (@thetyemiles)

What music do you CREATE to?

I'm so excited to share my blessing with an intimate group of ambitious professionals ready to attract "good paying" clients!
Six-Figure Success small group #2 Kicks off tomorrrow!

TYE MILES (@thetyemiles)

When you realize this.....it will take you to a whole new level! Take the time to understand your value, show up fully everyday full of passion. And watch you & your business grow. Make your goal daily to be better than you were yesterday!

TYE MILES (@thetyemiles)

[DIY Advertising & Promoting]

Talking about yourself is the most basic and least expensive way you can tell the world about what you do.

If you are GOOD then say you are GOOD. As an entrepreneur in a saturated market like the beauty industry YOU MUST toot your own horn from time to time.

Talk about yourself.

Talk about your services to everyone.

You never know who needs you OR who knows someone that need you.

For those that feel like.... "I don't feel right bragging on myself". "I'm scared people are going to feel a type way". Get over the fear of rejection.  I get it. I used to be right there.

But I chose not to stay there.  My advice to you is to stop caring so much about what people think.  If you can't open your mouth to promote yourself then why should others.... I'm not saying be cocky.....but I am saying be confident in yourself and your gift enough to share it with anyone that can benefit.

Confidence is attractive....and your potential clients love knowing that they are paying for the BEST!

Let others talk while you build!

TYE MILES (@thetyemiles)

It has taken me a loooong time to live my life without being in some form of competition.

Trying to be the smartest....the prettiest...the skinnest....the richest....the most popular.....the most this....the most that.

Sorry if I burst your bubble....BUT there is always someone doing IT better than you.....Not sorry!

Society has been suffocating me with this comparison crap for far too long.  I can't breathe under those circumstances.

Your only competitor should be the amazing person you see in the mirror. Strive to better than that person EVERY - SINGLE - DAY!

I'm done competing.

I will be complimenting and completing ONLY in every aspect of my life.

The best way to WIN is to be your AUTHENTIC SELF.

Those that love your vibe will become your tribe in business & life.

TYE MILES (@thetyemiles)

[Create Loyal Clients]

Simply stated....BE THE BEST THEY EVER HAD.

It's not about being the absolute best at what you do.  It's about being the best they ever had.

Your brand is what your clients are saying about you.

Not just in the talent department.

Do you make each of your clients feel:




Mastering these 3 THINGS will not only increase loyal clients but increase your bank account too.