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The Business Savvy Beauty Pro (@thetyemiles)

I know some beauty pros are really feeling the summer time blues. You know that seasonal drop in clientele that can deeply affect your pocket.
Avoid this by building a stable client base with these 4 business must-haves:

1. Be a professional ALWAYS.

2. Be available to accommodate your client's schedule.

3. Get your service times down.

4. Master your craft.

And a final word to wise.......NEVER spend All that you earn.  When you have FAT weeks stash some cash away for the LEAN weeks (when not if) they come.

The Business Savvy Beauty Pro (@thetyemiles)

[CHEW ON THIS] When you make EXCUSES for why other people are more successful than you, that is a DANGEROUS place to be. You can do it! Everything you need to become who you want to be is available to you now.

The Business Savvy Beauty Pro (@thetyemiles)

Rise & Grind Beauty CEO!

My Mantra all day today......YOU GOT THIS BOO!

7 clients starting NOW.

What's your Mantra?  Your power phrase?

Go ahead and create one.

Make it 6 words or less.

Do Share?

The Business Savvy Beauty Pro (@thetyemiles)

Current Situation.

Preparing this presentation to deliver to my digital coaching clients for my Six-Figure Success for Beauty Pros program.

Next up 2 miles run.

Then 5am Grind at salon.

#Summer17Goals for my business & body!

Is what you doing right now growing you or slowing you?! 🤔

The Business Savvy Beauty Pro (@thetyemiles)

[MINDSET]  That small space between your ears is a battle you must WIN to master your life.

IT STARTS IN THE MIRROR. And no one else can do this for you but YOU!

The best thing I could have ever done was take the time to monitor and listen to my thoughts.

I was poisoning myself daily until one day I discovered that what I said to myself was the key to shifting my life forever.....It was not easy but I'm standing on top of some ...ish that had me bound.

It all started with a strong look in the mirror and a decision to change my mind.

It was the hardest and best thing I ever did in my life. My hero is ME.

Look in the mirror and see who your HERO is.

The Business Savvy Beauty Pro (@thetyemiles)

As #BeautyProfessionals, #Entrepreneurs and #Solopreneurs WE don't have money problems!

You might have a mindset problem.

A clarity problem.

A goal setting problem.

A confidence problem.

A procrastination problem.

A laziness problem.

A fear problem.

Or I'm really ok with my situation because I haven't taken any action problem.

BUT one problem don't have is a money problem.

We have the ability to earn what we desire If only we fix some of the other problems.

The Business Savvy Beauty Pro (@thetyemiles)

#SelfSunday. While you are celebrating fatherhood, remember to acknowledge yourself today as well.

Sunday is the day of the week that I am intentionally KIND to myself.  I invite you to join me.

Name one (1) thing you are doing for yourself today.

I'll go first.  I've been crying a lot this week so I'm going to DANCE & LAUGH a lot.

Who's Next?

The Business Savvy Beauty Pro (@thetyemiles)


This is my 5th and favorite tip for Dealing with Difficult Clients.

On this one I had to swallow my pride and knock my feelings off my shoulder. There is a time when you have to weigh the point you want to get across against your bottom line.

With that being said.....Resolve the issue you are facing with a difficult client with the client's value to your business in mind.

Yes!  We are talking about the amount of money the client spends with you within a month or year.

Ask yourself if the issue with the client a deal breaker.  Do you prefer to uphold your general rule at the risk of losing a client that spends X amount of dollars with you?

Or If it is not a deal breaker then ask yourself if resolving the issue in favor of the client (even if this means you are  making a 1 time refund) is worth making the client happy, boosting your professionalism and keeping X amount of dollars flowing to your bank account.

Does this make sense?

LOSE the battle to WIN the war!

The Business Savvy Beauty Pro (@thetyemiles)


To be honest, as a solopreneur, we can be pretty inconsistent when it comes to our emotional and mental state.

As a solopreneur we wear so many hats to fulfill so many aspects of life and business that we sometimes forget to put the proper hat on for the given "business" situation.  This usually leads to us handling difficult clients the way we feel at the moment.  Which can be a blow to our reputation as a service provider.

As a rule, I always begin with the end in mind.

This is were policy, procedures and contracts become necessary to not only organize your business but to keep you consistent and uphold the integrity of your reputation, especially, on those days you know you are vulnerable to making a suspect decision that could cost you in the long run.

Take the time NOW if you haven't and create policy, procedures, contracts and FAQS to help bring structure to your business.

Doing this will also help to prevent possible misunderstandings.  Also having written policy, procedures and contracts allow your clients the opportunity to become familiar with the expectations and accountablity that come along with being part of your clientele.

Run you chair like BIG business, baby!

