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Ever think, There has to be MORE to life than this. Want to achieve ALL your goals, but feel stuck & unmotivated? Book your FREE PowHER Session ⬇️

Tye Miles | Coach & Speaker (@thetyemiles)

If you are ready to aggressively pursue you full potential but obstacles, adversity, self-doubt and fear of failure is blocking your progress then this is the event for YOU!

Get in the atmosphere of

Only 3 seats remaining.
Click link in bio ⬆️ ~Tye

Tye Miles | Coach & Speaker (@thetyemiles)

I am extremely excited to share at BlackCEO18! This movement is literally shocking the world and empowering #blackentrepreneurs .

I invite you to register for the conference at Www.BlackCEO18.com. Join us live or virtual!

Tye Miles | Coach & Speaker (@thetyemiles)

Beauty Pro...hairstylist..Make-up Artist..Braider?

I'm Tye, Million Dollar Stylist, Former Salon Owner, Business Mentor, Author and Speaker.  I have 18 years of good success in the beauty industry.  I started my business from scratch and figured out how to break 6 figures and then 7 figures.

I am super passionate about helping you make great money doing what you love with your God- given gift and talent as a creative.  Especially because I understand how tough it is to start from the ground level.

I found that getting the help you need is hard to find in the highly competitive climate of our industry. Well, I want to see you WIN!

Today (on my birthday) I want to introduce to you my latest product Breakthrough Six-Figures (TM). I have been blessed to earn millions as a hairstylist and salon owner.  Two years ago I launched a program to help beauty pros build their clientele quickly and with confidence.
I have served 38 amazing creatives since December and would love to coach you!

If you are serious about creating the business and life of your dream then [click the link in bio] to join me in my upcoming training program.

Enroll today to save $500 off plus some awesome bonuses.

Tye Miles | Coach & Speaker (@thetyemiles)

Up prepping with my life and business partner @jsnpmiles. Getting ready to serve freely and in the spirit on excellence. I love what I get to do!

Tye Miles | Coach & Speaker (@thetyemiles)

I'm super excited to be teaching from my Breakthrough Six-Figures - Client Attraction and Retention System program.

Meet me on Monday from 3 to 430pm in Room Room 105E.

I will be teaching a full module on the 3 things you need to build your clientele quickly and stand out from the competition.

These 3 core essentials are neccessary to create you own "Client-Magnet" machine and stand out from the competition.

If you are a stylist, beauty pro, educator or service provider then you don't want to miss this free training!

You will leave with actual information you can implement now.

Tye Miles | Coach & Speaker (@thetyemiles)

Stylists, Make-Up Artists, Barbers, Educators and ALL Beauty Pros...... Come hang out with me on Monday Feb 12 in Room 105E.

I will be sharing my exact Million Dollar Business Blueprint + An Amazing Opportunity to be recognized as an expert!

Tye Miles | Coach & Speaker (@thetyemiles)

Good Morning Sisters & Friends!

Please ~ TAG and REPOST ~ Thank you!

Help me help you and another woman see her worth and go after her dreams!

Clarity #ThinkParty is specifically designed to empower every woman to take ownership of her own success through awareness of the behaviors blocking her progress and accountability to take action to achieve her goals.

Come get a double dose of inspiration and encouragement with a sidedish of beauty.

Enjoy fun and food in the company of grown "A"mbitious women.

Early bird tickets are $35.  Price will increase to $50 on Feb. 15th.  Only 20 seats left.


It's time to fight for YOU & YOUR GOALS, NOW!

There is NO experience like this experience.

Tye Miles | Coach & Speaker (@thetyemiles)

Dreams really do come true in real life when you are true to your dream.

Dreams sound  light, euphoric and easy.
But dont get it twisted.

The easy part.....we all have a dream.

The truth is your dream will burden you!
We won't all experience our dream becoming our reality because it takes the "EXTRA" effort.

Being EXTRA understood.
Being EXTRA frugal.
Reading EXTRA books.
Training EXTRA hard.
Stay up EXTRA late.
Getting up EXTRA early.
Being EXTRA focused.
Being EXTRA open minded.
Being EXTRA diligent.
Being EXTRA patient.
Investing EXTRA money.
Being EXTRA broke.
Being EXTRA patient.

I come to challenge, change and empower women to Add the ER to your life.

It's the EXTRA needed to turn your dream into reality!

Tye Miles | Coach & Speaker (@thetyemiles)

When God open doors NO man can shut them.

Completely humbled to be a featured guest on the IMPACT THE WORLD Radio Show with host, dynamic speaker and world-changer @cherylempowers - Speaker & Author!  Cheryl, you left an imprint on my soul during your annual Play Time Is Over Women's Business Conference.

I am eternally grateful, Sis!

Stay tuned for broadcasting date/time.

