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Comedian, UN peace ambassador, actress,entertainer, passionately christian, weight watcher, healthy eating advocate. Email: Lepaciousbosewl@gmail.com

Lepacious (@lepaciousbose)

So I notice I have never gotten into the WCW thing lol.... I finally decided to crush on ME today.
Don't get me wrong I am absolutely in love with myself, I love to take pictures and talk about my weight loss experience but that took over 25 years of my life.
The devil stole 25 years of my life due to weight and hypothyroidism. I suffered in silence because no one understood my issues, I didn't even understand myself.
I hated myself and was constantly suicidal yet I made people laugh (what an irony). I cracked jokes about my weight because it was the only way I knew to look like I didn't care. Yet I cared!!! Countless times I would have a great performance but drive home in tears, it was a crazy, roller coaster feeling. It was not just the weight it was much more but I could not explain it. I was scared. I would be on stage and have a brain fog and forget a joke right in the middle of delivery, just go blank, and have to come up with stuff on the spur of the moment to cover for the lapse, I started to dread performing. Trust me I have gotten into my car before and took me about 10mins to remember exactly where I was going, I just sat there, tears of frustration rolling down. (One day I will write it all in a book). It's hard enough to loose weight but to loose weight while having hypothyroidism is almost like fighting demons, I just wanted to sleep and not wake up, why won't God be kind and do that for me? I could not sleep unless I was heavily sedated with sleeping pills and could not boot in the morning without a strong cup of coffee.... Am still trying to loose about 20kg, it's getting harder lol... It's getting more difficult to say no to things I used to love lol.... It's been almost 5 years on this crazy but amazing journey, 5 years of pain, tears, frustration, laughter, joy and triumph.... 5years of wanting so badly to Bing on a bowl of ice cream or a bag of malteasers but not giving in. 5 years of dreaming of chease cake lol.... I might dream for a long time. 5 years and a lifetime to go, because I AM WORTH FIGHTING FOR.

Lepacious (@lepaciousbose)

It is pertinent to note that many people whose test results are dismissed as normal could continue to have symptoms of an underactive thyroid. Their moods, emotions, and overall well-being are affected by this imbalance, yet they are not receiving the care they need to get to the root of their problems.
Trust me everyone around me thought I was mad or making excuses for my weight, yet I was dying slowly.
Even if the TSH level is in the lower segment of normal range, a person may still be suffering from low-grade hypothyroidism.
Many people may be suffering from minute imbalances that have not yet resulted in abnormal blood tests.
Extreme Fatigue. If you’re always tired, even after sleeping 8 to 10 hours a night, it’s a common sign that your thyroid hormone levels are low. Of course, fatigue and low energy are associated with many conditions, but if you don’t have enough thyroid hormone (TH) flowing through your body, your muscles aren’t receiving a signal to get up and get moving.

Brain Fog. If it feels as though you’re walking around in a fog all day, are having difficulty focusing, or forgetting things frequently, it could be that your thyroid is out of whack. Too much TH can make it hard to concentrate, while too little can cause memory problems, this drove me nuts, I forget things even on stage. Smh
Digestive Issues. Those with hypothyroidism often complain of constipation, as an underactive thyroid can cause the digestive process to slow.
Mood Problems. Mood swings, anxiety or depression can develop in those who have thyroid disorders. Sudden burst of anger or tears? Na me bi dat.
WHAT TO DO.... Follow an anti-inflammatory diet by eliminating processed foods and eating as many whole, organic foods as possible.
Take high-quality supplements, (as stated in my previous post). Avoid wheat.
Exercise — this is especially important to correct thyroid function. Walking briskly for 30 minutes a day is good.
Switch from iodized table salt to sea salt, as it has more minerals that help support better thyroid functioning.

Follow a gluten-free diet, which has also been shown to improve thyroid function.

Lepacious (@lepaciousbose)

In addition to including coconut oil in your diet, try these other natural ways to balance your thyroid function.
Avoid chemicals like triclosan, which is commonly found in items like antibacterial soap, deodorant, lotions, and even in cutting boards.
Supplement with probiotics, as good thyroid functioning depends on a supply of healthy gut bacteria.
Take a high quality whole-food multivitamin, and make sure you’re getting enough iodine, B-vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin D, iron, omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, zinc and copper.

Limit exposure to fluoride and mercury (so you need to avoid toothpaste with fluoride)— have a good water-filtration system for your home.
Avoid drinking water from, electric kettles, pots, dispenser water as much as possible. Boil water for your tea directly if you can. Try not to drink bottled water exposed in the sun, Reduce the use of microwave (trust me this is tough for me too) and most importantly pray and trust God for his healing.
If you have reason to believe that your thyroid may be working only half time for you, then apart from using coconut oil; you need to Embrace a healthy lifestyle that includes tons of whole foods, a regular sleep pattern, and movement (every chance you get). Before long, you will not only feel better, but you may be surprised at how well your pants fit!

