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Friends, I apologize for this graphic image but this is happening right now. This is a dog, "Caci" that was rescued off the street in Puerto Rico 2 days ago by my friend Ivelisse with the never ending support of @c.legit5 and @newyorkbullycrew 🙏🏼Ivelisse was notified of this dog - who was beaten, her eyes swollen shut from the trauma and her puppies taken from her and "thrown away". She's at the vet now, barely pulling through. The people who did this will not get punished. No one will press charges out of fear of retaliation. If charges are pressed, the police do nothing. THIS HAS TO STOP. Puerto Rico has animal cruelty laws but they are NOT ENFORCED. I don't know what else to do but ask for your help to tell the governor and the tourism department - that they HAVE to step in. Those of you who follow @newyorkbullycrew know that this is not a one in a million case. We see this ALL the time. Please, use your words wisely - but let @seepuertorico and our governor @ricardorossello that animals being treated this way, with NO CONSEQUENCES is UNACCEPTABLE. The government does nothing to help the local rescuers who, with so little resources, try to save these animals on their own. Governor Rossello - enforce these animal cruelty laws, and allow US licensed veterinarians to come to the island and offer free sterilization clinics!!! Your Veterinary Board, known as the Colegio Veterinario - has the ability to allow US veterinarians temporary permits to come and sterilize BUT WONT. Because they "don't want money going to outside vets". And yet very few of the PR vets offer LOW COST spay and neuter. ENOUGH!!! #seepuertorico #nuevogobierno *please use this hashtag for all animal posts