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From blogging to PR to sub-editing, all of Chevonne Cheng's (@chevonnecheng) careers have involved one thing: a deep love of writing. Now a sub-editor at ZULA, a female-centric digital publication by The Smart Local, Chevonne has been involved with the team right from the start.⠀

In contrast with publications which ride on women's insecurities, Chevonne wants to create content she'd like her younger self to read, which is why ZULA focuses is Gen Y Singaporean girls. ⠀

As is fitting of a Maverick of lyf, Chevonne has many goals but she emphasises simplicity, like waking up feeling purposeful and do what she set out to do the day before, no matter what. Keeping things simple so she leaves no room for excuses, now that's a true Maverick of lyf. ⠀
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You haven't seen cakes until you've met Clifford, an Australian cake decorater whose cakes wouldn't be out of place as a fine art exhibit. Possesing a diverse range of technical ability and an artisan's eye for spectacular designs, watch Clifford as he puts the finishing touches on a wedding cake! Tag a friend who'd love their wedding cakes to look like this!

Video by @cakesbycliff

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Whatever the challenge, crush it.⠀

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B. Burger Concrete & Paradise ( is your next must-eat at spot in town. The American-style burger joint has landed at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, and its unique menu and playful setting has attracted positive reviews. Top tip: try the Karate Burger. Sandwiched between two black buns, the karaage chicken, sriracha honey, wafu slaw, daikon pickles and B sauce make for a decadent lunch! ⠀

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Putting a twist on the humble "bao", Singaporean cafe @baomakers bring together unique baos, great coffee and a minimalist and chic interior, in one great package. To share the love, The Bao Makers are offering 1 for 1 Bao's!⠀
Simply follow and tag us in a photo of your bao to receive your lower priced bao for free!⠀ ⠀
*Limited to 2 redemptions per table. No splitting of table. Offer is valid till 31 Jan 2018.⠀ ⠀
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Gotta stay one step ahead of competition!
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Halloween's coming, so why not take a trip down to hell—that's Haw Par Villa ( of course. The park is filled with grotesque statues depicting Chinese folklore’s 10 Courts of Hell and popular stories like Journey to the West and Madame White Snake. Though there aren't many visitors these days, it's a popular spot for offbeat photoshoots, and that alone makes it a must-see!⠀

Photo by @elmocrez

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Built on humble foundations, Run & Gun Media was founded by Jeremy (@ieremv) and two buddies from university in 2016. The company has earned its stripes since and has been acknowledged for their stellar work. They’ve recently bagged the Honourable Mention in Excellence in Video Reporting in Asia Awards 2017, for their feature of the first Michelin-starred hawker.⠀ ⠀
Remaining undaunted by the teething issues every start-up faces, Jeremy aims to grow and steer the company towards greater heights.⠀ ⠀
Always armed with bright ideas, we salute this maverick of lyf!⠀

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Only an eagle-eyed entrepreneur like Karen Tan can consistently spot all the finest details necessary to owning and operating Singapore's only independent cinema - @theprojectorsg. Attention to detail and immaculate execution, Karen truly embodies lyf!

Hit link in bio 👆🏻 to watch our exclusive interview with her!
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Being well-rested is sexy.

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The Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Centre offers a unique glimpse at the first 30 years of the People's Republic of China. The private collection of posters started as a hobby, which then expanded into an exhibition of more than 5,000 prints. With pictures of fierce battles against the Communist Party’s enemies to peaceful visions of life in a model socialist society, see for yourself the art style that's since seeped into pop culture—and maybe snag a poster or two!⠀

Photo by @wendyfarrell65

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You haven't had a good beer until you've knocked back a pint of Allgash Brewing Company's beer. The Portland, Maine, brewery uses a traditional Belgian implement called a coolship, and their beer's so good, even the Belgians have taken notice! In this video you'll be introduced to the Coolship la Mûre and Coolship Clermont and the process of making spontaneously fermented beers!

#livelyf #manmade #beers #brewery
Video by @allasgashbrewing

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How does one go from investment banking to running Singapore's only independent arthouse cinema, @TheProjectorSG?
Watch full video via link in bio as Karen discusses her favourite movies, how to assemble the right team, and much more!

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That's why I'm en route to getting seaweed shaker fries! #lunch

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Melbourne's known for its coffee but did you know about its honey? The Rooftop Honey project is part of the bee conservation effort, and has seen over 70 hives erected on the rooftops of cafes and restaurants across the city! Stop by the regular honey tasting events and enjoying some delicious honey—it's a different kind of buzz for sure!⠀

Photo by @rooftopbees

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Passion, grit and creativity are words often used to describe 2015 Masterchef Asia finalist, Lennard Yeong (@lennardy). An engineer by trade, Lennard balances his day job and love for food by spending countless nights experimenting and perfecting recipes in his kitchen. Lennard, who counts Mee Pok and Yong Tau Fu as his favourite Singaporean dishes, hints that he just might enter F&B full-time in 2018! ⠀

When life gives him lemons, all the more reason to make a lemon meringue! 🍋

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You've probably heard of Oculus, the VR company acquired by Facebook for $2 billion in 2014, even though it was still a prototype. Less prominent was its founder, Palmer Luckey, now 25, who left the company early this year, but not the virtual reality industry. He's started a new company and is working on new products but only time what tell what they are! Until then, we have him to thank for bringing VR to the masses. Full video on:

Video by @BusinessInsider

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Hong Kong's Goldfish Market is unique, to say the least. Aquariums are an important aspect of good Feng Shui in the home, and locals flock here to purchase fish to populate them! Keep a look out more exotic house pets for sale... like snakes, spiders, and lizards!⠀

Photo by @simon.k.7

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Will you be the one to save the party?

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Thailand's best known for it's street food, but what about indulging in gastromic delights at a chef's home? For 28-year-old @Chef.Pam , who has worked at a Michelin three-star restaurant, has turned her home into a restaurant! The refreshing approach to dining has sparked intense interest in the restaurant, @TheTablebyChefPam but you're going to have to wait your turn—there's a three-month wait list!

Video by @greatbigstory

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