The worst type of fat you must always avoid: trans fat, also known as partially hydrogenated oil. Often included in so-called “low fat” foods, this fake fat is highly dangerous. Please always read the food labels RUN FROM TRANS FAT.
The main sources of trans fats are processed, baked goods and fast foods. You must switch to a whole foods diet if you want to help your thyroid. So, sorry, no more pastries, pizzas, candy-bars etc for us thyroid fighters.
These types of fats raise levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol, while reducing levels of “good” HDL cholesterol. It is best to stay away from trans fats altogether — they offer absolutely no health benefits instead they kill your thyroids.
WARNING: Not ALL Coconut Oil

Lepacious (@lepaciousbose)

Hypothyroidism causes a decrease in thyroid hormone and it is not as simple as replacing the hormone ( a very Western thing to do, of course). The underlying cause of the condition MUST be addressed.

It is important to understand what happens in an autoimmune disease. First and foremost, this condition causes the body to attack itself in the same fashion that it would attack a foreign invader, such as a virus or bacteria.

It is believed that diet plays a role in thyroid health. Although low iodine intake leads to low thyroid function, table salt does not appear to be the best option. Many foods eaten in Western culture contain what are known as goitrogens or iodine blockers. Two popular goitrogens are soybeans and peanuts. ( which are presumably healthy)
With the industrialization of our agricultural system, soil has become iodine deficient, further compromising thyroid health. In addition, consumption of refined sugars and grains also negatively impact thyroid function.

Most times Thyroid Medications Don’t Work;
Simply gobbling up hormone replacement medication without addressing the root of the problem will not promote health. It is a band-aid solution that so frequently defines Western medicine.

The attack causes inflammation which suppresses thyroid hormones and also decreases the responsiveness of thyroid receptors. You can pump all the thyroid medication you want into your body, but if your receptors are not keen, it won’t help at all.

The two root causes of hypothyroidism, immunity and inflammation, MUST be addressed in order to restore balance and health to the body.

Research demonstrates that the naturally occurring saturated fat found in coconut oil has some amazing therapeutic values:

Promoting heart health, Boosting the immune system, Providing immediate energy, Promoting healthy skin, Helping to regulate blood sugar, Boosting metabolism, Promoting weight loss

The unique medium-chain fatty acid profile of coconut oil is what makes it done on coconut oil and metabolism has found that changing the oils you use every day can help you lose up to 36 pounds in a year. Yep… simply by switching unhealthy oils for coconut oil.
To be continued....

Lepacious (@lepaciousbose)

The Coconut & Thyroid Connection:

I have people tell me all the time… “I can’t seem to lose weight no matter how much I exercise, I feel tired and I don’t know what is wrong with me.” Does this sound like you?

A good place to start uncovering issues is to consider the efficiency of the thyroid. Often, even if your test results say you are fine, the thyroid is struggling to do its job. Without a properly functioning thyroid, it is nearly impossible to feel and look well.

I did thyroid tests many times and they all came back clean until I found the right doctor that knew the signs to look out for.
As many as one in three women over 25 may be suffering from thyroid problems.
FACT: Thyroid hormones are necessary for normal health and cellular activity, and if thyroid function is not normal, weight loss is next to impossible.
Are you exhausted, have memory lapses, thinning hair, body aches, irritability, depression, sleep problems, low sex drive, constipation and/or weight gain? Perhaps you don’t quite feel right but can’t put your finger on why?

It may be your thyroid — the butterfly-shaped gland that rests below your Adam’s apple, just along the front of your windpipe. Comprised of two lobes, connected in the middle by a bridge, the thyroid serves a major role in metabolism growth and maturation.

Other Signs That Your Thyroid Is In Trouble
( Do You Have More Than 3 Of These?) Fluid retention/swelling

Frequent viral infections

Hair loss

Frequent bruising


Ringing in the ears

Sensitivity to cold/heat

Cold hands and feet




Joint aches

Brittle nails

Tingling in hands and feet

Lack of concentration


Depressed immunity



Hoarse voice

Coconut oil is truly a jam-packed therapeutic bullet that can tackle even some of the most health destroying conditions, including thyroid problems. It is rich in fatty acids, which support metabolism and provide energy.
It's important to incorporate coconut oil in you meals especially cold pressed MCT.
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THE AUNTLANDA'S MARKET SQUARE IS HERE AGAIN.... @Regranned from @auntlanda - Among other things, @alibabagcfr has approved the purchase of some of these Machines to give some people for free at the AUNT LANDA'S MARKET SQUARE... .....we need to be able to teach them how to use the Popcorn Machines to start their lives over....If you can operate this Gas Popcorn Machine, please send Miss Agatha a text on 08074754380... ... thanks.


