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Maaaaa... is it nearly the weekend? 😾
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Happy hump day folks 🙌🏻 (@catifyco)

Selfie with ma dawgs 🐱🐶🐾 (@catifyco)

Are we all being studious today? 👨💻👩🏫🤓 📷 via @sir_snuffles_the_cat (@catifyco)

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Chops living the dream 😎 📷 via @porkyandchops (@catifyco)

Night everypawdy ✨
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Is that a roast chicken I see? Mmmm 🍗
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Mr Chops looking very handsome 😻
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Treats please meowmy 🍪
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Mmmmm delicious.
Get ready for #tongueouttuesday everypawdy
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This is the best
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Say hello to the sweetest munchkin in town. Tag a friend who would love this kitty 😽
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The benefit of having a cat in winter! #catscarf #lingvistov 🖍️ via @lingvistov (@catifyco)

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Happy whisker Wednesday!! 📷 via @morris_the_persian_cat (@catifyco)

Happy tongues out Tuesday furrriends 😝 📷 via @mr.finngrey (@catifyco)

Beauuuuutiful kitty. Look at those eyes! 👁️👁️
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Yes... this is comfy
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Little Poko ready for a snooze
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