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From the beginning, I used to be a fan of Black and White Photography...But Somehow I got disconnected with it. If I looked at the image there was something always missing which made no peace between my mind and the image - I couldn't tell exactly what it was.

First I blamed my subject, then i blamed my skill, then I just gave up on black and white cos I couldn't love my own even tho I see it on other people's pics and i appreciated it.. Then I began to realise the difference between White and Highlights, Black and Shadows and I noticed the tweak wasn't my lack of understanding but the refusal to acknowledge that I want my images to appear a Certain Way.
This Particular Image in default B&W - I practically hate it.. It's too rigid and presents my subject naked - Both The Highlights and The Shadows are competing for "Most Seen" in the picture which is the reason my brain couldn't settle with it from the beginning.

But this... This is calm and welcoming. This is Silver!
Muse: @m12photography
MakeupArtist: @bookofglamstories
Assist: @four23photography

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Aliyu Olarenwaju Kayode (@iam_k0d3d)

You see?
If this was a Nigeria Telecom company or any Nigeria brand you present this Advert idea to, they will reject it and say "It's too explicit for audience view, blah blah blah"
My question is always.. "Is there a degree of moral or manners to visual communication?" I mean if you need to tell someone, "White is the color on the table" should you change it to grey or dirty white just because white is too bright for the eyes? Then there's a comma there cos the communication won't be passed and delivered the way it supposed to be.
I don't know if you get my point! But until we start seeing it in this point of view we will keep creating wack ass adverts cos there is no better way to point some views out except from the one starring at you. No wonder we don't make it to Cannes, AD-Awards or the prestigious ones in the world cos we keep limiting ourselves to some sort of orientation.
This Ad reminded me of a pitch i made to an Indigenous Alcohol Company (reserved) .. After all said and done - they said the ad is too sexual for viewers - Whereas no boobs or tits were included in the scene. Till date - they are still creating "only God knows" kinda ads.
We need to change - Especially the Indigenous Advertising Agencies.

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