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It is the only market square in the world where the needy gets to buy food,clothes,medicine and almost every other thing they need to survive for FREE... at the price of the "Aunt Landa Love Currency(Zero Naira wrapped in God's love....)" Please help by getting rid of your cluster... Your cash donation will be the reason a child doesnt spend christmas under a bridge somewhere.
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Send and invite any widow, Orphan or the less privileged that you know.
Love 😗
Aunt Landa
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Happy 50th birthday my queen.
Long live the queen.
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Ofure is the Chief Creative Artist, OfureArt. She does makeup for weddings, events, television, runway, creative makeup, home service and she teaches makeup as well. She has worked with a number of music artistes and worked backstage as a makeup artiste on the MTN Project Fame set for several years.
Orire is thorough and extremely dedicated to her work and clients.
Call her for your next special event
Instagram: @OfureArt
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Hello Benin fitfam.
@Regrann from @iambarbeehima - Benefits of participating in Benin first outdoor aerobics.. :
1. You stand a chance of playing healthy games to win free healthy meals, juices, smoothies and free 1month diet consultation courtesy @healthybarng
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Oh yes you also will feel better, lighter, joints/muscles more relaxed! And the best of it All you'll have funnnnnnn while improving your overall body!!!!!
There is more to this but i think you need to be there to see it liveeeeee.
Please come with someone and encourage people in your neighborhood to join this movement! You will surely thank me later...🙉🙉🙉🙈🙈🙈🙈
Benin City turn up! It's the maiden edition of Benin FATT (Fit All The Time) FEST. Outdoor aerobics and exercise come 16th December, 2017.
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His songs brought joy to our hearts and led us to the throne room of God. Join us as we help support Lionel in this trying time. God bless you.
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Please see https://www.gofundme.com/lionelpetersen (for IG, Link in My Bio Too)

For wire transfers, I can provide you with his family's South African bank Account or a Nigerian Local account


I have set up a @gofundme account & as you give may you be BLESSED!!! #WilsonJoel Representing The Petersens (Nigeria)

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Lepacious (@lepaciousbose)

When the PRAISE WARRIORS hosted hundreds of widows yesterday at the ALABASTER PRAISE 2017.
it was an Owambe kinda day, hours and hours of non stop traditional praise and worship, loads to eat and drink and a lot of Christmas give away for all.
I believe heaven is pleased when we go out of our way to be a blessing to people who don't have the privileges we do. The joy the women expressed, in their dancing and singing is totally unexplainable.

Lepacious (@lepaciousbose)

My song....... I loooooooove this song.
Only you can do what no man can do Jehovah!!!!!

Lepacious (@lepaciousbose)

Slamming into the new year like a hurricane..... Hurricane Bose for the win,
ain't nobody loves me better,
ain't nobody makes me feel this way, makes me happy
Ain't nobody loves me better than ME!!!!!!!! Oh oh oh ohhhhhhhhhhh yeah! Lol

Lepacious (@lepaciousbose)

My troublesome Fiyin smashed her target scatter lol.... So proud of you darling you did it. All the way in Ibadan she would harass me with phone calls and whatsapp messages, she was hungry to know everything possible, lament about body pains after workout yet she's back at the gym the next day lol.... Now she's inspiring fellow gym members and making me dispatch ezslim to Ibadan for sale lol...... The feeling of accomplishment when the weight drops off is indescribable walahi. Now this mother of two is looking like a new iyawo when belle enter again hmmm .... Don't tempt Bros ooo. Lol

@Regranned from @mo_stringsworld - #WCW Lemme crush on myself I was that big in APRIL I am this slim in November! It didn't happen over night it took months of saying no to everyday junks, it took going to gym even when had not recover from the previous day, it took sticking to diet plans, it took swallowing @ezslimng for 24 days in August, it took disturbing @lepaciousbose with my weight loss researches and she always read through them and discuss with me and so on. But through it all am grateful to God for the strength. Honestly didn't know I had lost so much weight till i took this picture on Saturday and I was 😱😱! So lemme just celebrate myself 🙌🙌🙌🙌 #Ezslim #weightloss #motherhood #gym #workout #owanbedress #motherhood - #regrann

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I'm not worried
'bout a thing
'cause I know You are
Guiding me

Where You lead me
Lord, I Will go
I have no fear
'cause I know who's in control

There's no limit to what You can do
'cause it all belongs to You
Yes, it all belongs to You
(No rushing now)

You're almighty and all powerful
And it all belongs to You
Yes, it all belong to you

When Jesus Say yes
Nobody can say no
When Jesus Say yes
Nobody can say no

When Jesus Say yes
Nobody can say no
When Jesus Say yes
Nobody can say no

I'm not worried
'bout a thing
'cause I know You are
guiding me

Where You lead me
Lord, I Will go
I have no fear
'cause I know who's in control

There's no limit to what You can do
'cause it all belongs to You
Yes, it all belongs to You
(No rushing now)

You're almighty and all powerful
And it all belongs to You
Yes, it all belong to you

When Jesus Say yes
Nobody can say no
When Jesus Say yes
Nobody can say no

When Jesus Say yes
Nobody can say no
When Jesus Say yes
Nobody can say no