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mdg photography (@mdgweddings)

The Bride Story: slide 2

Even I tried to avoid him but the thought keeps running through my mind, but then I don't want to make any mistake of the past by failing in love with a stranger and Pastor for that matter, he was the second in command but no way I can avoid till I noticed he always my attention though he's very jovial person till we became closed friend also an adviser to me (hahaha) he always try to protect me until I was assigned to him as (Assistant Coordinator) where he later the grab the opportunity to tell me his intention and he made it clear but I didn't show to him that I already give up everything to him. There was a day he came to tell me that he's traveling to South Africa I feel so bad and jealous like am going to loose him for another woman out there don't know that am just going to miss him for days. Since I have developed my heart and trust towards him not even because is a pastor but because of the love I have in him due to I already used to him. One fateful day when he asked me out (then my prayed as already come to its manifestation). I reluctantly honoured his request, we eat and take some fruits having a good time together. He asked me "'would you marry me and be my wife'" I said yes with my heart filled up with joy.
Planner: Yvonne
Photo: @mdgphotostudio
Makeup: @taygeeri
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mdg photography (@mdgweddings)

Prewedding gap 💏👌 📷
I saw my wife for the first time.during prayer and prophetic 2010.I was told to take the brethen back and I went to put them inside their vehicle and she was inside and quite.and I said to my self.what a beautiful lady.I tried to make some noise so she will notice me but she was quite.and low and behold only to see her in the mission house the next day.
From that day I started doing everything for her to notice me cos I was the second in command in the camp.
I also notice I became very jovial around her.I also from that day always look for opportunity to teach her.always advising her.and protecting her. Then as God will have it.she was kept under my watch to assist me.she was my assistant coordinator So it gave us ample time. I also started complimenting her.and taking care of her. Our leader noticed i was endeared towards her and started teasing me about her. We actually became closer as the days Goes by.then I have made my intentions clear to her cos at times she acts as if we were not close.untill when I was about to travel to South Africa for the first time.she started crying and telling me that she was going to miss me and that she was already used to working with me.and might find it hard to work with another person. We had our ups and down.but somehow we made up and ended up being together.
I asked her out and she told me we can continue being friends untill she is sure of somethings. She later agreed.

I was at the Camp Meeting of Dominion City during prayer and prophetic Then 2010. Although we attend the same church not the same branch except once in a month that we do combined service. Then I noticed he was looking at me but I was so sceptical about and thinking what would have been his feelings towards me. I discovered that he was trying to get my attention but I turned down the sign to its notice until I saw him second day at the mission house where I came to have my morning devotion, though I havd developed some strange feelings for him but praying to get rid of it. Continue on slide 2
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mdg photography (@mdgweddings)

When your neighbor promise to give you FRIED RICE with OBE ATA in it, oya dab for them 💃🙅😂😁 #yorubalive @arisekola @ms_kuyea my lovely couple Yinka & Olaitan #yinola2017 prewedding
Makeup: @teeglamsmakeovers
Photography by: @mdgweddings
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mdg photography (@mdgweddings)

Let the count down begin
Ify et Obinna 💏😍 17 (12) (2016) @ify.nkwo @nizetuks #ifeobi @ifeobi2016 Prewedding
Makeup: @glam_by_tuprettie
Style: @style_xs
Photography: @mdgweddings
Cc: @debolafilms
Venue: Radisson Blu

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mdg photography (@mdgweddings)

If you don't get hurt you won't realise the importance of medicine, if we don't experienced darkness we won't know the importance of light, if you have never been heartbroken, you never know how important it is to worship love, adore and appreciate it.

Mama we made it @dahmy_o @iam_erosphotography #dameros2016
Makeover: @beholdafrica2
Event planned by: @_erevents
Asooke: @trsasooke
Video: @taiwo_adeshina diary360
Photography by: @mdgweddings
Cc: @dairophotography


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