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Night one in Lapland with our friends @kakslauttanen_arctic_resort easily the most amazing winter hotel I've ever visited and have lots more content coming 😊🇫🇮 We went searching for the Aurora Borealis in the forests surrounding our log cabin and around 2am as the sky opened up I grabbed a couple of @lumecube's and the awesome @jacob got this shot 😉 #litbylume
Stay tuned for what I think will be the best Instagram story I've ever done 😃😎 #BDTeam

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#EzRepost @earthfocus with @instazoomapp "Lost in thought" Santa Ynez CA.
Photo by @shainblumphotography
Explore. Share. Inspire: #EarthFocus

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Photo by @jakeolsonstudios

Follow @animalmedley for adorable animals to melt your heart.

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What are you up to this weekend? It is a long weekend here in the US, so we are driving down to Southern California to look around. Any tips on San Diego, LA, and anywhere in between? Have a nice one whatever you do and wherever you are! 😊❤️

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@Regrann from @afrikansafarisimba - *.
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All we want for Christmas is a pocket-sized possum 😍 This miniature marsupial is a Leadbeater's #possum, and it lives at @zoosvictoria's #HealesvilleSanctuary. These endangered critters grow to just a hand-span size and live in the forests around #Melbourne. We can't guarantee you'll find one in your Christmas stocking, but you can definitely meet one if you visit the sanctuary which is a 90-minute drive from @visitmelbourne.

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White and handsome King 👑
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Now this certainly isn't your stereotypical Australian landscape - but it's part of Australia, believe it or not! This subtropical slice of paradise is @lordhoweislandtourism, and it's a two hour flight from @sydney or @visitbrisbane. There's plenty to do here so allow a few days at least - there are forests to walk through, mountains to hike up, beaches to laze on, fish to snorkel with and birds to be spotted. Photo: @jamesvodicka