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Akanksha Gupta (@akankshagupta.94)

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Skewed Geometry for @mindmag
Fashion Styling: @namratarandhawa
Photography: @amritsariofficial
Model: @nessa_souzaa
MUA and Hair: @ladyatplay_bytarsha
Fashion Direction: @akankshagupta.94
Retouch and Composite: @artistod

Vanessa is wearing
Jumpsuit by @onlyindia
Pants by @hm
Bracelet by @westsidestores
Earrings by @accessorizeindiaofficial
Shoes by @hm

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Akanksha Gupta (@akankshagupta.94)

And what's the point anyway! You know what you know, and you feel how you feel, and know what would be the result of this and yet what do you do? You cram it within you, like all the other thoughts in your head and hold it in there till it fizzles out into a crumb. And then again, you think, what was the point anyway? And that's the problem with a lucid mind and a static heart, it prevails stirrings, it prevails fickleness but it also prevails a fair chance. But then again, it's just not you, it's everyone. It's the elasticity that you possess, the leverage you can afford to fit a number of possibilities into that stretch but then no matter how many times you stretch yourself, convince yourself to take the leap of faith, all it takes is one snap to come back to the state of equilibrium, to come back to your thought that was always at the back of your head. Because at the end of the day, you know what you know, and you feel what you feel and it's no longer your intuition, it's something you've known all along based on what's happened in the past. So you try to fight it before the inception of another playback. And no matter how many times you go around it, you never seem to find a point anymore. So I ask, what's the point anyway?! #abouttoday #somethingsiknow #pieceofme #observation #prevail #whatifeel #potd #introspection

Akanksha Gupta (@akankshagupta.94)

Parallel, we walk next to one another in hope that our lanes merge at some point. #ťhoughtoftheday #sealink #theview #potd #journey #life #nofilter #iphonography #toinfinityandbeyond