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Oceans would travel approximately 17 miles (28 km) inland in just 60 seconds. If you are undergound far enough, such as a subway, or at either the north and south poles, you might be okay.
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The theory was first published in 1989 in discussions in Egyptology, volume 13. It was the subiect of a bestseller, The Orion Mystery, in 1994, as well as a BBC documentary, The Great Pyramid Gateway to the Stars (February 1994), and appears in some new-age books. #orioncorrelationtheory #project_knowledge

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Ancient half Roman ruins of the Temple of Jupiter in Baalbeck, Lebanon around 1873.

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One very mysterious symbol that has been found in ancient carvings around the world is an image that looks like a handbag or basket. The shape appears in reliefs such as the Sumerians in Iraq, the ruins of ancient Turkish temples, in decorations of the Maori of New Zealand, and in crafts made by the Olmecs of Central America.
But by far the oldest is that of Gobelki Tepe, Turkey. Dated at 11 to 13 thousand years old. So this means there was a civilisation that came before the Sumerians by at least 5 thousand years.

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Cutimbo funerary towers archaelolgical Cutimbo, these are Pre-Inca , prehistoric ruins in Cutimbo near Puno, lake Titicaca. With animal carvings similar to those at Gobekli Tepe, which is around 11 to 13 thousand years old. These towers/funnels have no known use and no known construction date.

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The 5th of April 1909 edition of the Arizona Gazette featured an article titled “Explorations in Grand Canyon.

According to the article, an expedition was financed by the Smithsonian Institute.
Discovered inside a cavern were tablets bearing hieroglyphics, copper weapons and tools, statues of Egyptian deities and mummies.
The site though has never been re-discovered. The Smithsonian denies all knowledge of the discovery, and several expeditions searching for the cavern have come up empty.

Was the article just a hoax? "While it cannot be said that the entire story is an elaborate hoax,” researcher and explorer David Hatcher Childress. “The fact that it was on the front page, named the prestigious Smithsonian Institution, and gave a highly detailed story that went on for several pages, lends a great deal to its credibility. It is hard to believe such a story could have come out of thin air.” There are also claims that the areas is restricted pointing to evidence of a cover up.

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Repost from @primal_wisdom
Apologies in advance for the length of this post but when I see accounts claiming glyphs such as these are evidence of ancient advanced technology I feel it's my responsibility to explain what these glyphs actually mean.

Within the Temple of Seti the 1st in Abydos there exists glyphs which appear to depict highly developed crafts, specifically a helicopter, a submarine, some form of flying saucer, and a jet plane. But the glyphs are just the result of both erosion of the stone surface (evident elsewhere in the temple) and the process of filling in and recarving the stone to replace some of the original hieroglyphics.
The technical term for such a surface that has been written on more than once is called a palimpsest. The usurping and modifying of inscriptions was common in ancient Egypt throughout its history. The glyph here were modified at least once in antiquity, and perhaps twice. Some of the filling has fallen out in places where the older and the newer inscriptions overlap.

In the 2nd image above, we start with the so called helicopter. The original glyph was the symbol of a bow which is used as part of the word "psDt" and psDtyw which are words dealing with Troops, Bowmen, and The Nine Bows which is why you also see 9 individual short vertical stroke lines. We also see the raised bread loaf which represents the T.

In the 3rd image you see the section where the bow was replaced with the forearm holding a stick, forearm/quail chick, horned viper, and swirl which are used in the word waf: "to crush, to subdue, to bind" as in conquer in battle. We also see three sandy hill glyphs used to denote a foreign country.

In the 4th image we see what was originally the word dr which means "to expel, to drive out" which uses the hand, mouth and arm glyph holding a stick.

Image 5 shows glyphs m, arm, and basket which represent the word mak which means "protector/defender." Just under that we have, burnt charcoal, a raised bread loaf and niwt. Together the glyphs mean "Defender/Protector of Kemet (Ancient Egypt)


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The Qasr al-Farid, the Lonely Castle of the Nabataeans. Saudi Arabia.

Created around 1st century CE the project was never finished. The term “castle” is misleading, as the carving is said to be a burial site. The Nabateans had unique construction techniques and started this from the top down. The site appears to never have been completed and the craftsmanship and precision of the tomb slowly gets worse closer to the base of the structure.

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In 1838, near Glenelg River River in Victoria, Australia
a number of large cave paintings were discovered. Among the paintings discovered on the rocks are particularly striking are of those of large figures, up to six meters long, with white faces and no mouth.

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There is only one man in the world who, by demonstration, has supported the claim
“I know the secret of how the pyramids of Egypt were built!” That man is now deceased and took the secret with him into the grave, he died at the age of 64 from malnutrition. The site is located in Homestead, FL. The site consists of 10 acres completely surrounded by 8ft high coral blocks, tightly constructed without the use of cement between them. Each of these blocks weigh over 20 tons.

Edward Leedskalnin the engineer/builder did this work all by himself even though he was a very small man (5 feet tall weighing only 100 pounds) He did not own tall, heavy cranes which engineers use today to construct buildings. He was asked: Why did you do it? "Someday, my sweet 16 will come" was always his response.

Leedskalnin eventually quarried and sculpted over 1,100 tons of coral into a monument that would later be known as the Coral Castle. Leedskalnin gave polite, but cryptic answers to visitors’ questions regarding his construction methods, which to this day remain a mystery. In spite of his private nature, he eventually opened his monument to the public, offering tours for 10 cents. He was a surprisingly accommodating host, even cooking hot dogs for visiting children in a pressure cooker of his own invention.

Alternative suggestions is that Leedskalnin somehow learned the secret of the “world grid,” an invisible pattern of energy lines surrounding the Earth which concentrates points of telluric power where they intersect. It was here, at one of these intersections of Earth energy, that he was supposedly able to move his prodigious stone blocks using the unseen power of our planet.

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The original casing stones were made of highly polished Tura limestone, meant to reflect the sun’s rays, and were accurate within 1/100th of an inch.

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Compare the 12,000 year old Armenian rock carving below with the Native American cave wall illustrations in Sego Canyon, Utah that date back to 7000 years. Are the similarities between them merely a coincidence?

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Historians and archaeologists contend that these were made as sacred paths leading to points of worship. Doesn't that sound pretty dumb? Does this look like a sacred path? Did they need to slice off the top of a hill for making a path that can land a Jumbo jet on? And where does the so called 'sacred' path lead to?

No evidence has ever been found of the hundreds or maybe thousands of cubic acres of earth that was sheared off the top. No debris field, where did all the dirt go?

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The function of the hundreds of tsunami stones across Japan has not changed since they were first invented. The stones were originally carved after disastrous tsunamis, leaving heavily damaged homes and incomplete families in their wake. The stone would be placed at the exact point where the tsunami had reached into the land and up the hills. In an effort to protect descendants from further suffering.

Some of the oldest tsunami stones found in Japan are over 600 years old. An ancient tsunami stone in Honshu is believed to have been placed after a tsunami occurred in 869 AD.

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