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🔹 "Yakudza iz Donskoy Liberii" - Lenni 🐕 Pomeranian, 18.05.2016 🇩🇪 Germany, Kassel 📧 lennithepom@web.de

Lenni The Pom 🦁💙 (@lenni_the_pom)

VDH Europasieger Dortmund ( 37 dogs entered )
Yakudza IZ Donskoi Lberii "Lenni" || Youth Class: Excellent 3

Lenni The Pom 🦁💙 (@lenni_the_pom)

My mums said they are very proud of me 💓 my first Exhibition in junior class.

06.05.2017 Nat. Dog Show in Erfurt
Yakudza IZ Donskoy Liberii "Lenni "
Juniorclass - 1/8 SG

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Lenni The Pom 🦁💙 (@lenni_the_pom)

Beauty day and preparation for the dog Show next weekend in Erfurt ✂️🛀🏽🎖️