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SD, LA, SoCal male photographer chasing beauty. DM for booking.🔞 Why worry about things outside of your control? Find real value in the things you do.

Keith (@girlsonglass)

This is my chance to give a GREAT BIG THANKS! to all the wonderful models I have had the pleasure of working with. Also to my loyal followers, I sincerely appreciate your support, and promise you many photos for 2017. It's been such a pleasure to shoot with such lovely models, they are creative, prepared, appreciative, and just nice to work with. I have such respect for what they do, and it is my hope that others will feel the same and keep all comments positive and supportive. Thanks also to the many model sites that have reposted my photos. The models and I appreciate your support, and look forward to a glorious 2017. It is my hope that we are kind to others, help those in need, and give more than you take.❤️