Tye Miles | Coach & Speaker (@thetyemiles)

We are, right now this very moment, the product of our thoughts and actions from last year.

How are you using your thoughts and actions today to manefist something bettER in your future?

Tye Miles | Coach & Speaker (@thetyemiles)

I will be speaking at the 2018 BlackCEO National Conference.

#PurposeDrivenCoachandSpeaker #PurposeWalking

Tye Miles | Coach & Speaker (@thetyemiles)

Getting ready to facilatate a productive Get Noticed Branding VIP with my amazing client @missanitashair. She has officially launched her coaching career and we are crafting her brand! I love empowerment and entrepreneurship!

Tye Miles | Coach & Speaker (@thetyemiles)

Tonight's Launch STRONG Power Call for experts, leaders, coaches, non-certified coaches, ministers was phenomenal! I love what I get to do!

Tye Miles | Coach & Speaker (@thetyemiles)

Experts, Non-Certified Coaches, Teachers, Stylists, Entrepreneurs, Leaders and Ministers.

Join me and launch your coaching career today and I will personally sow a $100 business scholarship right back into you for investing in YOU and YOUR PURPOSE.

PLUS when you enroll before 8pm CST you get a BONUS 60 minutes group Launch STRONG Power Call ($750 value) with me. TONIGHT ONLY!

This training is a Love Offering to you because you enrolled by way of me.

I am very committed to ensuring you launch STRONG and are prepared for the first class!

This is important because during your first class and at networking events you will be asked to introduce yourself.

I want you to rock it!

You know if this is for you....stop procrastinating. DM me now to enroll.

Tye Miles | Coach & Speaker (@thetyemiles)

Ready to put you and your dreams first, NOW!

Your host, Tye Miles invites you to Clarity Think Party, a tranformational event specifically designed to stretch your mind, build your confidence and help you take ownership of your own life so that you can viscously pursue your goals.

Clairity gives you the confidence you need to achieve your goals.

Your destiny demands you to step out of your comfort zone, know your value and get into action to reach your full potential.

The biggest obstacle between you and your goals is not a lack of money or support.  It's YOU.

This is a safe, supportive community of sisterhood super charged with positive energy and the tools you need to position yourself to WIN.

Invest in your future and join us.
Early bird tickets available now. Prices will increase on Feb. 13th. Click link in bio to purchase your tickets today.

This event will sell out, again.

Tye Miles | Coach & Speaker (@thetyemiles)

Thank you Stephanie King for the privilege of being the keynote speaker at My Pain, My Passion, My Purpose Women's Conference.

I'm just happy that who I am on the inside is who I have given myself permission to be in #reallife.

Every women left with the formula to "Breakthrough Their Own B.S.(belief system)

I always hated how I used to feel like I couldn't be my real self around certain people.

No Longer Trapped!  Validation Is For Parking!

No more shrinking to make other folk feel big.

Excuse them if your confidence, competence and boldness offends them.  That's their problem.

Not yours.

Yep. I said it!


Tye Miles | Coach & Speaker (@thetyemiles)

My Sisters, I will be speaking a powerful and tranformational word on tomorrow.

Whether you are in the beauty industry or especially if you are NOT,  if you are ready to:

Experience greater results in your life.

Need a motivational pick me up.

Stop feeling hopeless and powerless.

Or simply need to be connected to some positive energy.

Come support Stephanie "The First Lady" King and the My Pain, My Passion, My Purpose event.

You owe it to your destiny to be in the energy of this atmosphere!

Tye Miles | Coach & Speaker (@thetyemiles)

As stylists we often work in the capacity of a life coach anyway.....why not position yourself to get paid for it?

After 15 successful years of being a hairstylist and making millions doing what I love as a hairstylist, I decided to answer the call to walk further in my purpose.

I expanded by brand beyond the chair as a certified professional coach helping women tired of living beneath what they know is possible for their life ready to create their own success who need to own their value and craft realistic plans to achieve their goals so that they can finally make the big difference in the world they know they were born for......YES ALL OF THAT!

I'm on a mission to help my fellow stylists plan their way to financial and time freedom.

Let's have a conversation.  I have 10 slots available this week.

This is for you if:

If you are worried about how you are going to retire from the chair, but not sure how.

If you want to teach others around your area of expertise and get paid well.

If you are seriously ready to invest in getting the knowledge and support you need to succeed.

If you are tired of the up & downs of the beauty industry and need to add supplemental income.


To claim your spot and have a conversation.....just DM me NOW.

Tye Miles | Coach & Speaker (@thetyemiles)

Walk in the freedom of my personal affirmation I speak over my life several times a day.

I gain power every time I say it.

Success and failure and life and death are equal in my life.  I accept the abundance each one bring into my life.

Tye Miles | Coach & Speaker (@thetyemiles)

Peek at Day 1 of my business training.

On this day Ifelt happy, hopeful and healed.