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Positivity is powerful.

DIAMOND LANGI (@diamondlangi)

Day 3.

Enjoying some sun while visiting My favourite flower shop.

Helping our planet can start from small changes, like how we choose to travel to various locations, you can walk to a destination, take a bike ride, carpool, take public transportation, or if you are up for it, try roller-skating which is something I find quite exhilarating!
These changes are small, but can help in a big way. Pollution from cars and trucks release carbon dioxide into the air and also other greenhouse gases which add to global warming. Greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere, which causes worldwide temperatures to rise which not only effects us but it effects, sea levels, wildlife, farming and natural landscape.

We can all make a change together, one trip at a time.

Miss Earth Tonga🌏💛
Diamond Langi.

DIAMOND LANGI (@diamondlangi)

Day 2.

There is so much benefits that come from planting your own crops, vegetables and fruits. It is a healthier alternative because you know exactly what fertilisers and natural garden products you're using to take care of your crops whilst also taking care of the earths soil and air. Planting your own organic garden means you have the knowledge of knowing you are eating the best and healthiest produce available for you and your family. Another amazing thing is that you're getting some great sun time, fresh air and exercise which is so important as well. You save time, money and energy.
Growing your own is going green.

#MissEarth Tonga🌏💛
Diamond Langi.

DIAMOND LANGI (@diamondlangi)

Day 1.

I believe if we want to see change in the world we must first begin in our house hold and being eco friendly, is not as hard as it seems.

There are so many benefits with using quality cloth napkins / towels. I can use them several times before having to wash them! Another benefit is, I don't have to throw them in the bin after every use which helps to limit not only waste space but also less energy for transporting and processing. The more we keep waste to a minimal the closer we are to helping our planet.
Huge amount of energy goes into the whole process of paper napkins / towels. From manufacturing to transporting the product to stores, it causes a lot of carbon dioxide to go into the air which adds to climate change. After one use of paper napkins / towels it goes into the landfill and generates methane which also contributes to climate change. Last but not least, paper napkins / towels are made from our beautiful tree's. We need more of our trees standing. Tree's help to filter our air and give us oxygen! Also it is not only us that depend on tree's, wildlife depend on them as well!
Going reusable is the way! Say YES! to cloth napkins / towels.
#MissEarth Tonga 🌏💛
Diamond Langi.

DIAMOND LANGI (@diamondlangi)

Humbled for the opportunity to represent My country #Tonga at this years Miss Earth 2017. Looking forward to meeting the lovely people of the #Philippines and also the beautiful contestants from across the world. Much love to you all.
-Miss Earth Tonga. #MissEarth

DIAMOND LANGI (@diamondlangi)

Take care of our planet. Make everyday #Earth day.

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Modern day Mona Lisa. #Art

DIAMOND LANGI (@diamondlangi)

R u ok? Let's take the time to check on others, not only on this special day, but regularly with loved ones, close friends and anyone we might run into. My page is open for anyone, if you want to talk, I am all ears. Much love to each and everyone of you all, and remember you are not alone. #RUOKDay -Diamond Langi