The Business Savvy Beauty Pro (@thetyemiles)

I am that ...ish! Love yourself! Be kind to yourself! Pace yourself! You are MAGIC!!! Confidence is always SEXY in business and life. Ya feel me. I love my random moments of confidence shots.....Treat yourself to a shot now 😉❤️

The Business Savvy Beauty Pro (@thetyemiles)


Empathize with your client.  Connect emotionally to help him/her to show that you sincerely want to understand their point of view regarding the concern and how it affects them.

Take a minute and put yourself in the client's shoes.  How would you want a service provider to acknowledge and resolve a concern for you?

Now respond  with the intentions that best serve your client.

The ability to serve your clients WELL during difficult times is key to creating loyalty!

If this kind of information is helpful to you drop an emoji or comment.  I want to post the things you need to "elevate" your business and the industry I love!

The Business Savvy Beauty Pro (@thetyemiles)


Be mindful of your body language and how loud you are when in a "heated" conversation or when discussing a concern that you feel passion about.
Naturally in these situations you can find yourself raising your voice to get your point across clearly.

I've learned to write out my talking points prior to meeting if possible.

Be present mentally by being positive and with the intentions of serving the client.

Sit up confidently and straight.  No slouching.

Keep your voice to a consisent, calm tone usually a slight lower level than the client.

Remember that this is business and work to keep your personal feelings at 10% or less.

It's hard as a solopreneur to keep your feelings at 0%. I'm just being honest.

The Business Savvy Beauty Pro (@thetyemiles)

Over this week I will be sharing insight on how to handle those "unavoidable" difficult clients.

You either have or will have to deal with a few while working as a service provider in the beauty industry. As beauty professionals we should always be prepared to handle difficult clients before the situation happens.

I've learned to bite my tongue for the sake of NOT draining my bank account because of my personal feelings.  Avoid letting your mouth and attitude write checks that you can't cash.

YES! You must GET OUT OF YOUR FEELING in business.

TIP 1.  Think about and protect the reputation of your brand.

I know many of you probably feel like I did years ago when I first started out.  My whole mindset was that I'm the BOSS and I make the rules.  That's sounds good and all until your business starts to suffer because of  your selfish personality conflicting with your business ethic.

Contrary to popular belief, you are NOT your boss your BRAND is!

What is your mission and vision for your business?  What is your slogan?  The answer to how you need to serve your clients when difficult situations arise can be found here. Align your attitude with your mission.  Respond like a professional.  Remember that bad news travel faster than good news does.

If this resonates with you let me know.

I'm going live on IG on Sunday regarding this topic. Send your questions to my DM.

Turn on your notifications and don't miss TIP #2 on tomorrow!

The Business Savvy Beauty Pro (@thetyemiles)

Just taking a little time for me and celebrating small wins and catching up on a few minor business tasks. It's been a easy, breezy type of weekend for me. Life and entrenuership can get pretty gritty & grimey. Find some BALANCE for yourself. Happy Sunday!!

The Business Savvy Beauty Pro (@thetyemiles)

Indulge me? Just for fun.....Which would you rather have? Do tell WHY if you have a few minutes on your hand. I could use a light finish to a very hectic week..... I appreciate you giving me life right now 😏 XX

The Business Savvy Beauty Pro (@thetyemiles)

You are the sum total of what you think about - Earl Nightingale, The Strangest Secret

The Business Savvy Beauty Pro (@thetyemiles)

My life didn't change until my mind shifted in 2007. My clientele went into hypergrowth, I made my first 100k in 7 months as a stylist, I opened my 2nd business as a salon owner...hit 6 figures......Two six-figure businesses later I credit my success to my Creator, my Mindset and my Motivators! So where ever you find yourself in life...know that your MINDSET is the reason WHY. Your mindset can either be a Prison or Playground of Possibilities! FREE YOURSELF!!!!

The Business Savvy Beauty Pro (@thetyemiles)

I so love my dream job! @naturalqueen_83 I am totally excited about your employee to entrepreneur success story! Thank you for trusting me to help you go from idea to implementation to cha-ching!!!! Who's Next... Click the link in bio if you have been sitting on your dream idea and you are ready to Discovery your BEST next move.

The Business Savvy Beauty Pro (@thetyemiles)

A simple & warm Hello! Hope your day is as awesome as you.

The Business Savvy Beauty Pro (@thetyemiles)

If you dread Mondays like I used too, then working on your "escape plan" is a MUST! I know what it feels like to work a 8 to 5 (did it for 8 years) before starting my own business as a Hairstylist. Now I'm pushing for even greater & bigger. I've expanded my personal brand beyond the chair and I am loving working with my coaching clients. Take full responsibility for making your "dream job" or "dream situation" a reality....and that means working after work on your goals until you love Mondays as much as you love the weekend(winks)!